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  1. @Raptor9 , can you make this?
  2. So, @Raptor9, how's your first impression of the new DLC? Did you already make your F-14 analogue swing-wing capable? :D
  3. Would it be too much of an impact on performance if you use 4 Swivels and Reliants each? Just asking because the S-IB had 4 of the outboard engines mounted on gimbals.
  4. You should consider adding that information on the KerbalX site and/or M3V section in your opening post. People might get confused. Because roughly 1,900m/s i dicated dV is nowhere near the actual dV.
  5. Windjammer question: Is there a way around the manual fuel transitioning between the EV-2L(s) and the propellant kits? The heat shields are preventing direct fuel flow towards the poodles.
  6. Yeah, right, totally forgot you sometimes actually like to play the game itself to advance further in your career. The spoiled child that I am, I sometimes forget. Have fun then. Ps: I haven't even send Kerbals to Duna yet, I was just curious.
  7. So, what's coming next? Couldn't find any info on any projects in the pipeline. Maybe a series of more potent SSTOs?
  8. Now I can finally put the Badger on Minmus. After downloading the whole catalogue again. (Better safe than sorry.^^)
  9. I did a few more test runs and the only way to prevent the structural failure is checking umbreakable joints the cheat menu. I even limited g loads to 2g and less. I should mention that the fairing around the RE-J10 needs to be rebuilt everytime I move certain parts around, just like the struts were making problems with subassemblies.
  10. I took the IV-2A with NITE Thrust Assist Pack on a Titan 3 main stage. Thrust is sufficient to get into LKO. As I said, it happens everytime the Boosters are seperated using MechJeb ascent guidance with auto staging. I will try manual staging tomorrow to see if that causes the fps and physics stuttering.
  11. For whatever reason I keep getting structural failure on my Titans between the S3-7200 and the fairing (the first, covering the RE-J10), all on the main propulsion stage, around 1 minute into flight. Only mod used is MechJeb2, but he's set to not fly it like a fighter jet. Any idea? Edit: Double-checked it, it happens when the boosters are separated from the main stage. Looks like there is some frame drop, causing the physics to "catch up", thus exceeding craft integrity beyond structural limits.
  12. Perfect! About the EV-7: You send it unkerbed to Jool after a Logistics Kit, followed by EV-6 that Brings the Crew, right?
  13. Since the gravity of Minmus is 0.05g compared to that of Pol with 0.038g, is it possible to abuse the whole Pol Logistics Kit to work on Minmus or is that too much for the RCS thrusters to land the NITE on the Pad?
  14. Thank you, found the picture. Regarding the gravity assist, do you use Tylo to get into Jool orbit or the other way around? For me it looks like gravity breaking using the main body and then getting into a retrograde orbit around one of the satellites is the easiest way. For example all my stuff around Ike is on a retrograde orbit after a Duna gravity break.
  15. Sooo, can you give examples of the Basic, Extended and Heavy variants? I know it's everyone's choice to use it how they want or need, but I like to try them out just as they where intended to be used and modify them afterwards (if needed). And yes, I'm a lazy mothertrucker.