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  1. Hi ! Can you explain how to read graph ? I do not understand. Here is a sample for one of y craft, can someone tell me mode ? https://flic.kr/p/S5YoKr Thanks !
  2. Can someone give some more info for understanding graphs ? I do understand what are the user editable value. edit : of course, i red the correctCoL page
  3. Hii Guys, is there a rule of thumb for wing area Vs plane mass to optimize building ?
  4. Exactly that's what I was thinking befaore reading all post from this thread. Thanks, i'll will redesign engines and wings configuration And post a .craft file if i need more help (and sure when plane is over). To be more precise of usage of this craft, i'll tell it's just for fun carrying big rover and to have a new goal, maybe will be used to build some station later ! Ok i'll will try this kind of flight plan as soon my plane will be redesigned ! Thanks for your help !
  5. Hi Guys, i'm trying to build a big SSTO to travel to far away planets, moons, asteroids and so on... My goal is to go far, do many things and come back safely (as everybody wants :D). I have some background to launch small ssto to orbit around kerbin and it's moons but only with small ships (ie no payload or very few). I achieve this with many fly test and adjustments and "by chance" my ships were finally created. Now getting things bigger chance is no more working and my tests flys are just crash test with no learning at all...... So i beg help to experienced engineers
  6. Hi guys, i'm currently playing this great game and after a month of kerbin around exploration i try to get to another planet. To achieve this painful job, I use mechjeb and KER. For exemple I want to reach moho, here is my process, (and sure something is wrong because almost never reach it). I check deltav maps to get deltav requirements : at least 13000 to a round trip to moho. I build my ship, launch , set it a stable orbit around 80km - 400km use mechjeb to find the best transfert time (using adv transfer to another planet) and trigger it some
  7. OK, thank you, think I understand now !
  8. Hi guys, i would like to know if someone can help me reading deltaV map (ie : http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/images/7/73/KerbinDeltaVMap.png). I am not sure how to understand it. Exemple of a round trip from kerbin to mun: Should I add 3400+860+310+580+580+310+860+3400 to build the right rocket ? Sure I will add some more dv because i'm a not so good pilot and i like wasting fuel Thanks for your help
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