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  1. So basically you have to colonize every planetary body and moon (except jool). the requirements is that each colony has communications (including satellites) strong enough to reach kerbin, mining facilities so rockets can refuel, and some source of power. You also need to have a mother ship that carries all the colonies on it and is able to go to every planet and moon and back to kerbin. It can be assembled in orbit or you can do it in one launch (at the cost of your sanity). When you have finished please show me the pictures of all the colonies and please don't cheat because the challenge is supposed to be hard. I will nominate three rewards: 1: creativity. each colony is unique in their own way and where they are located on the planet or moon also gives points to that. 2: has no life. all colonies have their own space station and satellites, why would you do this to yourself? 3: Matt Lowne. Each colony has three SSTO's and ludicrous amounts of delta/v. also they are so complex that only a NASA supercomputer could run it. PLEASE don't destroy your sanity because of this, if you accomplish I will give the title of the winner of winners because this seems impossible. have fun and don't destroy your sanity.
  2. Download on Curseforge or Github or SpaceDock. Available on CKAN as MoarKerbals. Kerbthulhu Kinetics Program's MoarKerbals (MOAR) Populate your colony in space! A simple add on that adds the ability to use resources to create and train new kerbal(s) for Kerbal Space Program. Author @zer0Kerbal\zer0Kerbal, originally created by @strideknight\strideknight brought to you by KGEx Description Preamble by @strideknight This mod installs a KloneKabin, KuddleShack, and Academy that you can use to replicate and train new Civilian (kerbals) wherever you feel like. Kloning, Kuddling, and Teaching require a fair amount of electricity, and other resources. You can also change the requirements via Module Manager patches. There is a small chance for a freakish accident to occur, both positive and negative results can occur. This is experimental technology after all. Note: a failed kloning process has a very LOW chance to kill every kerbal inside the KloningKabin. The deceased may or may not respawn back at the KSC depending upon your game and difficulty settings. You can adjust or even disable accidents with Module Manager Patches. In either case, you can just quicksave before operating. Features No extra parts No RAM usage Uses Module Manager to add functionality to stock parts Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay without a learning curve Includes an upgrade to the stock Science Lab from two to six seats (including the IVA) Community Trait Icon configs are included. MoarKerbals adds functionality to the following parts: Kloning Science Lab mk1 Crew Cabin mk3 Crew Cabin mk2 Lander Can Kuddling Hitchhiker's mk2 Crew Cabin Academy Cupola mk1 Lander Can Science Lab Cabin notes It requires a large amount of electricity to operate, and @strideknight always played with Roverdude's MKS and TAC's Life Support, so it automatically integrates with them to require Biomass or other materials. Also, [strideknight] included configs for the Community Tech Tree. Both require ModuleManager to integrate. MoarKerbals was inspired by @strideknight's desire to have a small colony of kerbals living in zeppelins around Jool who populate the planet, evolve their own society, and then to go to war with the "grounders" back on Kerbin. This was @strideknight's first mod and it runs fine, so let me know if you find any bugs. All constructive feedback/suggestions are also welcome. Enjoy! Known issue If you use a third party mod to transfer kerbals, like ShipManifest, the PAW/RMB might have ghost listings until a the vessel is reloaded. Localization work in progress How to support this and other great mods by @zer0Kerbal See More Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or [KSP Forums][MOD:forum] Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues Installation Directions Use 1 Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Module Manager 3 Recommends MoarKerbals Parts! (MOARP) Beautiful parts meant for MoarKerbals! Suggests Mods that benefit MoarKerbals (MOAR) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG!) SimpleConstructon! (SCON!) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) KaboOom! (BOOM) another way to not go to space today On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC)) Biomatic (BIO) KerbalStats SIMPLEX Colonies Other fun mods by zed'K Solar Science (SOLS) Not So SimpleConstructon! (NSSC) Foundations (FND) - beta Helps prevent ground constructions from floating away Stork Delivery System (SDS) Komplexity (KPLX) Pteron (MSRV) Jack-O'Lantern (JACK) Halloween! (HLWN) Mini Sample Return Capsule (MSRC)) Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) PicoPort Shielded (PPS) Transparent Command Pods) (TCP) More Hitchhikers) (MHH) B9 Stock Patches (B9S) ScrapYard Oh Scrap! DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) DaMichel's Fuselage (DMF) DaMichel's Spherical Tanks (DST) DaMichel's CargoBays (DCB) Simple Cargo Solutions (SCS) KerGuise Experimental Engineering (KGEx) The Gold Standard (GOLD) Keridian Dynamics Vessel Assembly (KDVA) Olympic's ARP Icons (ARPI) Stack Inline Lights (SIL) Stack Inline Lights - Patches (SILP) Supports SimpleLife! (SLIFE!) TweakScale Community Resource Pack Kerbal Changelog SIMPLEX Colonies USI-LS MKS not yet Snacks! not yet Conflicts none Replaces none Tags parts, config, career, uncrewed, crewed *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Credits and Special Thanks @linuxgurugamer - code assistance @strideknight- this add on Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) Current (1) - @zer0Kerbalzer0Kerbal Original (0) - Author: @strideknight Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date View full albums: here here v1.3.0.0 original: 01 Jul 2018 zed'K | updated: 16 Nov 2021 zed'K Footnotes this isn't a mod. ;P ↩ may work on other versions (YMMV) ↩ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date! ↩
