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Found 25 results

  1. Behold, the completed Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicles - UpScaled, or NERV-US (thanks for the name suggestions)! This engine's nozzle retracts when the LH2 engine switches to its O2-injecting afterburner mode. Model by Jonathan Cooper.
  2. I might be the first to do this on YouTube, not sure! Figured I'd try a reasonably challenging mission profile and see if I can beat the bugs to do it!
  3. So, what I mean by this? For me the most crucial thing is that I cant change the camera span from middle mouse button to another button. It is a preference thing, but I only use the middle mouse for scrolling, I don't like using it for clicking, because of life span reasons. So for me in games the first thing is to change whatever is on the middle mouse button to the side buttons on the mouse or usually LeftAlt. So if anybody has any other thing related to this topic feel free to comment and I hope this will reach the development team someday and gets added to the game.
  4. Catflier126

    KSP2 bug

    My non-stock vessels will take a long time to load when I enter the VAB. If I go on vessel selection menu, only the stock vessels will be there and I have to wait for my vessels.
  5. Recently I was wondering why there were such fierce performance problems on my PC build. I started the game with a profiler and to my horror saw an absurdly huge number of calls to create a GPU device in DirectX 11. This is very similar to the bug and the main reason for the fps drop on my build: RTX 3080 i7-7820 64gb ram It looks very much like the game is trying to recreate the GPU device every frame. If you believe third-party sources regarding such a problem, then this is a bug directly with DirectX 11, probably related to an error in the execution of some shader. Screenshot from Vtune Profiler: https://imgur.com/a/yGEkXrE
  6. KSP2's atmospheres have been getting some much-needed love from our environment team and graphics engineers, and there are still more improvements on the way. We're especially proud of Murshed Choudhury's work on the new atmospheric scattering system!
  7. KSP 2 Feature Videos Episode 5 is here! In this video, devs discuss what interstellar travel means for players, how it changes the gameplay experience & the challenges associated with bringing this feature to the game with scientific accuracy.
  8. Here's a first look at the in-progress Kerbal Space Center, showing off the beautiful work of artists Matt Reynolds and Jordan Pack.
  9. Hello everyone, I start this thread hoping first and foremost it does not bring any controversy in the KSP community. I start it to ask the developers if - what I believe to believe to be a small percentage of the KSP player base and community - may get representation in the new game? I ask this in good heart, especially being one of those players myself because in the original game, I was able to create kerbals, but I couldn't create one to be like me. They had to be either male or female, but personally, it hurt because it made me feel that people like me won't get to one day explore the universe. Keep in mind, Sally Ride, the first American "woman" and third "woman" in space, did not personally follow the gender binary, she was in fact an important part of the LGBTQIA+ community after she admitted her secret on her deathbed. I bring this up, not to be political in any way, I believe politics should stay out of space as to preserve a better future for the younger space explorers and to ensure that it is a welcoming environment for explorers of all backgrounds. I've been playing KSP since I was little in fact, since before I understood I was a non-binary person. Which is why it's so important to understand that space isn't just about discovering what is out there to explore, but also discovering what is inside of your wonderful and kind brains to understand yourself. This is why I ask the devs to give me and many other players some representation, as we are all explorers. Not a single one of us could explore the entire universe alone, nor was it made for any singular person. It was made for the each of us to go out and explore together, learning new things and sharing it with others. Slowly, but surely expanding our wondrous horizons. A simple way that this may be added, is through a kerbal creator that allows us to customize each kerbal to our liking, whether it be a kerbal that follows the gender-binary or a kerbal with a little bit of everything from everywhere. This would also be great for multiplayer, because then every single beautiful person here will be able to greatly express themselves as well as have a little bit of them exploring a far of universe with near limitless bounties. Sincerely, BigStar Aerospace Note - I ask that each one of you be understanding and unprejudiced, the KSP community is meant to be unpolitical and accepting. If you do not agree, then I apologize greatly, but I ask you politely to move on. I do not believe that this thread breaks any rules and if it does, I ask you to tell me so I may fix it myself.
