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  1. First spaghettification, and of course the first lithobreaking!
  2. I sent a rover to Eve... "Rover", of course, meaning "Unmanned Immobile Research Station (Sea)"
  3. Pods apparently use 12 ec/second for "communications". Solar panels can't cope with that. It's a bug, isn't it? Apologies if someone already brought it up.
  4. Stealth Plane, discreetly protecting the innocent with graphical glitches!
  5. I forgot that the passenger cabin existed, so I decided to make a two-cockpit rocket. Here is the Twin Mustango! Symmetry started to get confusing, so I just saved one of the boosters as a subassembly and then put it over the other side. Mid flight, I tried to decouple the small radial boosters, but the decouplers exploded. (?) Circularization burn. I haven't got solar panels yet. Nothing burnt up, surprisingly, and I landed it with parachutes. I need to do it again, bigger...
  6. :O Nice story you've got here. Very nice indeed. You have my admiration, Jim! This is truly something amazing...
  7. How does humidity work? What increases and reduces it? How can I keep it at non-lethal levels?
  8. How, exactly, does humidity work? My kerbals are dying whenever they go on 3+ day journeys. Does it have something to do with water on the ship? How do I stop it from killing everyone?
  9. There isn't any Kerbin left in my case, just a horrible, spaghettified krakenmess of a planet.
  10. I built a thing. And showed it to some Kerbals. They loved it! And so did the planet. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, you will NOT be missed.
  11. I discovered that Firespitter fighter landing gear has a habit of teleoprting my plane to a kilometer above the runway, where it stalls. Dammit, Firespitter.
  12. Aftermath, somehow. Spawned by a rescue contract.
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