  3. Welcome to the release thread for the Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit! DSSHU Update 1.10.1 is now available for download! This was inspired by NASA's ground-based Deep Space Habitat Demonstration Unit. This pack consists of 3 deployable ground-based habitat units. All units have optional compatibility with Kerbal Inventory System, Tweakscale, Connected Living Space and your choice of life support mods; USI Life Support, TACLS or Snacks! Individual habitat features: Habitat Unit 1: 5m expanding habitat Science laboratory Functioning airlock Side docking tube compatible with size 1 stock docking ports WITH SNACKS: Stores soil and snacks WITH USI LIFE SUPPORTS: Provides habitat function WITH TACLS: Contains standard array of life support resources Habitat Unit 2: 5m expanding facility Expanding solar array Multi-mission RTG with radiators Telescopic expanding radio tower Side docking tube Functioning door WITH SNACKS: Stores soil and snacks WITH USI LIFE SUPPORT: Contains life support recycler and fertilizer / ore resource converter. WITH TACLS: Contains standard array of life support resources Habitat Unit 3: 5m expanding facility Functioning greenhouse Storage tanks Side docking tube Functioning door WITH SNACKS: Produces snacks Stores soil and snacks WITH USI LIFE SUPPORT: Agroponics facility with mulch, supplies, fertilizer and storage WITH TACLS: Mimics SETI Greenhouse Provides "nutrients" which handle resource management There are no dependencies for this mod, but if you choose to use any of the included optional compatibility configurations, you will need to also install module manager. There are no wheels on the bottoms of these units, so connecting them may end up being your least favorite part of these habitats. They have plenty of collision meshes, so you should have no problem using something like Konstruction with a forklift and shimmying the buildings into place. Alternatively, you may use something like VesselMover and simply position the building into place and it will dock accordingly. Please do not keep anything attached to the upper or lower nodes when you "Deploy" it. It will explode. I have not added plugin compatibility for moving a connected node while animated. Installation: Extract the contents of the GameData folder into your Kerbal GameData directory. Structure should then read GameData\DSSHU Optional mod compatibility patches included. CHANGELOG: Update 1.10.1 Re-compile for 1.10.1 Fixed hatches not working Fixed generic interior space to reference the 3 capacity version and not the 1 capacity version Update 1.8 Re-compile for 1.8 Added 1x Crew Capacity to connector hub Update 1.4 Re-compile for 1.4 New part: 4-way hub/connector USI Life Support Changes: Unit 2 is now the habitat unit Unit 1 is now the recycler Revision 1.1 -Updated optional config patches to use NEEDS: syntax (they will now detect installed mods and apply config files as necessary) -Fixed Connected Living Space settings (buildings should now be passable) -Added soil / snacks storage to HDU1 when using Snacks! Download SPECIAL THANKS TO @CobaltWolf and all the other mod devs and thank you for visiting!!! Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack is license CC-BY-4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  4. https://discovery.researcher.life/article/a-fusion-propelled-transportation-system-to-produce-terrestrial-power-using-helium-3-from-uranus/334a70a954043a67a5b3c6f89a39c86d According to the article еhe lunar regolith contains up to 15.1 parts per billion He3, while Uranus' atmosphere has 15,000 parts per billion He3. It is proposed to process atmospheric gases in a flying factory, obtaining Helium-3 from them. The cargoes will be lifted into space by a direct-flow shuttle, the construction of which I don't really understand. I know that flying colonies are not in priority until maybe 1.0 release, but it is very interesting and extraordinary way to use gas giants, as Jool and others in different star systems
  5. [This challenge can be completed in stock I believe. I've never tried, not good enough XD, also good if you are using an interstellar mod as well.] Here at Sloth Exploration Technologies, we believe that we could do with expanding our sphere of influence across the system. We have a large challenge, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle! We want you to set up full colonies on every body in the Kerbol System, so we can expand beyond! Objectives: Fully Colonise Kerbin: Put 5 relay probes into Kerbin orbit. Build a space station in Kerbin Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Kerbin's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise The Mun: Put 5 relay probes into Munar orbit. Build a space station in Munar Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on The Mun's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Minnmus: Put 5 relay probes into Minnmus orbit. Build a space station in Minnmus Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on The Minnmus's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise The Sun: Put 5 relay probes into Solar orbit. Build a space station in Solar Orbit. Fully Colonise Moho: Put 5 relay probes into Moho orbit. Build a space station in Moho Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Moho's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Eve: Put 5 relay probes into Eve orbit. Build a space station in Eve Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Eve's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Gilly: Put 5 relay probes into Gilly orbit. Build a space station in Gilly Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Gilly's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Duna: Put 5 relay probes into Duna orbit. Build a space station in Duna Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Duna's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Ike: Put 5 relay probes into Ike orbit. Build a space station in Ike Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Ike's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Dres: Put 5 relay probes into Dres orbit. Build a space station in Dres Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Dres's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Jool: Put 5 relay probes into Jool orbit. Build 2 space stations in Jool Orbit. Fully Colonise Laythe: Put 5 relay probes into Laythe orbit. Build a space station in Laythe Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Laythe's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Vall: Put 5 relay probes into Vall orbit. Build a space station in Vall Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Vall's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Tylo: Put 5 relay probes into Tylo orbit. Build a space station in Tylo Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Tylo's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Bop: Put 5 relay probes into Bop orbit. Build a space station in Bop Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Bop's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Pol: Put 5 relay probes into Pol orbit. Build a space station in Pol Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Pol's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface. Fully Colonise Eeloo: Put 5 relay probes into Eeloo orbit. Build a space station in Eeloo Orbit. Build 3 EVA experiments on Eeloo's Surface Build and launch 3 ground bases for landing on the surface.
