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  1. What configs are you using for scatterer and DOE? this master? AJE: Using 2.11.4 with FAR added to Master or and solver engines and Modular Flight Integrator 1.2.5
  2. dll's for 1.4.x
  3. RealISRU, but you need to add the RSSRP-0=True to the parts or not use NoNONRP0 folder also @PART["partname"]:FOR[zzzRP-0] { %category = -1 %techRequired = ORPHANS %RSSROConfig = True RP0conf = true } this needs testing and fixing. In a fit of insanity I've started the tracker for 1.5 compatibility RO/RP-0 Mk 1.5
  4. Assuming you have everything else working (FAR&RO needs this same treatment) just take the developmental branch install the gamedata contents and replace the .dll's in the plugin folder (
  5. Soundnfury pushed a bunch of PR's in developmental branch today. If anyone running RP-1 has time please check it out and note if anything is wrong. Hasn't been much activity lately so its a welcome update. RP-1 @soundnfury Thanks a ton. Continuing my RP-1 career Album 2
  6. I have 1.4.5 running with nearly a full RP-1 install that includes realchutes. Takes several PR listed DLL's being replaced in various mods. Real chute works fine with nothing special using CKAN.
  7. Try making an install but i'd say its not worth doing unless you want to start a new career fresh. the thing I've had the most problem with is test flight, after adding a few parts mods i had MM rcs issues and endless patching. FAR is the obvious blocker but the DLL's to get it working are in PR state. noticed some warnings in console about contracts mostly RT and new ones for mid game. Had EVE and tried getting some version of clouds working, closest i got was RSSVE working but weird colored sky
  8. Made a little album of starting a 1.4.5 RP-1 career
  9. Any config file is fine, in fact its always best to make your own separate file unless you are modifying an existing component. and even then you should put in good notes for yourself and set a copy aside, that way when stuf gets recompiled for reasons its easy to restore. I make a little battery indicator box out of mechjeb parts and keep the RP-0 line in that file.
  10. are you on developmental branch or just master? @Tonas1997 replace it with lead ballast or some other standard CRP resource if you want. or even a stock resource.
  11. @JohnMcLane Tree-Parts.cfg if using developmental it really needs to be modified in the spreadsheet as that file is generated from that.
  12. The A-4 has a quick upgrade to the A-9 which has a longer burn time (115s) and quite a bit more ISP for slight reduction in thrust burning hydyne/LOx. The RD-100 has 101 which is quite a bit more thrust and a tad more ISP at SL, then a slight improvement to the 102. The 103 is another big Bump in power and slight bump in ISP, then the 103M which is a tiny bump again in thrust. This progression has a more gradual increase in reliability if you are using Test Flight. All this is available after tech nodes allow it via the "Engine" UI button for the engine in VAB
  13. RP-1 does mess with contracts, mainly turning all the stock ones off and providing its own historical basis ones. If you go into the setup for contract configurator (escape menu) you can turn on or off certain categories and troubleshoot it that way. otherwise probably on to looking in the contract configs for that't see similar structure to fail in that case. I'll try installing that mod when i get home later
  14. Okay start with for sures, remove dynamic battery storage, then try principia. I know DBS has caused problems in the past. Principia because its failing to load things for reasons. @Antstar That is caused by rounding on contract setup, a near zero is rounding to below zero. I manually fixed it in the past by noting which ones (scansat) and going into each config and making the acceptable range -1 instead of 0 chance. that said i thought they fixed that one in a newer version. v 18.5 if i remember correctly, not sure if thats backported to 1.3.1.
  15. It is seldom the item you see last that is the offending mod. Quick test is just move the FASA mod out of the gamedata folder and start. More likely its a mod such as RealFuels or another .dll bearing one. Very commonly its a double installed folder say one copy of RF in gamedata and another in a second location say inside the RO folder. link a Output_log.txt download if you need any more than advice.