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  1. Science pods for KeR-7 now not in first place, maybe in KSP2's mod restart, possibly as full set of Vostok parts if Soviets don't be included at game start
  2. it's really sad, I'm always enjoyed by your mods @JadeOfMaar it was just a small mod idea I don't like use someone's property in my projects, especially if I can make my own.
  3. @Well It more thanks to you and all restock team for your great work btw. its possible to make a quick mod or Restock+ addition with unmanned Bion and Zenith science pods based on current models ?
  4. @nothingSpecial Even without tests I can tell you, it have too heavy nose and big vertical COM shift during fuel consumption, but it don`t matter until you play without Mandatory RCS. And maybe short nose for this cockpit is a good idea @Forked Camphor Looks like the offspring of Kliper and Dreamchaser . . . more like grandpa of both, named BOR KSP has gone too far - While playing any Lego game you never can say "I make something ridiculous", because tomorrow you can see something created by other people that can be really weird ( for me it was proven even before KSP, in Besiege )
  5. Small update for SpikeX v1.01 Now all windows have click spots to look through it so your space tourists can enjoy with much better view to the stars
  6. They work with anything that can fit into it so 1.25m parts that don`t have upper attach node now have it
  7. This one SpikeX supersonic project Yep, it have six-seater cockpit with fancy SpaceX-ish style, 3 sizes of wings, one of them have 3 variants (all-moving, fixed and extended), two engines, modular nacelle, antenna and solar panel. Also this mod include two attach rings, that allow you place rear docking ports on top of rocket ( even shielded port) this mod support Waterfall, Tweak scale, CLS and some fuel switchers B9 by default, but in Patches folder you can find other variants "almost ready" took 3 months, but I make some more parts, finish painting my first IVA and waste time trying to make in cockpit live fly cams, only by Unity tools ( unfortunately without success) Internal cockpit model have screens in separate models, so if anyone want to make RPM cockpit its will be easy
  8. @1FingerSalute Looks like it caused by Restock`s Depth mask module, that supported in my mod Upper left SE-PR engine patched for restock support, right one not. This bud found only in Solid fuel booster, all other engines and RCS have same patch and work fine (with their own bugs ) --------------------------------------------- if you wish, you can go to KSP folder -> GameData -> InternalRCS -> Patches find IntRCS_DepthMaskRestock.cfg or IntRCS_DepthMask.cfg depending on mod that you use open it in simple notepad (with backup first) find string @PART[nesdIntRcsSep]:NEEDS[ReStock] and change it to something like @PART[nesdIntRcsSeppppppp]:NEEDS[ReStock] this will remove Restock support and glitch on this part
  9. @nothingSpecial Unfortunately not a inline. It`s still a front cockpit with changeable fuel noses (like in Apus project), for better fuel balance and heat protection Also it`s not a only cockpit project, this is a small pack of parts for hypersonic aircrafts, small "space taxi" SSTOs and spaceships. Everything, except stock and Internal RCS parts on both pictures, is a this mod. Still need some work but almost ready for release. BTW, not so cramped, nice "glass and plastic" SpaceX-ish style, fairly comfortable cockpit for short range flights (compared to real Soyuz reentry pod ) Also Inline cockpits and passenger modules still possible
  10. Interesting, how many kerbals flying home in this small spaceship? Who guess? (cockpit is only two central sections ) @Fabled_Mike By default this parachute have dark color theme, and possibly less visible than other parts
  11. @soyuz 33 same as Internal RCS, stock plumes with ReStock-Waterfall autodetect because Apus RCS nacelle is just a "boxed" version of IRCS
  12. Unfortunately, this mod still on very long and bumpy road even aircraft wings , tail and belly cargo bay, that was planned to release more than year ago, still not ready Some parts like RCS nacelle and Klipper slowly moving to re-release, but I can`t say same thing about others "Something new" is only about other projects updates, bugfixes, something promised but not done yet, some things that lay on my harddrive for years and parts that I made for my own gameplay, too many work, but no time to do
  13. @The Dressian Exploder APUS already in work . . . RE-work . . . because I'm lost some working files and now truing to cleanup and restart some parts current projects is - Modular nacelle (ex Apus RCS) will be released standalone, with more functions and KSP`s Rcs switcher, Klipper rework: Wing module, Tail flap and changed main body with upper modules (also possibly can be released standalone, because all its parts only for Klipper project and less suitable for shuttles), All other Apus parts still awaiting cleaning an gathering to new files Blunt nose with RCS and bigger engines not in current work list, but you can check my Internal RCS mod and Nertea`s Near Future and Restock projects
  14. @Bit Fiddler Pilot render glitch already was caught in OCs original thread It mostly caused by various camera and visual mods and also affect stock seat
  15. @Bit Fiddler This "Cockpit" just a external seat in 1.25m size, It don`t have crew inside, so it can`t run any crew experiments. Color stripes not decorative, they indicate type of fuel inside P.S. Bombs with landing legs ?
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