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  1. @Beetlecat vertical "submarine" style wing-POD in streamline pack being planned long time ago, but still not exist
  2. @Beetlecat Unfortunately my 16GB RAM can`t eat more mods, so I don`t have FAR and can`t make patches for it but if you or anyone else can make good working config it can be added to this mod. Same for BD Armory support, if needed some compatibility changes in parts ( hierarchy, part or node names, rotation axis ) just say me.
  3. @jpkerman Original ASSET and DynaSoar don`t have abblator, so this thing also don`t have it and not suitable for direct dive even from Mun Next time try 2-3 stage aerobraking or return with intermediate orbit at 80-150 km One parachute is enough . . . or just jump. This thing have very small wings, you just can`t turn it to horizontal flight. Unfortunately stock chutes always white, maybe ReStock team can add color changer for their model
  4. @Beetlecat Yes, I know about this thing, and maybe use it for my Lunochod project but now I don`t want use any 3rd party plugins for my mods and keep it free from any issues with updates and incompatibilities after KSP or plugin update
  5. Currently I`m truing to clean up my big pile of various parts laying on my disk for months, and some for years. Now I just don`t have too many time to dive deep into KSP physics and fix this wheels
  6. Nice to see it now working properly again, Thanks for all people who did it
  7. @RandomKerbal Basically no . . . and yes. Some info from NESDipedia It`s a TKS (literally - Transport Supply Ship) lesser known part of Soviet space program, and also one of mostly used part. This ship built to carry supplies and photo films to Almaz stations, military spy variant of Salyut equipped with huge 4 meter long photo cam that required a lot of cargo to delivery to orbit, back to earth films delivered by automatic capsules Also TKS is a first reusable pod, Gemini project also have some tests before, but this one intentionally made as reusa
  8. I think, someone have wrong profile photo
  9. @Daniel Prates need to check it, my KSP version with mods, don`t have this glitch What mods you are using? yep my mistake, Alt is a Part copy and Control trim (if I`m not mistaken again)
  10. Today is my 100th post . . . 100th . . . in FOUR YEARS Yep, I'm unbelievable communicative and easy-to-contact person (especially on non native language) to celebrate this milestone I bring you not one, but two mods Stock TKS First one from Soviet side. It`s a set of parts to build a TKS style spaceships, or any other vessels with rear crew access This mod make a copy of stock pod and add heat shield and some attach parts to it`s top also add stabilization cone with built-in RCS, de-orbiting engine, nose cone, attach base, fuel tank and small ant
  11. @Daniel Prates @Zmeya This bug confirmed in modded KSP 1.8-1.9 and each user have different glitchy mods I also have this bug, and this is one of reasons why I`m rarely play KSP before 1.10
  12. @Daniel Prates I see this bug in one of previous versions of KSP (You have 1.10 ?) try to make something with stock seat and check in my game version everything OK Also try hold ALT while moving parts, you can move parts without distance limits (and don`t need pylons to do it) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone still search for biplane wheels, try this configs: Main wheels Tail wheel Just create a folder [KSP dir] / GameData / [Any name you want] / Parts / W
  13. I`m return, and this mod return, so . . . UPDATE v1.3 for KSP 1.4-1.10 New parts in this update: Strut (6 variants), wire and wired antenna, 2 tail sections, Stockalike wing parts (all this parts have (OC) in name for easier making mod-free aircrafts for upload): 3 overhead panels, 3 round wingtips, 5 fixed trailing edges( to fill some weird gaps between elevons), 2 rudders and 7 wing pieces ( some of them have variants of gray trim) National roundels and insignias for new KSP 1.10 flag parts (can be used as common flags in earlier game versions)
  14. I try make my mods very simple, and based on methods existed from early versions of KSP, so they usually forward and reverse compatible with many versions. Missing textures I see only once in Restock payload shields (now fixed), but I find another issue in 1.10 KSP if part have multiple animations, like Solar panels and Generic animation at one time KSP stuck at loading screen (this is why Lunochod on screenshot don`t have solar lid yet)
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