  6. Do you think we will be able to make a colony underwater with large domes where Kerbals would live in, and different underwater power production parts and parts for moving specifically underwater?
  7. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i have a pretty burning question about colonies in ksp2. From the trailer and many other posts about what ksp2 will be like, it seems like they are pretty hard to launch and/or build. I imagine the will have to be built on site using ISRU (kinda like to eva construction mode, KIS or extraplanetry launchpads conbined?) because stuff like this seems unable to be launched and landed with anything less than 1000 parts, which in this case my potato pc will self combust. Does anyone know how exactly colonies can be built and assembled? (hopefully this will not be related to me not reading dev diaries/other ksp2 stuff close enough )
  8. Welcome to Upsilon Upsilon is a colonization project of where we colonize the whole solar system and more. We make bases, relays, cities, and outposts! Here are some good things: What do you submit: You can submit ANYTHING, Rovers, bases, relays, satellites, spaceports, you name it, you can do it How do you submit? It's actually quite simple here is how: Where do you go to fly in the colonized system? Download saves from the upsilon website It is not recommended to download all the crafts in the kerbol system. As there is so much it will lag your computer. It's better to download specific planets It looks like you guys already colonized the kerbol system. Is it too late to contribute? No, we are working on infrastructure and city size colonies. We are also still allowing submissions of personal crafts. And we are also doing things like making shipyards and easter egg bases Here is our discord for questions, answers, and to do community projects Community projects: Join our discord to participate in community projects. Here is all of our ones that we have done I'll be using this thread to share projects, youtube videos and more Feel free to also share crafts you made as well
  9. Floating colonies in ksp 2 Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI-old7YI4I&t=808s Size comparison
  10. Laythe. A land of extremes. Slung around a far-away gas giant in the outer reaches of the Kerbol system, the ocean planet hangs in the cosmos as a jewel for colonization. Deep, expansive waters interrupted only by ignominious freckles of sand paint the planet a pastiche of the aquatic and the arid. Under a blanket of atmosphere, the world sits shrouded in clouds and mystery. It is the only other planet suitable for kerbal life. It will become home to one very lonely kerbal. The Kavalier Mk VI launches on a mission to land a kerbal on the water planet, Laythe. The first of many such missions to establish a foothold beyond Kerbin and the Mun. Steve thinks it’s enough to get there, land, and come back. But like so many times before, Steve is wrong. Everyone tells him so. The plan is to go and stay. To get there, the selected ship will burn to reach Kerbin escape velocity and establish a 100k orbit at 1535.5m/s. From there, the ship’s crew of three perform system diagnostics on orbit while waiting for their transfer window to Jool. The gas giant will take nearly three years to reach. Sonbart, Lodmin and Nellfurt, all of the Kerman family, are entombed…er, ensconced, in the habitation module of the nuclear powered Kavalier. As the transfer window approaches, a sense of giddy trepidation takes hold of the kerbals. They know they will finally be on their way. The burn goes as planned with only a minor correction needed after Lodmin spills dill-flavored crisps into the drop pod where Nellfurt, the pilot, performs the maneuver. Lodmin’s apologies are accepted by the rest of the crew, but only grudgingly as he ferrets out the bits of fried potato and salt from the console, consuming every piece he finds. Nellfurt quietly watches Lodmin finish ‘cleaning,’ then returns to his seat in the pod. This time, he closes the hatch behind him. Somehow, even now amidst the void, Nellfurt finds that he needs his space. Years later, Jool’s bright green slowly – finally - approaches the Kavalier. First, it seems a shiny star like so many others in the firmament. But each day, its character changes, revealing its deepening verdant expanse soon to engulf the horizon of the kerbals’ ship. There’s a strange sense of home in the presence of the giant, even though the intrepid explorers are now farther from their planet that any others have dared to travel. Despite its growing form, it takes a month for the ship and her crew to reach their designated maneuver point around Jool. After a short capture burn, the Kavalier crew decide to launch two probes to orbit the gas giant and provide data to the Laythe-bound craft. Unfortunately, the probes prove of limited use as someone forgot to attach communication relay devices to them. The crew blames Steve because everyone blames Steve. Because Steve sucks. That, however, won’t stop their mission. They’ve come too far. While the probes would have offered beneficial position, navigation and timing data to the Kavalier mothership, their inoperability only diminishes the signal the crew will rely upon for maneuvering the craft. Some signal is better than none…yet now, inexplicably, the spaceship’s impulse is none. With no way to control the ship, the Kerbals’ recent awe at the Joolian system soon turns to an awakening horror at the prospect of their orbit becoming a prison. Surely they won’t be destined to careen around Jool for eternity while in sight of their new home. But how, then, did they get here? Why no control now? They could control the ship for all the