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  1. where is your discord tag

  2. Voyager Challenge [OUTER PLANETS MOD]

    it has to be kinda similar, but kerbalised.
  3. Crazy Ships!

    here is it: my magic boulder and bread station:
  4. Crazy Ships!

    okay. so i decided to build a semicircle station around the mun, around a class D asteroid. because of a career mode mission. AND THE ASTEROID IS A MAGIC BOULDER! how do i upload screenshots?
  5. i know you? anyway, this thread was a really good idea @Gaarst. it helped me find the planet and star packs i could get to fill my game up.
  6. Try to recreate the voyager 1 mission (or voyager 2 for experts) you must use the outer planets mod, which includes saturn (sarnus), uranus (urlum), and neptune (neidon) after you have finished a flyby of either Jool and Sarnus, or all 4 gas giants, you must get an escape velocity out of the sun. good luck!
  7. @ProtoJeb21when i move cervantes its SOI increases. which means your fixed SOI value is overwrited by another mod (congratulations on 1000 posts by the way)
  8. @ProtoJeb21 the cervantes SOI is 49,034,443,037 km and it's SMA is 47,200,000,000km. can you tell me what's wrong?
  9. [1.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v2.4 - Olu'um Ignition

    i'm getting a visual glitch, can you help? some of the celestial bodies in the mod are completely white for some reason. maybe i misplaced a mod? this is what sonus looks like