  10. Ideas for KSP 2 (if someone ever does such thing) - It starts with cars, and trains only... So you can build train tracks and roads.. Maybe you can race with different kind of race tracks. (multiplayer or best times world wide) Few villages over the Kerbin, maybe you have to transport resources to HQ. - different kind of combustion engines for cars and maybe steam engines for trains (at start) - Next comes airplane missions with propeller planes (and helicopters). After that jet motors. (First solo flight round the Kerbin) -Then satellite missions. (no pods with kerbals until solid satellite network) -After those you can start you space program... Goal is build cities (or villages) to another planets or even far away solar systems (FTL engines) What you think about this? (sorry if there's allready topic like this one) best regards, Jetro ps. KSP 1.3 is AWESOME!!!!!
  11. Ahoy Kerbonauts! Senior designer Tom Vinita here with a short update about part modules for you today! Part modules are the extra optional bits of functionality that are added to the part in order to allow it to perform specialized functions. For example, if we add Module_Engine to a part, it now has the ability to provide thrust, consume resources for that thrust, and many of the other essential functions required in a rocket engine. If a part doesn’t have any modules, then it tends to be something simple like a truss or an I-beam. Kerbal Space Program has a lot of different parts, and so it follows that it has a lot of different modules. One of our design goals with Kerbal Space Program 2 is to create a simulation that feels as close to Kerbal Space Program’s as possible while building fresh improvements along the way. If you build a rocket that worked in KSP, it is our goal for that rocket to perform in largely the same way if you rebuild it in KSP2. To that end, the team is going to painstaking lengths to document and remake, and enhance KSP’s extensive list of part modules in addition to all of the new part modules coming in KSP2. To see one example of this in action, let’s take a look at lights: Fairly simple in concept, right? They turn on, and they turn off. Well, KSP’s lights have a little more going on than that, and they’re useful in a variety of important situations. At the start of the process for bringing a part module into KSP2, a designer first studies KSP’s documentation and common uses of the module in question during general gameplay and wacky uses the community has come up with. From there, they write a series of user stories that define a list of use cases that this part module must be able to accomplish. A short example for lights would be: • As a player, I want a tool to help me see the ground when I’m landing on the dark side of a planet. • As a player, when I’m docking I want to be able to see my vessel and the vessel I’m docking with, even when both vessels are in shadow. • As a player, I want to customize my vessel with a wide variety of light patterns, whether they’re stylish, goofy, or both! Once these user stories are defined, the designer studies the player-facing tweakable values of the part—in this case things like the blink timer and the dynamic light color—and the list of values that are exposed in the part’s data for fine-tuning its behavior. The designer provides detailed documentation for everything being brought forward into KSP2, and looks for spots where the module can be enhanced. With all these values defined and the module’s functions outlined, the spec is handed off to an engineer who does the hard work of programming the module. Once the module has been written, it falls to a designer (usually myself) to attach that module to all the necessary parts, tuning the numbers of each part along the way as necessary. You can check out the results of this process below, with the new and improved Mk1 Illuminator showing off its new ability to pitch! That’s a look at some of the work that goes into making sure all the fun stuff you can accomplish in KSP can still be done in KSP2, as well as an example of finding a way to make that fun stuff even better in KSP2. Shine on! -Tom
  12. Am I the only one that wants to request them adding cinematic views while flying your ship?
  13. What are Kerbals made of? Plants, snacks, regret? Intercept Senior 3D artist Jordan Pack decided to explore what Kerbals would look like if they were made of different materials. Check 'em out. These won't be in Kerbal Space Program 2, at least until we add a puppetry expansion.
  14. Ovin is a terrestrial super-Kerbin, 60% larger than Kerbin with a gravity of 4G’s. Ovin has no tall mountains - this is a smashed, scorched landscape. Ovin courtesy of artist Jordan Pack.