maneuvers until now. What changed? The four kerbals spread a large canvas of schematics over a table to consult. But as they pore over the diagram hypothesizing about disconnects in their remote guidance system, Nellfurt suddenly realizes that they never had one. He flew each maneuver from the drop pod, the ship’s only source of input, all the while assuming the remote guidance system was there waiting when they’d need it. Turns out, the same kerbal who forgot to attach antennae to the probes also forgot to attach the proper antenna to the Kavalier itself. And with no one currently in the drop pod to execute the transfer maneuver from Jool to Laythe, the Kavalier would remain without impulse. The crew exchange glances with one another. The ramifications are clear. They can continue the mission, but Nellfurt, the only pilot, will have to guide the Kavalier to Laythe via the drop pod. And if they decide to land on the planet, Nellfurt will be taking the single-seat craft to the surface, effectively removing the Kavalier’s legs. Lodmin and Sonbart will have to make the Kavalier home, just as Nellfurt does on the planet below. Or…they can return home together now, drop pod attached. Laythe could wait for another day to host a kerbal. They dismiss the thought, almost out of hand. The mission is to begin establishing a kerbal presence off Kerbin. Here they are. They might as well tuck in for the long haul. Besides, mission control should realize they haven’t heard anything from the antenna-less ship for years now and is mounting a rescue mission, right? Right? Sonbart runs the numbers and indeed, the transfer window back home is almost half a year away, and then the flight after that…well, they might as well stay. With that, Nellfurt executes the transfer to Laythe from the drop pod. A couple days later, once in a stable Laythe orbit, the kerbals commit. Crawling back into the hab one last time, Nellfurt hugs Sonbart and Lodmin and then recedes back to the pod. Lodmin comments that he’ll be just fine, that there are probably grains of sand down there more talkative than Nellfurt. In the pod, Nellfurt decouples from the Kavalier and plans his deorbit. His eyes catch a ring island impact crater. He aims for the center island and deorbits, carefully sailing past the now stranded Kavalier. Just above the far horizon, Sonbart and Lodmin watch as Nellfurt’s capsule twinkles in the atmosphere. The compressed air envelopes the drop pod in flame but the kerbals can only guess at their comrade’s fate. They hold their breath as the flicker slowly diminishes, wondering if they’ll ever see their quiet friend again. High above the center island, Nellfurt emerges from the roiling flames. The roar gone, he deploys the drogue chutes as he carefully guides the pod down. Too far in any direction and he’ll end up in the ocean. Even with his hands full piloting, the alien beauty of the place rising toward him is not lost on Nellfurt. This will be his home now. Until more kerbals arrive, he will have to do his best to not just survive but build. With no antenna, there’s no way to communicate with Sonbart and Lodmin in orbit, much less home. Nellfurt lands without incident... And begins his wait. Little does he or the rest of the Kavalier crew know that Kerbin has marshalled the efforts of every abled-body member of the their homeworld – even Steve - to speed another voyage to the Jool system. This time, though, communication considerations are built and launched first. The communication craft put in solar orbit bristles with antenna like some sort of void cactus. And yet, the true wonder is the landing base now hurling itself through space to reach Nellfurt and gang, nearly three years after their silent stranding. The kraken-like ship inserts itself into an aggressive Joolian capture only to sling out to Laythe nearly as quickly. Note the very prominent relay antenna crowing the ship. The maneuver takes the ship just close enough for an on-orbit rendezvous. Lodmin keeps fruitlessly trying to wipe his eyes as he makes his way from the tired Kavalier to the newly arrived colony ship. Sonbart follows. The Kavalier is now a ghost ship. Joy. Rendezvous complete. It’s time to bring home to Nellfurt. The colony ship soars through the upper atmosphere, angling to meet Nellfurt’s center island, partially hidden by clouds. The colonists can only wonder what their lone comrade, if he’s even alive, has been through on this tiny speck all these years. In the back of their minds, they acknowledge that soon enough, they’ll be just like him, for better or for worse. Importantly, however, they will have each other and comms with Kerbin. Lodmin and Sonbart are physically shaking to stretch their legs on firm ground and find Nellfurt. Parachutes deploy as the final maneuvers successfully vector the ship to the island. The retro landing boosters brace for impact. Once planetside, the colony ship’s struts extend in preparation for landing. Landing complete. The engines separate and the colony ship bounces to the Laythian surface. The colonists’ first official act on an alien world is to litter it with rocket refuse. Everyone on board cheers. They begin broadcasting their position loudly. Kerbin reads them. They are not alone. Meanwhile, Nellfurt, on the other side of the island, receives the signal through his very limited emergency receiver. At first, he stares, sure that this is another dream. But then, after pinching and slapping and holding his breath, he starts to shake. Someone is here. They sent someone. Or Son and Lod figured a way to deorbit and join him. Nellfurt sprints back to his pod. The drop pod, his only habitation, was obsessively maintained. Regular system checks, solar recharges, fuel