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  1. Banned for being a senior.(Although I have nothing against seniors)
  2. Banned for stopping a celebration.
  3. 10/10 Don't know which galaxy it is...but I like it.
  4. Banned for not thinking rainbows are happy places filled with wonder and gold(obviously I'm joking ).
  5. Always remember Apollo 13 10/10
  6. Banned for colliding with TWO stars...
  7. Banned for not realizing it is a wolf,and it is a kerbal wolf.
  8. Banned for not being in a valid location.
  9. Banned for hanging out by the coffee pot.
  10. 9.9/10 because it's earth,not kerbin.
  11. A while(like AWHILE) back,an earthquake woke me up during the night(BTW I live in VA USA),I know it wasn't a dream because things had fallen off of the shelfs when I got up in the morning,but more recently,there was an earthquake that made the fridge dance .
  12. I really think this is an amazing design,I whatched the video and you nailed the challenge,much better than I ever could.
  13. Banned for having a O on the profile pic.
  14. You know I never really thought about that @bigcalm,not only does it work well,but it looks quite graceful aswell,good idea! I do have a question though,do you keep those heatshields,or ditch them after re-entry?
  15. Banned for being a critic.