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  1. hello everyone, I'm trying to do a LAN party... Unfortunately every request sent to the hosting machine cannot be approved( well I don't see any request to approve). here's the step i follow: -open KSP (with both machine) -the hosting machine start a game -the client machine enter the needed infos in the mod window. ( name: not too sure here, i use a random name local IP: 192.168.0.x dont worry i dont put an ''X'' in there. ;p port: 6702 ) then, the connection look like it want to work but on the bottom of the mod window on the client side, it's telling me that the host havn't accept the request. am i supposed to have the mod window on the host side too?(because it's not there) THANKS FOR HELPING ME AND STAY SAFE UPTHERE BTW sorry for the bad english ;^p