  15. In KSP2, players learn basic flight concepts in a virtual simulator that can be accessed anytime the game is paused. Here's Jon Cioletti testing his new tutorial shader. In a way, it's like the Kerbals are playing KSP... inside KSP. Whoa.
  16. I've been meaning to start this topic for a long time, and I thought I had seen one recently. But can't seem to find it. The point is, there are features I really like in KSP1 that I just don't see making the cut for KSP2. Do you have any? Mine are specifically: Settings: sometimes it's fun to just read through the Settings config file and see what all can be tweaked. It's very in-depth in KSP1. Custom suits: including the degree to which we can change their look in the configs, helmets on and off, EVA pack or parachute or both or neither, visor up or down. Emphasis on the visor. Something I felt we should have been able to do since the game's 1.0 release we couldn't do until almost the end of development. Custom flags: seems probable that this will be a feature in KSP2, but I could see it getting overlooked. Surface Experiments: specifically from Breaking Ground. Another feature that felt obvious but made it late to the game. What's more fun than recreating Apollo? Kerbal Inventory/Construction: a piggy-back off of Surface Experiments, sure, but Intercept keeps saying "the game, at its core, is about building and flying rockets." EVA construction is very convenient and fun, but also very extra. I'll add more as I think of them. I know I'm missing some of the more "fringe" features that I actually quite like but they aren't touted as major features/improvements.
  17. KSP is special—and challenging from an engineering perspective. Learn about the work that KSP2 Physics Engineer Michael Dodd has been putting into improving static and dynamic object collisions in KSP2 Dev Diary #10 "Collisions". Check out the post below ↓
  18. Our VFX artist Aaron Lundquist continues to create new engine exhaust effects. The first of these engines runs on an as-yet-announced fuel (guesses welcome)! The other two are metallic hydrogen and jet engine. We're all really proud of Aaron's shock diamonds! The score, as always, is by the incomparable Howard Mostrom.
  19. New power generation modules for colonies! Your nuclear power options will progress from compact fission reactors to giant fusion tokamaks to next-generation Z-pinch fusion reactors. Yes, the radiator on the fission reactor opens and closes like an umbrella. Credit to Jonathan Cooper and Matt Reynolds for the fusion reactors, and special thanks to our friends Bob Palmer (RoverDude) and Alexander Martin at Squad for building the fission reactor.
  20. Important: Hi its me DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE. I decided to CREATE a poll on favorite features of KSP2. i am creating this Poll for free use and to collect data from Die-hard KSP Fans (like me) and create a graph to see the best feature of KSP2. And no im not involved in the creation of KSP2 although i DO have some Hookups Who do know about KSP2 development. Anyways, feel free to use the poll, it really helps both me , you, other fans, and the developers who moderate and review these forums. Sincerely- DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE
  21. We want to share an update for all of our Kerbal Space Program fans: We will now be releasing Kerbal Space Program 2 in Fall 2021. As you all know, we’ve been working hard to make the best and most authentic KSP sequel possible. This is an ambitious goal. We are making a big, expansive game loaded with new features, but doing so will take longer than we previously anticipated. With everything going on in the world today due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re facing many unique challenges that require more time to safely iterate, create, test, and make KSP2 as great as it can be. We understand this isn’t the news you were hoping to see, but ultimately we need to make the best decision for the development of Kerbal Space Program 2. That said, we will continue to keep you updated with more feature videos, developer blogs, and other content to share our progress from now up to launch. We appreciate everyone who has been on this journey with us, we really can’t wait to be flying alongside all of you, and we look forward to sharing more along the way. Safe launches to all the Kerbonauts out there and stay tuned! Kerbal Space Program 2 Dev Team