line inspections and every battery of tests Nellfurt could conceive he employed to make sure his rig was ready for a moment like this. According to his readings, the signal is emanating from the far side of the island. Less than a day’s walk. No time for that. He seals the hatch and lights the engines. He should have enough fuel to do a quick bounce over the island’s central mountain to land on the far side beach. Unfortunately, Nellfurt’s excitement translates itself into the flight controls. The pod roars upward but in the wrong direction. Overcompensating, Nellfurt blasts toward the horizon, trading altitude for speed and direction. But he’s too aggressive. While his pod is now headed the right direction, it’s also much too low. The pod drills into the side of the mountain just as Nellfurt ejects and pulls his chute. Maybe a walk would be better after all. The crash. The ejection. The mysterious signal. Years of solitude. It’s all too much. Nellfurt feels the seams of reality fraying just as he reaches the top of the mountain. But then, the universe sutures itself. Nellfurt sees the source of the signal. A ship! Meanwhile, the colonists take stock of their surroundings. After some deliberation and finally a double dog dare, one by one they remove their helmets. Salty, yet satisfying. This wonderous moment is interrupted by another. In the distance, atop the massive central mountain, a feint figure appears against the sky. Nellfurt arrives at the colony ship. He’s greeted by cheers and a flock of comrades. Sonbart and Lodmin excitedly chatter at him. This time he chatters back. They ask for a tour of the island. It’ll have to wait, he smiles. Son and Lod exchange quizzical glances. Nellfurt needs one thing right now. He points to the colony ship. Enjoy the bed, Son and Lod tell him. We’ll stay out here. And so, the kerbals make Laythe home. This outpost will be joined by more, here on the island, across Laythe, and throughout the Joolian system. The kerbals are here to stay. In years to come, the original 8 colonists of Laythe are memorialized for their audacity to plant roots so far from home. In so doing, they brought that precious concept to a band of terrestrial and orbital survivors. They brought them home. Also, don’t forget antennae. You want ghost ships? Because that is how you get ghost ships.
  11. Just a few hours ago, a new PC Gamer article went up discussing Colony mechanics (and Kerbal reproduction, but only in that it is something too horrible to disclose, apparently.) https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ JUICY Details: Colonies will start out with set deployable modules that you will land on a planet's surface. Once deployed, it sounds like you can then use the Building Assembly Editor (or BAE for short... nice) to add pieces to your colony. At first, you can only use parts that you have brought with you from Offworld, but eventually you will be able to unlock the ability to directly manufacture parts from available resources. Unlocking these parts seems to originate from a progression system tied to colony size. Colony size (and the aforementiond Kerbal multiplication) will not be a product of time, but rather the result of you achieving specific goals, which will then cause a... uh... "celebration" that will lead to a significant baby boom in your colony. No comment. Eventually, you will unlock buildings to create vehicles that can then be built and launched at that colony! Obviously this will grant you the benefits of building in low (or null) gravity, and which will apparently be a requirement for unlocking interstellar progression. A few other notes or observations on my part: They've talked primarily about terrestrial colonies, but I'm assuming space colonies will follow some similar methods. In both cases, I think we will probably still be able to launch and dock colonies/space stations as we used to, but this sounds like it will be a great alternative with real substance in late game mechanics Star Theory has previously said that buildings will be subject to physics after they are constructed, but not necessarily in the editor, so expect space kraken shenanigans! Except not in space... we may need a new, land-based mythological creature to blame our colony woes on. For now, I'm taking the Cinematic trailer at its word when it comes to physical models, if not the actual visual effects, in representing the main game. Given that population is so emphasized, expect lots of geo-domes and habs, and maybe many other specialized buildings (not just ol' spaceship parts). Maybe these will automatically generate when your population increases? Or will we need to be building habs to accommodate? I have a... not great reputation for creating sustainable housing in Frostpunk, I'm a bit worried here. Interestingly, how these things unlock seems a bit ambiguous. There's been no mention of science so far, and it's unclear if colony progression will unlock entirely new parts, or simply make parts you already have usable for the colony. It also sounds like additional functions within the colony will be unlockable through population growth: obviously spaceship construction is one, but airstrips and land vehicular construction are also likely. I imagine other functions could be resource management, communications and control, and research. Population also makes me think about how this will impact astronaut recruitment. Will astronauts be able to inhabit colonies? Will colonies each have their own pool of astronauts, or will it be one large collective pool? Will astronauts need to be transported between colonies before they can be assigned to ships launching from each world? Lots to consider, verrry verrry interesting.
