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  1. yes but do you do several hundred sounding rocket missions x-plane flights and other early stuff to fill in the delay for tech? :P that said, i'll start again this weekend a CKAN loaded 1.3.1 and put my 1.4.5 one on back burner (and thus likely to die) for mod/part testing. Just wish i had spare time to do the RiS
  2. Right now they things on the list would not, mostly, be game breaking. There are some more inovative issues open that could though regardless of upgrading change the game enough. I find that the hard thing is having the mods all be available in both. I'm playing in 1.4.5 right now, not sure i want to restart a career for the 12th time
  3. Release 1.00 for KSP 1.3.1 Thanks @pap1723 Get out your Bumpers Probably needs a 1.01, CKAN puts in the wrong proc wings, also we need to get a non-beta release of kerbal renamer 1.3.1
  4. Bornholio

    [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.1.0 [29 Apr 2018]

    If you want take current master and replace the dlls with these here
  5. For anyone who not watching RP-0 on github is coming perilously close to a release of 1.3.1 RP-1, probably jumping to 1.5.1 after that. All the developmental is rolled to master. Also if you are using a release version of RO there are 160+ commits to master. hopefully a new release soon there too. Test flight is last hook for RP0 and its got a new release
  6. Any part that both RF and Tweakscale modifies may get a negative mass. if you get that then weird things happen. Its likely ony tweakscaled tanks tha cause tha
  7. Actually it goes into the spreadsheet but, it can also go in as a patch (.cfg) if you want to test it immediately. Pap takes the patches out and rolls them into the spreadsheet. Unfortunately the link i made to the pdf instructions for the spreadsheet is broken. i'm going to try and move it all to the wiki this weekend. We really need a lot of work on '80s and later tech. :P
  8. Thanks for listing that copy. The spreadsheets are mainly to get focus on requirements to run or at least features desired to run. part pack generally don't require updating even if a version of KSP changes. @donoya I'll try and get a comprehensive list on the weekend into each sheet. Also looking into getting a Orphans tech node in Developmental to make testing those unsupported parts easier.
  9. Removing RT from the install is not critical but will remove the communication constellation missions as they rely on connectivity via RT.
  10. [ERR 00:16:29.524] Failed to load assembly C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Principia\x64\libglog.dll: ; [ERR 00:16:32.107] AssemblyLoader: Exception loading 'CC_RemoteTech': System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded. ; ModuleManager.3.0.6.dll Its easier, not easy though, to troubleshoot installs using output_log.txt (from you /KSP_x64_Data/ folder) All that said I'd suggest either installing few mods at a time or using CKAN and doing clusters, only RP-0 will not come up as available for required mods. (RP-0 master is not 1.3.1 compatible, but Developmental branch is. ) You have a lot of function mods that most rp-0 people don't use. but we all use different setups.
  11. nope just use developmental branch as is for 1.3.1 (needs dll replacement for 1.4.5 or 1.5.1 though)
  12. Make PR's and they happen, then it has something to test. Effort is always appreciated.
  13. make a patch that does @PART["partname"]:FOR[zzzRP-0] { %category = -1 %techRequired = <pick a node> %RSSROConfig = True RP0conf = true Also add an entry cost and viola done.
  14. They are Taniwha's addition to RP-0, think they have been in developmental for 9 months or so.
  15. Guess i made the gif of the launch too large here is my Jotun I launcher out of vandenburg in '56 Three Stage (pair of LR89's, LR-91 gets it to orbit in up to 240x240, has 800dV for orbital operations from a triple Cavea-B thruster. PEG gets it to orbit just fine, though it doesn't have a solution until the second stage clears. After upgrade cycles, extending the operational limit to 20 days using an improved support module. Got everything tuned so there is no space junk. even the apogee kick motor retro's out of orbit.