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  1. I've started looking at it, but by default the game doesn't support 'actual' background processing (I tried doing this and it led to issues). So I may have to look at other plugins that do background processing and make them dependencies. Unfortunately this isn't a priority to finish this, I'm actually currently working on dyson-swarm satellite part/module, so most of the time I can spend on this mod goes into that.
  2. Straight to the point . Also, are features like this planned, or is it never going to be a feature on spacedock?
  3. Just some simple questions (that I haven't been able to figure out): Is there a way to change the title of a mod on spacedock if you are the mod author? Also, is there a way to not notify followers if you press 'automatically update'? For me, followers don't need to be notified if the same version of the mod is relabelled for a different version of ksp. Any answer is appreciated.
  4. Hey there, I tried to nominate FFT last month, but it wasn't acknowledged. Did I do something wrong? I clicked report and labelled it totm. Anyways congrats to it and the others, it still made it either way!
  5. I am stuck at home this Christmas, so I worked on this mod instead. And yeah, I really should've just edited the .version file instead of creating a new one. Anyways, happy Christmas to the CKAN team.
  6. New release! This one mostly fixes bugs and optimises performance. There is one new part- the transmitter dish I showed off on the previous page. Also this release has been tested with 1.11 and works well, although previous versions should too. I think I fixed this issue in the latest release (I managed to get from 40fps to 60fps). However, I couldn't replicate this exactly as I got 40fps (which is a dip of 20 from the usual) with the same craft, 1fps seems rather extreme. Please try the latest version when you can, to see if the performance is better.
  7. Yes, that is what I mean. Edit: I found that removing the subdivision surface modifier from the ring removed this glitch. I still want the modifier, so I have to figure out a different way.
  8. Screenshot explains everything: Notice the graphical glitch on the mount of the engine (the squares that are different shades of green). This only shows up when the part is highlighted in the editor. Does anyone know the cause of this? The mount was created using the extrude tool in blender, that might be the problem, although it doesn't affect other parts I've used it with. Subdivision surface seems to be the cause of the issue. Does anyone know a way to keep subdivision surface, but remove this glitch? Thanks.
  9. @Codapop Do you want the SaveTest method to run when a game save happens? If so. you should rename it to OnSave, in which case the parameter 'node' is automatically saved to the save file under the right vessel/part module, so you have less code to write. If the game automatically saves a config node (through OnSave), it will be saved under the vessel/partmodule subnode, rather than directly under the "GAME" node. You would need to navigate to that specific subnode first, which can be difficult: Are you planning to load the config node, from within the same vessel module/part module? In which case you can just use OnLoad(ConfigNode node) instead of the code above. Hope this helps,
  10. Thanks for providing a log file! There are two things causing problems, one is that you have enabled background resource processing which is known to cause problems, turn it off in the difficulty settings. Secondly, there might be a bug with realistic wavelengths for the WirelessReflector, this I will look into.
  11. @juanml82, you need to extend the antenna to be able to beam power. If that doesn't work, then it's probably a bug.
  12. That is likely because you aren't generating enough power. It is a failsafe mechanism, when the electric-charge amount on your ship goes below ~10% of the total, the transmitter shuts-down so that your ship doesn't become uncontrollable. Don't use the slider unless you are generating more than 10,000 EC/s, you want to click # on the top right of the right-click menu and type in the exact amount you want to beam.
  13. The mod does use the real equation for calculating power received: power received = power beamed x receiver diameter x transmitter dish diameter / (1.44 x wavelength x distance) The wavelength for 'long' is 10^-3, which means it is microwave, while the wavelength for 'short' is 5 x 10^-8, which means it is ultraviolet. So this does mean the received power is the same whether used on stock scale or RSS, it isn't scaled based on solar system size. For RSS, I'd highly recommend the realistic wavelengths version of the mod, under 'Extra' folder. This gives you more options, like gamma-rays which are shorter wavelength and have even greater range.
  14. Yes it allows that. There are no parts for it currently, but the plugin has part modules you can apply to parts to give them that function. Try this mod with NFeX, some of the parts in that will have that function.
  15. I did try something like that (used a config file) but it turned out to be quite complicated when dealing with mod support (writing MM patches). I would prefer this method though, since I wouldn't have to edit two versions of the code every time I wanted to make changes.
  16. The module is for more realistic wavelength options (the second option on the poll), so the name 'Beamed Power Standalone- Realistic wavelengths' should be fine. Sorry for not being clear on that.
  17. I can easily add all the parts and features that you want here, so yes it may. As for special effects, it would be difficult to have an effect of a beam of visible light reflecting off of a orbital mirror. Btw I've always wanted to make a Dyson swarm like structure in KSP! I assume you're thinking of something similar to this (as I am), just on a much smaller scale:
  18. I've upload the version file onto GitHub on the source code link, the syntax errors are likely due to me copying another mod's version file in a haste to release the mod early on. Yes. in the separate download option, the two .dlls should replace the main .dlls in the main folder, this should further automate the process .
  19. Yes! Thanks for reminding. I checked the box on spacedock, so it should be added to CKAN soon. I was waiting for a stable release, and 1.0 was stable enough, so this is ok now.
  20. Since the second most picked option on the poll is 'Some realism' for wavelengths, I have gone ahead and added a version of the plugin with this, in the 'Extra' folder. 1.0.5 also has patches to add beamed power modules to the NFeX parts. In the mean time, I've been working on a transmitter-dish model, but I haven't released it yet as I'm not 100% satisfied with it yet. Here is what it looks like so far: As you can see, the texture on the base of the dish is lacking any detail, The dish is highly reflective/metallic however, so looks good on other celestial bodies:
  21. I have decided to fly @Space Nerd's module to Jool, as well as my own (which is a Laythe mini SSTO). Don't download the save right now! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z4OyhBFEGvBQGSixGoM4NEBewmwYxUhL?usp=sharing How the station looks like now:
  22. I've placed the station into a 45,000 km orbit around Jool. Looks like it has 3.8 km/s of dv left in the end, so I'm going to leave the tug docked to the station if anyone wants to use the remaining fuel on it. Also, should I send 'science ship' to Jool as it has its own fuel and engines, or will @Space Nerd do that? Link to the save so far: Link removed temporarily
  23. Yes. You can upload the save. I'll try get the transporting to Jool done by the next day.
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