  12. We should start a challenge... Let's see how many people can colonize Eve WITHOUT MODS! RULES: 1. NO MODS 2. YOU MUST HAVE A COLONY OF ATLEAST 10 KERBALS THERE 3. YOU MUST SEND THE KERBALS BACK TO KERBIN 4. YOU MUST SHOW PROOF! I am doing this in memory of the Reddit Challenges! :)
  13. Once I recieved a tourism contract that required to build a space hotel capable of holding up to 50 kerbals... 50 KAAAARL! I started to try various superb station parts pack, but was not satisfied by any of them, as none contained parts that were capable of holding at least 25 kerbals in one part. And also none looked like "hotel" (of course, these are space station parts ). The only mod that looked close to what I wanted was "struggling to survive" Civilian Population. And eventhough Civilian Population is cool I personally wanted to have it's parts with stock only functionality. That's how I created Orbital Structures. Contains Apartments, Administration Deck, Science Deck, Biosphere Gardens and some structural Elements. Things to note: Assets Taken from original CivilianPopulation Fixed texture references in every model files Some textures were missing just duplicated from existing ones Parts Structural parts taken from latest CivilianPopulation Configs Following parts have internals commented out ApartmentsSmall.cfg ApartmentsLarge.cfg ApartmentsMedium.cfg TODO convert all textures to dds modify mu files to use dds MM patches Taken from latest CivilianPopulation All credits go to: A collective work of... @Pamynx that can be found here. @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. License: CC BY-NC 4.0 Download:
  14. I would really like to build a colony, but I am not sure how to build it or how to put it in place. I would like to put it somewhere pretty like Jool, which has many moons to expand on and has Laythe which would be a prime place to put a colony, since it is likely that Kerbals could evolve to live on Laythe. I am not sure if I should bring up my colony parts one by one, or just build a colony ship. How do I get a Jool transfer? Is there anywhere better than Jool to place a colony? Why does SpellCheck want to correct Jool to Joel ? If anyone with more experience with planetary bases and self-sustaining operations could help, I would appreciate it very much.
  15. Previously, on “The 100”, you flew 100 colonists to Laythe to establish a bright and explorative future for all of Kerbal Kind. With the first outpost established, you will be able to explore the outer planets much easier, starting with Jools various moons. Buzz Kerbal, one of the colonists transported to the colony, had been given a special mission to build a small VAB facility on Laythe. He couldn’t build a very big one yet, but he has managed to gather enough resources to fabricate a few basic parts for you to use. Valentina and Bill are on site to aid Buzz in gathering materials for his work. Jebediah couldn’t make it because he, well, retired early. In this mission, Valentina will be your lead role. The 100 - episode 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iwg7XpY638dL1C1b_Bi3blRu13yXSSsY The 100 - episode 2_ Buzz's Biz: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gI4tANbX5Utv-4_QFkK06C_jpuD_V8mJ No mods required, EVER... and only bug tested without them. To install as mission packs, place only the zip files in your Missions folder. Then Open the game and Play Missions. They will be imported and grouped as a mission pack under the same category heading.
  16. Laythe has air and water. We believe it's about time it had life too. You've been tasked with the momentous mission to put 100 Kerbals on Laythe. "The 100", as we have so named them, will all be specially trained colonists. They are not to become a part of any ship crew and to ensure this, we have designated them all tourists. There is a colony structure already in place. Just dock with it and load them in. You'll have 8 years. This is the first episode in what will probably become several (not sure how many though). There is a main mission, and several side jobs that will be thrown at you for extra points, but not to interfere with the main mission. This mission features a few artistic structures, some of which you won’t see until their respective events are triggered. Due to a bug where by you cannot set icons in mission vessels to anything but Rockets and Aircraft, it is advised once you get started you rename the Colony structures and any other ground bases when they appear to change the icon only, not the name. This will make it easier to review only your own vessels. I’ve tried to work around all the known bugs with mission builder as best I can, but some required inserting little notes within the mission to remind you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iwg7XpY638dL1C1b_Bi3blRu13yXSSsY This is also my first Mission Pack assembly so to install it as a mission pack, just drop the zip file in your Missions folder. Don't unzip it. KSP will do that for you when you load it up and view the available missions.
