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  1. I didn't look at the new Rover wheels but I wish there was the possibility to have the HLV-5 motorized without the need to burn that prescious LfOx.
  2. Did you take a look at the RV-1 Veniers as possible lander engines yet? Maybe you can use them on your ISRU lander rigs instead of the good but(t) ugly Poodle. Or what would be a good yet unappropiate use for them? I think I found a place for them to be, simultaneously solving your EV-2B problem. Maybe you should take a look at them that way, if you geht the pun.
  3. He already wrote that he decided to not keep 2 iterations, DLC and non-DLC as it would require way too much work. Plus the DLC is only a couple of bucks and in my opinion a must have. (abreviates as MH, see what I did there?)
  4. What about the KE-I2 Skiff? Wirth only a ton this would benefit the HLV-5 since their cargo mass is limited to 50% of their own maximum gross weight.
  5. Wow, another big chunk is done! Didn't the SM-N1 only have 4 docking ports because it's just like the N3 sans offset. Another thing I'd ask you for is to give only the NITE the Wolfhound engine and leave the LITE it's Poodle. This would set those two a bit apart when they use different engines.
  6. Looks like I missed that adjustment, what exactly happened to monoprop?
  7. Does that mean the Cricket will be no more? That was my favorite Minmus biome hopper.
  8. Start from scratch.
  9. Now that the EV-2C is finally out, how did the deltaV and part count change with the new parts?
  10. You put that "thuster" typo in on purpose, didn't you? Too bad we can't paint stuff green.
  11. Found another typo. LV-1u+LV-1H, bottom line of third picture, "or" instead of "of".
  12. I'm not sure if you already knew, but when sorting by cross section you are still able to select the vanilla MK 1-2 capsule. I think the proportions of the older can better fit space race era space craft, although the textures are nowhere near that crisp.
  13. I was finally able to have a short look into MH (new abreveation is "must have"!) and with the new panels I see a lot of visual improvements towards probes and stations coming. Regarding HLVs carrying only LF I might try using the "cargo" as propellant and the HLV tank as LF carrier, maybe the missing oxidizer makes it durable enough.
  14. Since it's probably the most used rocket (at least in my career), what will change for the Lightning? Are you planning on adding a dedicated liquid fuel transport module to the HLV-5 series? Will there be a 5m pendant to the LITE and NITE upper stages regarding purpose and appearence? Will we see EV designs based on 5m parts?
  15. I'm former German Army Recon, it's a habit. And I drove developers of Battlefield 2 and ArmA 2 mods crazy as tester seeing things noone else would have. xD