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  1. If I had one thing I could submit as a request for the game, it would be improving and furthering the anomalies aspect of the game. Allowing more variety of anomalies and scientific data to be gathered from them or some other form of reward would really make anomalies that much more special. The "Breaking Ground" expansion did something similar, but I would like anomalies to receive the same attention ground based collection receives. Potentially going so far as to include contracts offering large sums of currency to find various anomalies or tourist contracts where you take them to visit pre-discovered ones. I think this would add depth of gameplay to singleplayer as well as another facet to multiplayer space races, with the science and financial gain going to the first player to find the "moon arch" sorta' thing. Mods have somewhat attempted these things in the past, but nothing beats having an aspect of the game integrated into it by the developers and a promise to keep it maintained and updated. Also as a side note, I hope they keep obelisks, even if they have to slap their own logo on it or something like that, please keep them, or at least randomly located anomalies of some sort.
  2. y? this is a great mod, so once again.....y? and y don't you join in on the celebration? y?
  3. Banned for banning someone who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else...then banned someone else...
  4. Hello everyone,

     I wanted to update you on whats going on with my planet pack, nothing much, at all. However I'm still trying to learn kopernicus by studying other planet mods, my only issues at the moment is textures, trying to use GIMP to make textures, just a bit difficult is all...

     So I hope to continue to work on the planet pack, I have lots of ideas, I just need to learn to make textures and the mod pack will resume development.

     I apologize for all the void promises I made concerning the mod.I wish to continue to educate myself in the ways of kopernicus and texture fabrication, so that those void promises and grand ideas can actually become a reality.

    The Kerbal Wolf,

    CanineCraver                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ______________

  5. Thank you for clearing that up @StarCrusher96, I guess that that does make the planets, moons, and other stuff more interesting to visit. I only have ~260-ish hours in-game, but I was also unable to land on Jeln. You know the tiny UFO shaped moon like thing that orbits Voon. I cheated a probe into orbit of Jeln(I test out most, if not all of the celestial bodies of new mods to make sure that they are worth keeping, Jeln caught my eye, and seeing as odd shaped bodies tend to have issues I thought I would send a probe out.). I was able to make contact with the surface, but was unable to actually stay on it, even though I greatly reduced the dampening of my probes legs and used low powered rcs to try and hold the probe on the sruface so I could time warp, it never worked, guess low gravity has that effect. My probe bounced off at an escape velocity(which granted isn't much), so the surface kinda still has some issues, I also understand that some bodies are meant to be orbited instead of landed on. Just thought you should know.
  6. Banned for being a square cat with a misspelled name
  7. I totally agree with @Julio974, realism is what kerbal space program was born for, but at the end of the day it's still a video game and is made for fun.If it makes you sit there for several minutes while your craft slowly drifts toward the surface of a moon with little to no gravity, it may not be that worth it, especially if that atmosphere has no purpose but to add to a more realistic aspect of the celestial body. Also a bit of a side note, you clip through the surface of churn the comet...might wanna fix that.
  8. wow thanks for the quick reply, I was considering going into the configs and disabling the "atmosphere", but I don't think I will now. It's just a bit of a pain trying to switch craft while flying on the moon, like I just dropped a probe from a sky crane and I couldn't switch to it after I got a little bit of distance between the skycrane and the surface probe. Plus I just found out the after disabling the atmosphere it kills the whole mod, well guess I gotta live with it. Not that big of a deal.
  9. Banned for being a senior.(Although I have nothing against seniors)