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  1. @Bit Fiddler Possibly in next week/weekend
  2. I try make my mods very simple, and based on methods existed from early versions of KSP, so they usually forward and reverse compatible with many versions. Missing textures I see only once in Restock payload shields (now fixed), but I find another issue in 1.10 KSP if part have multiple animations, like Solar panels and Generic animation at one time KSP stuck at loading screen (this is why Lunochod on screenshot don`t have solar lid yet)
  3. @Monniasza maybe, maybe . . . after finishing this and this and this and maybe this and maaaybe this (Yep, more and more "Red side") and . . . actually I don`t have any ideas of parts for this mod, maybe except shrouds for 2.5m engines SpaceX style sleek 3.75 pod/lander planned, but only as idea and not for this project @RandomKerbal already exist mod ZeroAVC, that installed by CKAN together with many other mods, they automatically disable all MiniAVC dll so you don`t have any issues with old mods
  4. @linuxgurugamer Thanks for help, but it`s a models and textures issues, so My faults - My fix for testing I already have separate install only with some bilding help mods ( some of them yours, so thanks again) so database reloading took lesser than one minute
  5. @Gfurst IRCS is a standalone mod with a lot of parts that can`t be interested to everyone But i can give a control of my KeR-7 mod to this team because it already created to be compatible with Restock, and use same ideology as Plus pack. Also it have two unreleased Vostok rear conical parts, one finished, other required some (re)work
  6. @Ruedii He have the same issue in his biplane wheels, at least half year ago, I don`t check new updates unfortunately KSP dont have animation for suspension, wheel just attached to Unity wheel collider, that have internal scripted animation @BGYT SOON . . . . . . without wheels, but with struts, biplane wing parts, some WW1-WW2 national roundels, victory markings and military pilot insignias ( for 1.10 flag system ) ------------------------- Update------------------------------------------- This is a current list of decals, you can make some requests
  7. Still don`t do a whole tests, but some parts show a lot of errors after staging in flight (if onscreen errors enabled) without this, no other gameplay breaks and crashes
  8. @linuxgurugamer It still have some issues, and huge aerodynamic drag, one of this @SkiRich "jealous Nesd`s noizes" 16gb ram+old i7 only 2 DLCs, Near Future, Restock, and my mods, no other heavy things, I can go to kitchen and make some coffee at first KSP launch in the day
  9. @Gfurst KSP show RCS thrust per each nozzle, so 3X5=15. RCS and Engines have some difference, also rcs can`t be staged @theonegalen Already supported, also with Restock part holes, link below THIS THREAD OUTDATED, THIS MOD MOVED TO NESD`s WAREHOUSE as all my other mini mods, so if You have some questions please post it there
  10. @Ruedii Stock wheels loaded with suspension in upper position and then drop it to the ground, I`m trying to read all stock parameters in Blender, then copy it to Unity, but my wheel still load with full extended suspension and wheels placed exact at level or slightly below ground. Also i find biplane wheels in Airplane Plus, they have same issue Now I`m waiting 1.10 and maybe release it only with strut-wire, antenna and wings
  11. @MKSheppard WASD keys can rotate parts before placement, S A A will help
  12. @JoeSheridan Now I`m still working with aero parts as you can see in post above, current work is a Clipper wings also main part now have removable nose and parachute cover with attach nodes inside At this moment no textures, no parachutes and need lot of work with aerodynamics (and still not fixed problem with very soft modular wing attach)
  13. @Aerospacer Yes, I still have 1.8 as my version without mods, for part testing, maybe it can be compatible down to 1.4, because only one critical change, is a Reflective metallic texture, anything other is a simple stock modules
  14. @HebaruSan oh yes, seems to forget braces for Part block This mod not strict depended to MH DLC, just add some parts for 1.875 size that not exist in pure KSP, but it don`t use any new effects or textures (if i remember), so anyone can use it without MH with every mod that add more 1.8m parts
  15. NEW MOD ADDED In last weeks I`m stuck home, like many other people, so I can find some (a lot of) time to do something with all unreleased parts, that laying on my harddrive for months or even years so this is first thing KeR-7 Small pack of Soviet/Russian parts to expand MH DLC two upper stage engines, central tank and triangle wing Engines have tube fairing and upper end of main tank Part colors compatible with Restock mod (and not look so good in pure KSP), but unfortunately restock`s version of side booster slightly shorter than original and don`t fit perfectly to main tank "upper nodes" , maybe later I`m ReReStock it