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  1. Since 1.4.4 released I went a loaded a fresh install and fired up CKAN. Updated the golden sheet to include what mods on it are successfully loading. Feel free to update as more become available since I'm traveling for business too much to keep on the ball for a while. Have an early mars surface probe. The gemini top hat has a quite high temp and good drag when lightly loaded. Need to have an orbital relay go with or be in orbit already. Happy rocketting
  2. A set of small Aerobee Rocket fins, and the V2/A-4 Fins should be available in the automatically given post start node. at 1fund each as will a set of proc wing/control surfaces and all moving wings. between these nose people make starting surfaces. They are in this node so that people don't get forced to have them in VAB from the start. did you add some of the mods (say vens, fasa, RN's) after the fact. most of the parts are atleast in appropriate dates, maybe a few of the RN things didn't get in with correct nodes because of name differences remote tech has a setting for throttle loss on loss of control. one option sets that to zero most of the time i'd say thats it, but yours doesn't look like that. Second, if you had a pressure fed engine..but same. I've had thrust problems because of real plume before. Lastly is something about it causing a thrust unstart from negative g's and ullage state flickering? At that point in program i rarely use a launch clamp.
  3. RCS, once you get into the high 200's ISP they should be your go to propulsion for probes. Only annoying thing is you will need a dV calculator to use them well ( I use this handy spreadsheet). I make lunar landers and hop rovers with them. also mission mass, more is less. cut out everything un-needed. minimize structure and batteries, solar works a lot better near mercury so dump power generation as you finish your correction burn. make sure you are using the right antenna, not something more than you need. Mercury is a bear to do though, you looking to minimize your transit velocity. faster missions are worse because of capture dV requirements. Like winged says a good start for capture is Solids since gravity loss minimized and oberth effect can be maximized. come in skimming the dirt and burn them right at pe. lastly get ready to lob a flyby probe to maintain control or prepare a maneuver since it can be hard to maintain earth LOS when you get so close for the burn. Early probes aren't to bad to get very eccentric captures with.
  4. Bornholio

    How do I establish connection in RO?

    If you want the new tech tree you will have to install the Developmental branch of RP-0 (colloquially known as RP-1) comes with a whole wall of learning curve. Remote tech and RO are perfectly compatible, also with RP-0. my poor out of date guide/spreadsheet for 1.3.1 between vens' and SXT you should have antenna to work with RO/RP-0 in either set up. Most probe cores come with a small interna antenna, but most of the time a minimum is the sputnik style one for leo
  5. Bornholio

    KSP Weekly: Colonization of Mars

    Since a mod does this I'm guessing that its considered good to go.
  6. Bornholio

    Real Rockets Mods

    Raidernick has a lot of US and Soviet rockets probes and other parts for virtually all historical rockets. The RO umbrella has all these and more Real ISRU is getting updates with 2018 research. Head over to RO/RP0 and see @winged constellation and DRA5 stuff. As for stockalike it gets a lot more thin but SSTU does a good job of later stuff.
  7. I've not been updating the 1.3.1 list at all since RO released for that. go poke people or PR yourself for RP0/1 releases. As far as i know RF no longer requires fixes for 1.3.1 Developmental Rp0 I'm maintaining the 1.4.x list when i have time Golden Spreadsheet Mk 1.4
  8. Bornholio

    [1.3.1] Real Active Radiators v1.0.0

    Testing Tomorrow. Looks great. My snoring cat agrees also. Between this and MLI happy nukes for everyone.
  9. The developmental branch (also known as RP-1) is 1.3.1 compatible as is current master however it is save breaking from several points. Current master uses Community Tech Tree as a base for the tree while RP-1 uses a much larger tree that is based on historical time frame and linear tracks of development. Only one technology node has a shared name between them. Contract Configurator is shared between them but RP-1 uses its own fully developed set of contracts instead of the various mod packs and stock contracts. Science is tuned to the new tech tree in RP-1 with an eye towards balance and hopefully historical tech advancing. Master Branch uses considerably different tech availability. The KCT portion of the rules has a lot of balance issues between the RP-0 and RP-1 RP-1 new features are also save breaking from the perspective of tracking. For instance tooling keeps a list of each procedural item you have paid the cost on and as you move along a career it makes sense to reuse these items. There is discussion of making the next release for both a RP-0 master and Development branches so that we have a 1.3.1 version that is not save breaking. Everything is available for 1.3.1 if you play using a master branch. Alternatively you can play the Developmental Branch The 1.2.2 version is playable but many fixes are rolled into the 1.3.1 version of mods needed.
  10. Thanks for the link As to engine upgrades doesn't matter what they cost in the node, they neither purchase on an "all" nor cost any money if purchased individually. If set to zero they would auto purchase, and probably also if null. So they have been left as is because it doesn't affect anyone. Sure it would be nice if someone fixed the code on that :) would also be a waste of time functionally.
  11. the [x] science has a stutter issue, and a fix dll. but it still is laggy even after the fix dll just less. any engine upgrade bout in node will cost no money and do nothing. bought in VAB engine UI it will have proper cost.
  12. Two ways. First use a heatsinks/cryopumps to deal with it. @Starwaster has good options. Pretty sure he is working on more realistic power consumption. we talked about good source material yesterday. This will allow long term storage but high time warp messes with it. JPL Cryo refrig pdf Second use the new RF and increase insulation. This and slight over provisioning will do moderately long duration missions. Alternately there is a simple off switch config for boiloff. I only use this option if my missions include a cryopump sufficient to deal with the heat. @TANK_DEFINITION[*]:FINAL { @TANK,* { @loss_rate = 0 } }
  13. Bornholio

    [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.1.0 [29 Apr 2018]

    You are correct. Without boiloff mitigation they are only useful for Injection burns outbound and upper stage ascent to orbit. Historically the one tested were expected to do just that (Rover, RD-0410 and SNTP Programs) DRA 5.0 posits that hydrogen re-compression would be used in tandem with Bi-modal (power generation mode) NTR's. They can easily get either much higher payloads or much faster transits. With the new cryo RF branch you can increase the insulation. There are also ways of using heatsinks and cryopumps to keep the tank temp at 20K thus not having boiloff. one very common alternate for mars return at least is to depend on Liquid Methane which has a much higher boiloff temp and greater tank density.
  14. make the tank small radially attach and tool small tank Fairings have a lock shape button. Make a sizing payload first, lock the fairing then tool and re-use
  15. sound rocket payload goes in Tank I-hp , kerbals retire on missions after they end(recovered) As for build rate i spend the BP i earn from unlocking tech nodes on VAB build rate. you can launch your first craft in 4 days if you make a tiny craft and by day twelve you can have a build rate of .4 even with hard difficulty. maxsimal beat me to orbit (on day 120ish) in our RiS test. Sounding rockets contracts can be pushed to a 5-10 day tempo.