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  1. I sent a rover to Eve... "Rover", of course, meaning "Unmanned Immobile Research Station (Sea)"
  2. Pods apparently use 12 ec/second for "communications". Solar panels can't cope with that. It's a bug, isn't it? Apologies if someone already brought it up.
  3. Stealth Plane, discreetly protecting the innocent with graphical glitches!
  4. I forgot that the passenger cabin existed, so I decided to make a two-cockpit rocket. Here is the Twin Mustango! Symmetry started to get confusing, so I just saved one of the boosters as a subassembly and then put it over the other side. Mid flight, I tried to decouple the small radial boosters, but the decouplers exploded. (?) Circularization burn. I haven't got solar panels yet. Nothing burnt up, surprisingly, and I landed it with parachutes. I need to do it again, bigger...
  5. :O Nice story you've got here. Very nice indeed. You have my admiration, Jim! This is truly something amazing...
  6. How does humidity work? What increases and reduces it? How can I keep it at non-lethal levels?
  7. How, exactly, does humidity work? My kerbals are dying whenever they go on 3+ day journeys. Does it have something to do with water on the ship? How do I stop it from killing everyone?
  8. There isn't any Kerbin left in my case, just a horrible, spaghettified krakenmess of a planet.
  9. I built a thing. And showed it to some Kerbals. They loved it! And so did the planet. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, you will NOT be missed.
  10. I discovered that Firespitter fighter landing gear has a habit of teleoprting my plane to a kilometer above the runway, where it stalls. Dammit, Firespitter.
  11. Aftermath, somehow. Spawned by a rescue contract.
  12. I built an insane Firespitter THING.
  13. This is Nadja Kerman reporting live from the KSC. The newest satellite launched by our space program, the Minmusplotter, has refused to transmit its science data back home, arguing that it must "first be analyzed in a laboratory setting", the snotty brat. As a result, it was decided to send one of our expert kerbonauts after it in the first mission to Minmus...Valentina Kerman took a new Collector-class rocket and went after those precious megabytes! Our brave kerbonaut not only caught up with the rouge satellite and took the data succesfully, she also gathered some herself, and headed back to Kerbin. Altough reentry was hotter than anticipated, her heat shield was made of some pretty cool stuff, and she splashed down safely near the space center.