  17. Here is a basic scenario: Mars is a habitable tundra-cold desert planet with a habitable atmosphere with a similar composition and pressure to Earth's. Different biomes cover the different latitudes: Poles+ Subarctic: Ice caps Temperate: Tundra Tropical: Boreal Forest, Dry Grassland- sometimes wetter temperate forests where climatic conditions make it possible. There are human- like Aliens of similar technological level to nomadic American first nations in 1000AD. They are of common biological ancestry. The year is 2100. We have the capability to colonize Mars, however, the fact it is already inhabited (in a sense) is a... problem. How would humanity act? I'm not talking about specific nations, or superpowers here (b/c no politics rule), I'm talking about a general RANGE of attitudes from inaginary POSSIBLE colonizing organizations. Would it be spearheaded by private corporations? Small Nations trying to become great powers? Who would be the colonizers? Lower class people in developed nations? Upper class people in developing nations? What about the 'people' already living there? Do we 'buy' out their land into reservations gradually? Do we fight them? Do we try to keep our colonies compact? How long can both sides aboid conflict. NO POLITICS OR FLAME WARS. PLEASE.
  18. This is the W.I.P thread for the Guardian micro-colonies. We design affordable options for living in space with comfort and satisfaction. Who needs a big bulky colony ship that wipes out your entire budget, when you can make yourself an affordable and efficient home! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES OR DEATH CAUSED BY LACK OF ANY SORT OF MANUAL CONTROL.
  19. Currently in my sandbox playthrough I'm colonising Laythe. I use extra-planetary launchpads and a plethora of other mods. At what point do you think I should allow myself to spawn in a kerbal konstructs launch site? I was origionally thinking after I surpass 200 on-world residents. But I figure I need more requirements as that seems a little too easy. I need more input. Like, maybe how many drilling facilities should be required? Or how many trucks/transport vehicles should I have?
  20. I thought I'd make a thread highlighting some of the the problems that future mars colonists might face. The first problem that would need to be overcome would be how the colony would be re-supplied until it became self sufficient. Re-supply missions might take as long as 16 months to reach mars, deliver its cargo, and return to earth. Unless a new engine technology were perfected, such as EM drive, a large fleet of re-usable spacecraft would need to be built to re-supply the colony. Another problem is more on the moral side. Assuming the colony was built, what kind of laws would be made to protect the colonists, and how would these laws be enforced? Should the colonists be medically altered to adapt them more for a life in space? Children born on mars might never be able to return to earth because their weaker skeletal and muscular systems might be fatally damaged by earth's higher gravity. Mars colonists would have a much higher risk of cancer due to higher radiation levels. In a closed environment such as a habitation module or, eventually a closed cell city, with so many colonists close together, would epidemics would be much more prone to occur? I don't mean to be pessimistic, I am totally in favor of a mars colony, but these are all unanswered questions that will need to be addressed before such an undertaking. We are at a crossroads, both technologically and morally and our decision will impact future generations for decades to come. My question is, which way, humanity?
  21. Note: This challenge requires skill be warned! Gilly, among other things, is small, really small. Making a city there will be really hard, because of the very poor gravity and high inclined orbit. But it's possible! What you have to do to win the challenge: A functioning solar power station (No more than 50 solar panels) A hotel/dormitory holding at least 35 Kerbals. Fuel Tanks SSTO Fueling Station landed on gilly (Needs to be having an Advanced Grabbing Unit and has connection to the fuel tanks) Mining Station Have it connected to each module (Optional, Needs Kerbal Attachment System) A flag (Optional) A SSTO landed and successfully "grabbed" onto the SSTO Fueling Station (Optional) What mods are recommended? Distant Object Enhancement (If you made a gilly orbital station then seeing it from the ground would be cool!) USI Life Support (Or any other life support you prefer) ModActions Mod B9 Aerospace USI Kolonization System MechJeb (Embedded Universal) So... Is there any banned mods? Any other mod that is not under "Recommended" or "Required" are banned! Leaderboard!
  22. The great Red Empire shall rise! Welcome to the Duna Empire challenge! The queen of the city-nation of Redna is planning a great project: Sending her entire city to the planet of Duna. Growing tired of being a small country with a small territory, she now funds this project to have an entire planet to herself! 1: You must use USI Kolonisation, and TAC life support. You may use other mods as long as they don't make it easier or let you cheat. Planetary bases is a nice one to have. 2: You must use [1.2] 3: Make a 20+ Kerbal city on Duna, near the equator. Buildings need to be in sight range of all other buildings. 4: It must have at least two labs 5: It must have at least two rovers. At least one for science and at least one for moving cargo. 6: It must be able to survive forever 7: You must have a queen. Any female kerbal will do. She must be among the first to touchdown on Duna, and if she dies you lost! Additional challenges: - Complete the challenge: 10 points - Have a SSTO flagship that can bring back ore from the Empire to Kerbin, and bring new jewelry to the queen with the money. : 8 points - Have small relay bases on the surface so that the main city has permanent communication with Kerbin (You'll need one on the planet's pole). : 4 points - Make a nice palace independent from the other buildings that hosts the queen.: 6 points - Send science to Kerbin, all science must come from Duna and it's orbit exclusively. You're allowed to send it back using a ship. 1 point per 100 science. - Create a refueling station for fuel, oxydizer, monopropellant and life support supplies that can accomodate ships landed near the city. - 6 points - Do it in career mode : Double all points. Good luck! I'll be posting a leaderboard if people submit their results! You need to submit a video or pictures for proof. As for me, I'm currently trying to complete this challenge. I'm using planetary bases.
