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  1. OHH... Thank you ! That really was an issue, thanks a lot Santé !
  2. Hello ! A strange problem appeared two weeks ago, no significant change to the game were made and reinstalling it didn't fix the issue ! I play KSP in full screen mode, and when I unfocus KSP (opening my browser, alt-tabbing etc..) the game starts to lag tremendously, I get like 3 FPS... Which is really inconvenient as you may imagine ! I have Kerbal Engineer, SSTU, persistent rotation, probes plus, decals, Direct launch vehicles and Space shuttle payloads.. Running ksp in vanilla doesn't fix the problem, I've checked the logs, no errors when the lag occurs... Good day, -Luca
  3. Hey everyone, It's been 3 weeks since I've started playing KSP, I'd like to thank you for your advices. Those are the tasks I completed, they could maybe help other beginners ! Suborbital flight with safe recovery Orbital flight with safe recovery Mun flyby Mun landing Mun rescue mission Minmus landing (actually, it was easier than a Mun landing) Rendezvous and docking between two craft One-way mission to another planet Return mission to another planet Keostationary relay probes Low orbit station Docking, sending multiple modules to station
  4. @Red Iron Crown Thank you for your fast reply ! That is really what I wanted to know Well now I got a lot of tasks to accomplish ! Thanks, I appreciate that @Starhawk Have a good evening, Luca S.
  5. Hi ! First, I'd like to say that this is a really great community and I'm happy to take part in it ! So I just started playing KSP a couple of days ago, messing around in sandbox mode, I also played in career mode, but it seemed fairly hard up to some point... My question is : What's the best best way to learn KSP, by playing in sandbox, career ? What "essential tasks, mission should I do, in order to learn the basics ? What other advice can you give me ? Also, I'd like to point out that I've been playing Orbiter for a long time and have a fair understanding of orbital mechanics Have a good day, Luca S.
  6. Hi, well I tried on but the same problem occurs. Here's KSP.log http://pastebin.com/ZgWyr3Ub
  7. Hi guys ! So whenever I launch KSP, the loading bar stays at "EditorLoop01" no loading is visible. KSP DOES consume Ram in the taskmanager, so I assume something's going on. Here's a output.log of the game Here (first launch, no mods) Good evening, Luca