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  1. Looks promising! Would be great if there was a tutorial on how to install fedora and play ksp with it, as the process seems quite complicated (I don't have much experience in using programs like this). I have always wanted to play ksp with parallax 2 but unfortunately I am using a Mac. Hope this will be possible one day. Thanks @Kekkie
  2. Soda Can Hill (I'm thirsty right now why not?)
  3. I'm pretty sure you can't rename kerbals, even with the help of mods. However, you can use the in game debug menu's 'create kerbal' function (inside the kerbals menu) to create new kerbals with custom names. Finally, for your new kerbal to be orange suited, all you need to do is to choose the veteran option. Hope this helps.
  4. The hill is located on the 38th parallel. De-Militarized Zone Hill
  5. But not pure enough to voluntarily sweep the floor once in a while. Dust comes in again. Pure Poor Dust-rial hill
  6. @Toaster355 Were you setting the engines and fuel tanks to use methalox instead of the default LFO option? I don't have a solution but i'm experiencing a similar issue when i run the engines on methalox but the mod works fine and the engines produce sound when I use LFO (the default option) and i am able to launch Starship to LKO with lots of DeltaV to spare. It might just be a bad B9 part switch config or a corrupted install of some mod but i'm not sure. Hope this helps
  7. @DarlesChickens I'm not an actually modder (so it what i'm saying might be wrong and I can't actually make this into a mod), but based on my experience on how ksp part modules work i think a alternate and easier to implement solution (since stock ksp visual effects aren't created to run on waterfall and the mod might not support effects on non-ksp part instances so it might be quite challenging to implement it the way you described): making a small part with a extremely efficient jet engine part module configured that produces no thrust and only works at high speeds and high altitudes inside atmosphere of all celestial bodies (i.e. use intakeAtm instead of intakeAir) that will show combustion failure at all other non-reentry conditions (i'm pretty sure this can be done). Then, you can create a upside down waterfall plume for the 'engine' to use that looks like an actual reentry plasma trail so when you place this reentry effect generating part on the bottom of your vessel, all you need to do is to activate the 'engine' and when the reentry conditions are met, it should produce a stunning plasma trail. Obviously a disadvantage would be the fact that you need to place this part on every ship you build and will no longer count as fully stock (if you usually don't use mods), but it should be relatively easy to be made into a mod for players to use conveniently since this part would technically be an engine and waterfall is designed to make plumes and effects for engines. This is similar to the idea of a mod I have seen (probably vapor vent or plume party) which has a supersonic visual effect (but without waterfall) that is activated when that part is placed on a plane which is going at mach 1. Hope this helps.
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