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  1. Someone had a clown for breakfast.
  2. This is exactly how I scheduled my current career game. Sending a excrements-load of stuff to Duna ahead of kerbed missions and then doing contracts and checking in between because I ran out of bucks and science. Then sending a excrements-load to Eve, meanwhile doing contracts and science, constructing a Mun Base, a Windjammer and sucking Minmus empty of its science. I only time-warp the complete trip when I'm working in Kerbin SOI. And Minmus trips got me overshoot Duna and Eve encounters/maneuver nodes several times. ^^
  3. So, the SM-PB got nothing changed but the name? Can the SEP-AC use the Ion Thrusters with the EV-2C docked?
  4. Giggidy! The new OP is now much shorter and easier to understand. The Longship now really looks like the Constellation ships. But how much DeltaV losses do you get for wrapping the drop tanks in fairings? Feature, hidden in plain sight: Use the Saddle and NTR as cargo transfer vehicle for Base Modules. Awesome! Btw: what about swapping the NTR with the NITE, does that work?
  5. The parr with the yellow stripe between the fins and the antenna.
  6. What is that part at the front section of the HLV-6A that has the radiator panels and small fins attached to it? It looks strange and won't let my mind rest until I know. It looks like a 3.75m diameter part, but just a section of it. Tell me now, pleaaaaase!
  7. Sooo... Pictures? (Think I gave you enough time :P)
  8. Well, I'd put the FAQ section behind a prominent spoiler. People either look thoroughly for them or don't bother at all. And maybe conclude the videos and screenshots into a media section at the end.
  9. Off topic: Hey @Raptor9, isn't it about time to sleek the opening post? When it comes to catalogue overview everythings fine, but the text parts are all over the place. Just sayin...
  10. Since part count is always a thing to consider I decided to split my bases into the following: Refuelling and Mining Research and Habitation Landing and Mission Oversight (Ike will get one, the Gateway Station moves to Duna) Thus the following suggestion is most likely more of an asthetic and niche nature but there are a few things I would like to see: First would be a dedicated mining control facility. I usually don't take engineers on flights since their special ability is only useful when something went horribly wrong or slightly increase mining operations efficiency. So a BM for the wrench wielders in dedicated mining sites would be nice. Maybe incorporating a ore surface scanner and a small rover for transport would add to usability. Second is some sort of control tower module where pilots take shifts on guiding incoming vessels. Or get a nice panoramic view when off duty. Third is a dedicated rover recharging station like seen in The Martian. Solar panels on utility rovers are useful but it would add some more authenticity without adding too much micro management.
  11. I forgot to mention that the LR-2P+ makes a perfect HLV-5B/D tug. You can transfer some fuel from the lander to the rover to increase grip on the rover's wheels.
  12. The first hint was in the picture url. The second in this spoiler.
  13. Dang it, miscalculated the landing zone. Thank goodness one of the engineers wanted to prank me with a rover mounted on top of the HLV-5B. Joke's on you, made it! Editors note: The base is somewhat laggy, probably because of partcount. I will split it up, making one research habitat and a mining and refuelling site, about 5km apart. On the pic there's 4 modules missing: 1x BM-BP, 1x BM-S, 1x BM-U and 1x BM-M have been added recently. @Raptor9 please tell me you know what this looks like and what you should be doing next. Just for excrements'n giggles (didn't write it like that ^^), of course.
  14. Building a large base made the paint on both of these keys vanish on my keyboard.
  15. So, 3/4 of the base are done. As you can see, there's only one LV-3C that's beeing re-used. All leftover decouplers, stack separators and docking ports have been turned into Hoola-hoop Rings and Dinner Plates. The Meerkat finally hovered into position before being connected to the outpost. A test-run during sunlight helped finish a contract but for 24/7 operations a fuel cell-powered logistics module is needed which will come with the last Titan 4. Also, the follow-up contract for mining ore was this: EV-6 Windjammer, anyone?