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Found 13 results

  1. So, you've probably experienced that before: you're reading something on Wikipedia (like a math problem), and two hours after you're reading something interesting about something else (like ancient greek mythology). This game has a simple rule: Post a word or an expression related to the previous post's one. And have fun! I'll start: ROCKET
  2. So I was struggling with getting to the Mun, so I decided to try out training and do the Orbit thing. I got somewhat far into the training until it told me to get a liquid fueled engine. It only allowed me two engines (Terrier and Hammer) but it is telling me to use the Swivel. Am I doing the training wrong somehow or is the game just messed up? Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HHbB2Aljj98r6VcFb4QIQp-n7ynPlqEH/view?usp=sharing
  3. I was taking jeb out for a ride on a clean install of ksp 1.11.1 and ejected him because why not and there was a weird static sound playing when i was focusing on a kerbal on eva. Any word on how to fix this?
  4. So my game has been "crashing" a lot lately, it happens when i either enter the VAB, engage the parachutes, touch down at a surface, adjust the camera position. From the freeze there's three possible outcomes: the game runs normally in the background, i can click and stage normally (I know it by sounds), but there's no output to the screen. the game just shutdown, but there's no crash log. the screen goes all black, and after 30 seconds the computer restarts itself. My Pc is low end, but i don't think it's a performance issue, because the game runs at 30-35fps at ultra low settings. PC SPECS: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @3.00 ghz 2 GB Ram i don't know what is the graphics card, but it's integrated, and worse than intel HD graphics. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
  5. this challenge is actually how i land on the mun -plant a flag on the mun -SAS and RCS are allowed -stock -no spaceplanes or anything -no refueling -you have to orbit like this, if your 30 secs to the apoapsis go horizontal, then activate your engines, wait until you have a orbit -no small rockets, go BIG ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -um hello this maybe an easy challenge so... k bai
  6. link: http://imgur.com/a/q9G8N Lights starting on image 2 are actually flashing.
  7. Basically When I time warp, but slowly like x10 or x50 sometimes 100x the shadows or the Sun will suddenly, well I don't know how to describe it, but I'll try: They move at like 2 fps.... I have some mods, but Idk how to take a picture of the list. (Im stupid. ) EDIT: I'm using 1.3 btw all the mods are compatible, I checked myself!
  8. Can someone please explain to me my plane's TWR chart as provided? I used KER to find the TWR in every Mach Number. Here it is:
  9. Help! How do I fix this? See how tiny the scroll bar is on the right? This goes on forever and ever and ever... How do I debug it to find what's been causing this to happen? Or, how do I just fix the tech tree and delete those dublicates manually? I got a few mods installed, and removed a few mods again, too. Currently installed: - Docking Port Alignment [v6.5.2] - MechJeb2 [v2.6.0.0] - OPT Space Plane Parts [v1.9.2] - WarpShipIXSEnterprise But all of these have their parts showing up in the correct, mostly far right, tech nodes...
  10. This challenge is weird, and takes patience. It's also quite simple. Build a ship to visit every planet, and a lander to land on them. The trick is, you can only use the Dawn Engine to get to every planet. However, you can use liquid fuel to build the ship. And liquid fuel for the ONE lander. But that's it! So, you need: 1 ship, with as many Dawn Engines as you wish/need, 1 lander, and whatever else you want. 1 lander, with whatever you need. 1 Kerbol System. At least 1 Kerbal. Rulez: Ship must be powered only by the dawn engine. The lander is the only thing powered by liquid fuel. Ship and lander must be separate, and be attached by docking. No mods, however, MechJeb IS allowed. Good Luck! Ask me if you have any questions.
  11. I saw mostly when i install mods that they go with the file name "Gamedata" this allows the mod to work. but when i use ones with any other name it doesnt work. Why Does it Happen?
  12. I was messing around and I decided to make a rocket with every single size of fuel tank. This was the result. It flies surprisingly well, despite the fact that it's actually larger than the VAB interior. Each stage is eight times the length of the smallest fuel tank for that size, except for the 0.625 meter stage, which has 8 oscars instead of the donut tanks. Here's some photos. Oh, and it can go to Jool, no problem. It's impractical, but it's fun. Also note that either SVE or EVE is messing up the cloud textures in the last image. Just wanted to point that out. Have a nice day!
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