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  1. If I remember they already listed in CKAN, at least IRCS
  2. He already have more than 200 projects running, ask him about another one its not a good idea but maybe I repost this request to Moddew thread
  3. @Rodger Thanks for point to this mod, just test it now, looks really useful with some additional info that help me with my mods, but even with PC I have more than ten RCS pairs in list in not to complex shuttle Also this mod don`t change KSP problem with using EVERY rcs port, even it they just at few degrees turned to movement direction
  4. @Ruedii It`s my first (ok, second) attempt to make wheels in KSP. Now i don`t know how make wheels load slightly above ground at vessel launch, they load almost without problems while aircraft standing in level but if vessel leaned back at launch wheels load slightly below ground and kick it up and then start push back I load stock wheels to Blender and copy all parameters to Unity, but aircraft on stock wheels work fine, on my own it flip overhead
  5. @Corax Relative to stock one, this monopropellant thrusters have higher ISP because they more related to space operations and have lower ISP on ground, while LfOx RCS more focused on rocket steering and work better inside atmosphere anyway, your game - your rules, if this too high for you change it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also if anyone want new mod idea I can give you one, about mod that control RCS nozzles and disable it like on this scheme This mod must control each nozzle separately, not a whole part, and have two settings sliders for both modes. I don`t know how it can be better, maybe change stock cosine thrust function or something else. If it hard to do, maybe just make a mod that swap settings of all RCS on active vessel ( fore/aft <---> dorsal/ventral roll <---> yaw ) automatically depending on direction of control part, or just by buttons in mod window. If someone make one of this mods, or both, I`m first to load
  6. UPDATED TO 1.2 New OmniThrust and G-Mini modules + minor redesign of other parts Restock and Depth Mask now supported, mods auto detected, so if you don`t have it, you can see black cap, if installed you can see internal nozzles (MM required) OmniThrust modules available as single block or as assemblies for all stock KSP diameters (except Mk-2) 0.625 and 1.25 also have small version. Single module have Left and Right version so they must be placed in two pairs to compensate each other (unfortunately I still can`t deal with KSP mirroring, so you can better use Radial simmetry instead of Mirror) New tiny G-Mini RCS based on Gemini`s thrusters and can be used on very small satellites
  7. I`m not a completely lost (only partially) sometimes I`m lurking on this forum from mobile without reg so you can`t see me in list About this mod, they not forgotten and have some upcoming "biplane" parts Major is a new strut with 2 sizes and 3 colors + wire variant ( and working wire antenna ) also some wing parts and wheels and . . . and now I`m stuck with wheel behavior with stock KSP module About canopy, I`m already trying it, but KSP seat module only allow change direction of exit but not increase distance (at least some game versions before) so kerbals intersect with any part above head and kicking out at exit @Drew Kerman because this mod have stock orbital cockpit split into two pieces, OC1 is just a seat, any high-tech features moved into drone core @Ruedii You forget step with adding cargo bay inside glass kerbals have huge air drag but very soft attach to seat, so they pulled back up to 2-3 meters at high speed
  8. @Vince_K Update for IRCS almost ready, just need some bugfixes. Added support for part holes from Restock and Depth mask (auto adjusted via MM, depending on installed, or not, mods) also included new parts: Tiny RCS thruster based on Gemini`s Reentry Control system (not clustered), and single part omnidirectional movement and rotation system for all stock sizes (except Mk2 and 5 meters) And yes, Hello everyone and sorry for long time not being here and not writing anything
  9. @HebaruSan Renamed sorry for my mistake
  10. NEW MOD ADDED Hope it can be helpful @cineboxandrew that's look really cool, need to make some experiments
  11. For everyone who want some Craft files, make two Explorio - III dual class cruise shuttle, 21 seats, 600+ DeltaV at 80km LKO you can remove parachutes from boosters if don't have Stage Recovery Checklist (little tricky): DON'T FORGET ---> Press [ 0 ] action key, or find drone core near Vector and use Control from here (check, navball must turn) After launch, point nose directly to zenith and check heading ( you can't change it later) at speed 30-50 m/s increase Vector thrust to full at 130m/s switch SAS to Prograde and let them lean to 70 degrees then return SAS to Hold after dropping boosters, again click Prograde to 45 degrees and back to Hold Open new KSP orbital info panel, or switch to map and right click on AP marker (stick values on screen) after reaching 60 seconds for Apoapsis go to Prograde and start throttling down Vector keep time to apoapsis between 50-60 seconds, but keep throttle not less 2 small notches on navball, until reach 80km set Vector's throttle and gimbal limiters to 30% and make maneuver as usual after circularization you can have 100-250 deltaV for orbit correction before dropping tank, switch control back to cockpit, point nose to Prograde and wait until vessel stop bouncing return back with intermediate 80km orbit, burn retrograde just over middle of crater to 0km periapsis hold 20-25 degrees in descend, maybe increase later at low altitude disable SAS and reaction wheels fly only by hands, with trimmers (Alt+W/S) but be careful with roll control, due high engine position, stability can be not so good This shuttle can't be launched with Gravity Turn mod as is, if you still want it, turn drone core to head up position and turn shuttle on launch table and switch control to cockpit and back to lean trajectory down and up, until you drop boosters and leave thick atmosphere ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K-37 unmanned science and cargo shuttle with Mini Glenn returnable launcher NOTE: Required Internal RCS mod ! ! ! up to 7 tonnes to LKO (and possibly back) with 900-1700 deltaV depending on payload Checklist: Launch it as usual, it's a simple and stable one stage rocket return shuttle same as Explorio, but you can deploy Rudders and use steering limiter as trim Return of Mini Glenn (little tricky again) before all, flip Authority Limiter on all 4 pairs of rudders ( +150 to -150 and back ) do it now, or you forget it enable RCS but NOT flip control direction now don't burn retrograde more than 200 delta at LKO or less at higher orbits, otherwise you overheat rocket only after that, select Control point REVERSED in drone core and disable gimbal on engine now Mammoth is a your rocket nose and controls set for flying in this direction side with solar pannels must be turned up or you lost it make reentry as any other spaceplane with very heavy nose or pump fuel for better balance use engine (if you still have fuel) or airbrakes to prevent overheating if you skilled enough, you can try to land without parachutes before landing on water use RCS to start bouncing rocket in air and tilt it before parachutes disappear @linuxgurugamer internal 1.8 node have only 2.5 adapter, one of reasons to make this shape slightly bigger than 1.8 is a possible usage of new MH engines without visual glitches if I remember, FBX file can be read by Blender (I don't have it so can't check) @Cataclism decouplers/separators planned, now you can use 2.5 adapter, it have droppable bottom section, so don't scratch ground at landing @DStaal Starlord's Shuttle much bigger than Apus, compatibility adapters possible but not now more interesting idea is a Flat bottom as launcher with Apus as upper stage about RCS tanks and nozzles, I still don't know how it be better, leave it here or move to Internal RCS mod
  12. @RealKerbal3x You can make any patches but texture switching can't help, because all linear tanks already use one texture list, so you need mesh switcher @Cataclism thanks for pointing to this video, only watching it I find another bug in landing gear I don't remove texture switcher used for testing ( and not working) @linuxgurugamer FBX file with cross-section here: also check size of this part, length of any inline modules (also in future parts) multiplied by 1/4, 1/2, 2 and 3 I don't have Mk2.5 mod so can't compare it but this pic with stock sizes can help @ARTOBAN @drtedastro and anyone who want Craft files, maybe tomorrow post one Also for everyone who make compatibility patches for life support mods, some notes Swift and crew cabins have big space under floor so they can have food supply to 15-20 days (or 25-30 for travel to Minmus and back) Entrance module have meals storage (like real airliners) so it can be used as small supply container Schooner have big size but living space relatively small, around 0.65-0.75 of whole body, because frontal cone closed and upper side have space for parachute
  13. @RealKerbal3x it's for 1.25 stock docking port, main size of this parts based on 1.875m stock parts released in MH DLC And yes, it's a small shuttle created for crew and supply transfer inside Kerbin SOI but not only that. Don't forget, Swift (Apus it's his scientific name ) is a small bird who can fly more than 10 months never touching ground
  14. @GrandProtectorDark @eLDude Using 3rd party mods always have compatibility problem after game update, and I don't know scripting good enough to write my own switcher Maybe after 1.0 release I create parallel version with B9 switcher @Cheesecake This button allow you to open cargo bay without opening doors (that not exist), so you can use any equipment stored inside and required open air, just don't forget to close it before entering back to atmosphere Wings with black tiles already in plans, but not so fast. I have scaled down to 0.65 size stock Big-S wings set, that I create for myself and don't include to mod, so I can post configs here, if you want @Mathrilord Only my own textures, same as in Open Cockpit and Streamline SRB,s ISP and gimbal is lower than have real shuttle, thrust and fuel load is just between two stock SRBs. If you unpack all set of my SRB you can compare it with Thumper and Kickback Flags floating in air on all cockpits (maybe my slightly too far). Intersected only Hull1 part, only yesterday find it. Docking port not collided with door, it have few millimeters to soft walls About requests Inline cockpit - maybe single seat with short main part and bubble canopy expanded to other parts or maybe completely surface attachable (not in first order) Drone core and RW - not fast, but in plans ( just use "Blizzard" now) Surface attachable docking port - half way modelled and textured, maybe in next update Bottom loading cargo (aka Bomb gate) and venting indicators - already created with same texture list as other cargo but need some rework (in next mod update ?) Front/rear cargo ramps, many other aircraft parts and full white Airliner style textures planned but not fast RCS nacelle intake, non symmetrical nozzles parts and 0.625 adapter( + maybe APU) - already in To Do list Decoupler/separator - maybe, X-37 style launch frame to tail section, already in plans but not in first order dual 1.25 adapter - at this time just use node switcher on K-37 tail ( every tail plate have node variants ) short and long 1.8 adapters - as part of recreating this thing together with other adapters not in first order, primary need to finish all parts that already exist or half modelled Also in To Do list: Laboratory ( !!! ), Shuttle, X-37 and Clipper wing sets, Wheels, maybe IL-76 style navigator cockpit, maybe Concorde/Tu-144 nose for Swift, long high speed nose for Swift, cargo nose for Swift, KIS containers to cargobay and major thing, AERODYNAMICS, now it's flying as red brick about Vents/Outlets and anything other, I'm not a native english speaker, so if everyone have variants of better looking names or descriptions for all my mods write here or in PM and for everyone who say Thanks above and below
  15. @COL.R.Neville Cargo bay have exact width to fit small cargo bags from one of @Nertea mods. This cockpits just a template, they must be much better in later release @DriftedCougar They missing completely or only Swift-with-nose, this one not exist, you must built it from 2 parts