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  1. Here's the final workaround I've come up with. In Mission Control, open Automater (its icon is a little robot, and it is located in the Other folder by default). Create a New Document -> Application. On the right side (library) look for Run Shell Script and drag that into the workflow. Type /Applications/KSP_osx/Launcher.app/Contents/MacOS/Launcher into the text box and leave everything else as the default, and then save it to the Applications folder (I named it KSP_Hack but you can call it whatever). Finally, to get the icon, open up Finder and navigate to the Applications window, right click on KSP_Hack and click Get Info. Then, in the finder window, find the KSP launcher, and drag it to the icon next to where it says "KSP_Hack" at the very top. The icon should change to the Kerbal icon. Now KSP_Hack looks totally legit, and you'll never know the difference!
  2. I did try re-installing and it's not through Steam. If I just launch the KSP exe it doesn't load, it sits on the loading bar for an infinite amount of time and doesn't make any progress. Thank you though!
  3. Hello, I've just downloaded and installed the latest version of KSP, and I opened the launcher only to find that the play button is greyed out. It is listing "current version ID" as 0, which I'm assuming has something to do with it - something is corrupt? Any advice? EDIT: I've partially found the solution, but still looking for a less hacky fix. If I open the terminal window and execute $ /Applications/KSP_osx/Launcher.app/Contents/MacOS/Launcher it does launch and allow me to play. So there appears to be a bad link in the Launcher package or something. Does anybody have a fix such that I don't have to launch it from the terminal, or is this a wait-until-KSP-fixes-it issue? (In which case I suppose this is resolved, and here is the solution for anybody else having the problem.) Thanks!