  23. Here's a challenging challenge I kinda just made up outta the blue: Perform a trip to Eeloo in a single vessel of your choice carrying equipment to deploy a permanent, self-supplied colony (Kerbal housing, rover(s), drill(s), sensors, all that stuff). Note that I have not succeeded in this myself, but it should be possible. -Easy-ish version: Deploy the colony on Eeloo. -Hard-ish version: Deploy a self-sustaining colony on Eeloo, and deploy a satellite into stable Duna orbit on the way. -Hard hard version: Drop a self-sustaining colony on Eeloo, deploy a satellite into orbit around Duna on the way, and return the vessel to Kerbin or a space station orbiting it. -Turboninja-extraordinary-superwow version: Drop a self-sustaining colony on Eeloo, deploy a satellite into orbit around Duna and one around Jool (Or one of its moons, you choose), drive your vessel on the surface to your desired dropoff destination for the colony, deploy the colony, and last but not least retrieve the satellites placed on the way out and return to Kerbin. All in one vessel. Good luck.
  24. You know, I've been thinking around, its so cool the main fact that you can visit any planet, land on it and take of all the way to home... yea thats the issue, what if I want to stay on a planet? there's nothing to do with it, I could make a base and that would be pointless, and I was thinking this while I was playing an other game when the light hit me, I don't have the time to create such a big mod, but it would fit into KSP thematic and it would be just thrilling and exciting to design a vessel the best you can and create a base, it would have sense, so here's the idea.... First of, the actual "resources mining" mechanic would have to be diversified, lets add iron, rare metals, water, etc... the point of this its to force the player to have multiple facilities distribuyed around the planet or even multiple moons, on this point you could sell resources for money if you somehow land the containers on kerbin, making the contract useful just at the begining with increasing prices on development and high tech things. Next step, factories, biodomes and living modules, this one its easy, in order to build anything you need some sort of factory, to make the factory work you need workers and to have workers you have to feed them, so this would has to have some sort of balance, but this would be your main colony where, here, kerbals has to come from somewhere, in other words you have to bring them each one of them until you have come to the next mechanic because so far its just standar KSP. Factories need also resources, specially metals, propellant and energy, so here its where the real mechanic comes in place, in order to run a factory first of you have to dock a vehicle into the factory module, then press a "record mission" button where it will automatically undock then you have to fly to a resource mining station, dock, get the resources and back to the factory, once docked the game will record the resources used to make the travel and you can then assign the vessel to "patrol" mission making a virtual version of the vessel (not in game but simulated as a route, similar to rts traders to save memory) and each time it makes some travel it will add and reduce the resources from the stock on the factory module, this would automate the resources gattering avoiding getting the player bored with repetitive missions, then if you want more vessels on the same route you just have to create and assign more of the same vessel to that particular route, this way you could stablish a global market network, where you can also automate the travel to sell this things. And finally, the space port module, once you have factories, you can send the parts to the space port where you can build your rockets anywhere you like, even in orbit if you somehow managed to get the parts in there. With this you could exponentially do anything you would like, like simulate space tourism, create a growing colony, simulate cities on kerbin (since it would make sence that this routing system would have been already stablished on kerbin from the first day), and many other things.... Just thinking this would fill all the void and make some really interesting game mechanics,... hope you like some of this
  25. Good day Kerbin! HrabCOrp Industries presents a new creation! HrabCOrp HQ city! It is a huge base equipped with Jump drive and Jump beacon. All instructions read in Readme file. All required mods included. You are free to use my craft in your videos, share it everywhere BUT you MUST notice me about that! Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/3K5RL Download http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/hrabcorp-city NOTE: If something is not working message me or reply to this topic.(READ TO THE END BEFORE IT!) All next releases will also include required mods and will be released in form of packs such as this one. NO! It is too much bureaucracy with licenses! Mods: Civilian population, Jump Drive Civilian Population 1.5 is released under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ ATTENTION I FORGOT ABOUT ONE MOD. YOU WILL NEED NEAR FUTURE SOLAR MOD TO USE THIS CITY!!!!!!!!! What to build next (liner, city, something else)? Accepting your building orders...
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