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  1. I hope they keep 1.875 and integrate is as a fully stock thing rather than a DLC thing, adding a normal line of engines for it rather than the oddballs that came with Making History. It is my favourite size for early game.
  2. I prefer to call it "Princess Drive". The giant bell nozzle kinda sorta looks like the skirt of an old timey dress. That's what I called the KSPI Daedalus.
  3. PLTR: I usually call them Panzerfausts because the payload is encased in a huge fairing that makes the rocket look sorta like the eponymous German recoilless grenade launcher.
  4. I find the 5m parts quite useful. My superheavy rocket has a 4 x 3.75 m asparagus booster stages, a 3.75 m central asparagus second stage and a 5m third stage with nukes. It goes to orbit with half of its central 3.75 m stage still usable, leaving me with a bajillion of delta-V. It is useful to carry big payloads to Duna (or most other planets in the system) without the cheaty Orion mod, or to deliver whole stations and fuel depots to LKO and high Minmus orbits (in the latter case, the 5m section is not a stage but a fuel tank for refueling ships at the station). I've yet to design a purely 5
  5. Minmus, Minmus, Minmus! Pros: * Shallow gravity well means that orbital maneuvers are cheap and easy. Easy rendezvous, easy docking, extremely low dV cost. * Shallow gravity well means easy trips to the surface and back. This means easy science grinding by delivering samples from each Minmus biome to the station, this means easy fuel production. Cons: * Slightly harder to get to than LKO. * Slightly less efficient interplanetary travel. You can easily exit Minmus orbit to interplanetary space, but you lose the benefit of the Oberth effect. However, t
  6. Is it possible to make a command chair like part that can release a glider parachute, the same one kerbals have in their suits? This chair could be a base for a small paraglider type build with Junos...
  7. May I take over this mod, given that Benjamin Kerman abandoned it due to some licensing related fit of anger?
  8. 1.875 m, to be more precise. But if 1.25 m is Size 1 and 2.5 m is Size 2, then this is Size 1.5.
  9. Why no love for the humble Thud? It may not be the most efficient engine, but it's the first radially mounted engine to be unlocked, and you can make all sorts of crazy stuff with it. Such as a small shuttle.
  10. I've recently played the new add-on. Some of the things I like: for example, the Soviet spherical pods. These pods have amazing survivability: they can reenter at 3000+ km/s and land perfectly fine. However, some parts were a huge disappointment, such as the Bear engine: this engine has almost exactly the same stats as the Reliant, but it needs more tech than the Reliant. I see no reason why use it at all, save for historical reenactment: the Reliant can do everything this engine can do, and can't do the same thing Reliant can't do (namely, thrust vectoring). Size 1.5 is also made
  11. Ох лол, у меня такая же фигня была со станцией на орбите Минмуса. Взлетает топливовоз с Минмуса, хочет отгрузить топливо на станцию, а станции нет. Что такое? Смотрю список погибших кербалов - вахтера на станции в списке нет. Оказывается, я отключила отображение станций...
  12. I never make them that big. My typical "disposable fuel depot" is a single orange fuel tank equipped with a probe core, Vernors and a docking port. Such a depot can be tossed to the orbit of any planet to make missions there easier. When the fuel is over, I just erase the craft, hence disposable.
  13. У кого есть какой личный забавный жаргон в KSP? Чтобы не делать умный вид и строить из себя Королёва, а приложить что-нибудь поэпичнее! У меня: "Горюхан" - топливо, обычно - жидкое топливо и окислитель "Фанта" - оранжевый 2,5 м топливный бак. Я слышала, что его называют еще морковкой, но у меня морковка - это длинная ракета из таких баков, а одиночный бак - фанта. "Фантовоз" - космоплан или шаттл, способный поднять на орбиту одну "фанту". Или ровер в виде бензовоза, в который интегрирована "фанта" как цистерна. "Козлы" - твердотопливные ускорители. Названы так за "упря
  14. The 1970s U.S. Navy Space Cruiser project is pretty kerbal. Non-pressurized cockpit with the pilot's noggin in a space helmet showing outside. Launched on an ICBM. Mk. 1 Eyeball navigation. The craft greatly resembles certain micro-optimized craft made by Turbo Pumped (youtube).
  15. Research alchemy. Research homeopathy. Research astrology. Forget about chemistry, medicine and astronomy. Why is this called "research" if it leads to regress and a new Middle Age?
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