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  1. even though it's cold out here, there's plenty of room for a base. Regular Challenge: send any kind of base to Eeloo that can return to Kerbin if needed. Difficult Challenge: send any kind of base to Plock (OPM) that can retuern to Krbin if needed. Extra Challenge: exactly what you'd expect. impress me.
  2. kittopia tech is a planet editor, not just an orbit editor/deleter... and is not an external piece of software.
  3. i did not see anything that said you had to do it all in a single launch..
  4. i don't know any mods which are exactly the same to what i have described.
  5. i should try this, even though i'm horrible at the game. verify if this follows the rules. asteroid bases are placed around jool and each moon prior to the mission a 5-kerbal vessel is launched and sent on a direct jool encounter the vessel encounters laythe's asteroid base and refuels, then lands and launches from there. the same is repeated for all 5 moons, in the order it's supposed to.
  6. i have thought about this idea further, if you could make an external program to edit planet orbits when the game isn't running, that would be even better. the program loads the GameData file and searches for all config and other required documents for planets to work, and then displays the full list in which you can edit orbit stats, and more.
  7. 1. i have checked, and it seems as if all the planet packs i have ever found and used are above that limit 2. i have also always followed that rule. 3. there could possibly be features to mods/entire mods that are unavailable in older versions
  8. depends... ANYWAY i'm tired of getting notifications so i'm gonna leave until i find what i am looking for
  9. well... you are correct, but just about anything is possible... so i can choose to believe that.
  10. i wanted to mix and match my own planet packs for my game (which very few actually do that)
  11. i understand what you meant by that, but i have had problems with galactic neighborhood and can't seem to fix them at all... sometimes, there are people who don't believe this statement
  12. if you can't help me, that's absolutely fine... i'll just keep waiting until someone can
  13. try and put two and two together... and also, i do actualy know how to edit kopernicus configs, i just want a more simple way to do it.
  14. ((ever heard of a three wheel car?)) a mod like i have described will allow people to mix and match what planets they want, combined with hyperedit or a similar tool, you could make a custom universe EDIT: anyone could make a custom universe
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