  22. Pues era algo que se podía intuir y es que Kerbal Space Program 2 se tomará un poco más de tiempo para completar su desarrollo y su nueva fecha estimada de salida es otoño del 2021. Traducción: Queremos compartir una actualización para todos nuestros fans de Kerbal Space Program: Lanzaremos Kerbal Space Program 2 en otoño de 2021. Como todos sabéis, hemos estado trabajando duro para hacer la mejor y más auténtica posible secuela de Kerbal Space Program. Este es un objetivo ambicioso. Estamos haciendo un gran juego expansivo cargado de nuevas características, pero hacerlo llevará más tiempo del que habíamos previsto. Con todo lo que está pasando en el mundo debido al brote de COVID-19, nos enfrentamos a muchos retos únicos que requieren más tiempo para iterar de forma segura, crear, probar y hacer que Kerbal Space Program 2 sea tan grande como pueda ser. Entendemos que estas no son las noticias que esperábais, pero en última instancia tenemos que tomar la mejor decisión para el desarrollo de Kerbal Space Program 2. Dicho esto, os seguiremos manteniéndo actualizados con más videos de características, blogs de desarrollo y otros contenidos para compartir nuestro progreso desde ahora hasta el lanzamiento. Apreciamos a todos los que habéis estado en este viaje con nosotros, realmente no podemos esperar a volar juntos, y esperamos compartir más a lo largo del camino. Lanzamientos seguros a todos los Kerbonautas ahí fuera y permaneced atentos. - Equipo de desarrollo de Kerbal Space Program 2 Tenéis el hilo en inglés aquí:
  23. Does anyone know when Kambara Space Program 2 will be launched? If they do, please let me know. Welcome to participate!
  24. Just a few hours ago, a new PC Gamer article went up discussing Colony mechanics (and Kerbal reproduction, but only in that it is something too horrible to disclose, apparently.) https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ JUICY Details: Colonies will start out with set deployable modules that you will land on a planet's surface. Once deployed, it sounds like you can then use the Building Assembly Editor (or BAE for short... nice) to add pieces to your colony. At first, you can only use parts that you have brought with you from Offworld, but eventually you will be able to unlock the ability to directly manufacture parts from available resources. Unlocking these parts seems to originate from a progression system tied to colony size. Colony size (and the aforementiond Kerbal multiplication) will not be a product of time, but rather the result of you achieving specific goals, which will then cause a... uh... "celebration" that will lead to a significant baby boom in your colony. No comment. Eventually, you will unlock buildings to create vehicles that can then be built and launched at that colony! Obviously this will grant you the benefits of building in low (or null) gravity, and which will apparently be a requirement for unlocking interstellar progression. A few other notes or observations on my part: They've talked primarily about terrestrial colonies, but I'm assuming space colonies will follow some similar methods. In both cases, I think we will probably still be able to launch and dock colonies/space stations as we used to, but this sounds like it will be a great alternative with real substance in late game mechanics Star Theory has previously said that buildings will be subject to physics after they are constructed, but not necessarily in the editor, so expect space kraken shenanigans! Except not in space... we may need a new, land-based mythological creature to blame our colony woes on. For now, I'm taking the Cinematic trailer at its word when it comes to physical models, if not the actual visual effects, in representing the main game. Given that population is so emphasized, expect lots of geo-domes and habs, and maybe many other specialized buildings (not just ol' spaceship parts). Maybe these will automatically generate when your population increases? Or will we need to be building habs to accommodate? I have a... not great reputation for creating sustainable housing in Frostpunk, I'm a bit worried here. Interestingly, how these things unlock seems a bit ambiguous. There's been no mention of science so far, and it's unclear if colony progression will unlock entirely new parts, or simply make parts you already have usable for the colony. It also sounds like additional functions within the colony will be unlockable through population growth: obviously spaceship construction is one, but airstrips and land vehicular construction are also likely. I imagine other functions could be resource management, communications and control, and research. Population also makes me think about how this will impact astronaut recruitment. Will astronauts be able to inhabit colonies? Will colonies each have their own pool of astronauts, or will it be one large collective pool? Will astronauts need to be transported between colonies before they can be assigned to ships launching from each world? Lots to consider, verrry verrry interesting.
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