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  1. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    So very glad to hear that, thank you kindly! I hope you enjoy all of them...they took a lot of work The missiles are almost impossible to control and aim at a specific spot. Given that you need to aim them by fin placement and probe angle, it's nearly impossible to get an exact location, hence the 'missile gets close and blows up' nodes. A bit of imagination is required. I thought the location for control was an issue, but even when you 'control from here' to any other point, the wheels still glitch out for me. Honestly, whatever you can do to get it to work, works! Cheers and thank again!
  2. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    CHAPTER 4 BETA Chapter 4 is (mostly) here. I decided to release it as a beta because I'm having some troubles with the end node, but otherwise it's pretty complete. A few things to note: 1. If the missiles don't launch automatically, just activate the stage yourself. Even with double or triple redundancies, sometimes kerbal just doesn't want it to happen. 2. You will need to manually reset the camera to your craft after a few events. Sometimes it returns to your craft, sometimes it doesn't. As far as I'm aware it's entirely a KSP issue, but if anyone knows a fix let me know. 3. The truck...oh, the truck. Enjoy having the wheels bounce left and right randomly, because you know, Kerbal. I've held left or right and watched the wheels turn that direction, hesitate, bounce another way, then return to the proper orientation...over and over. I've replaced wheels and tried different settings but still no-go. Good luck with that Let me know if there is anything else you come across. And a HUGE thanks to @million_lights for helping me get the missiles and other bits to work. Thanks!
  3. Send it over ! :D

    1. Disparia Books

      Disparia Books

      Will do! Probably have a good version tomorrow, but I will post the questions/things to look at here now:


      1. I don't think there is a better way to change the camera focus back to the main craft/Jeb. Let me know if you have any issues (after the missile launches...you'll see what I mean) or if it's too awkward or if you aren't sure which craft you should be using.

      2. Let me know if the ship you build for the mission (the one that spawns on the runway) bounces and flips. For some reason everything I build glitches, bounces on the front wheel, and flips upside down. Not sure if an issue on my end, or the entire mission is bugged.

      3. Let me know how the missiles behave. I don't want any of them to go on forever or something, so if you have any problems, let me know.

      4. There should be a height cap for the jet portion. If you see any issues with it, let me know.

      All of this will make sense when I send it over, but keep your eyes out for said items. Cheers!

  4. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    I'm nearing completion of the first draft of chapter 4. I'm playing around with some...cinematic elements, but I'm not sure how they are going to work for more than just me. Would anyone be willing to playtest the early version and let know your experience with...the bits I shall not mention? It will probably be playable by the weekend, monday at the latest (I've got a state championship this weekend and might not have time to focus on building it). PM me if you're interested and I will let you know what the potential issues are. Thanks all!
  5. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    The first three chapters of Jeb's Life are now on the Steam Workshop for anyone who wants to download them that way. If/when any updates are made you can be sure the Steam version will always be updated. When I finish with chapter 4 it will be on the workshop first (but links will be here, too). Cheers everyone, thanks for the support and patience. It's been a busy, busy, busy spring
  6. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Hey all, Just wanted to post a quick update about Chapter 4. I had an issue on my PC and had to reinstall a bunch of stuff, which meant KSP too. Unfortunately, I lost all progress on the chapter, so I'm going to need to start all over. That's okay, though, it will give me the chance to make a few changes and updates that would have been difficult before...because hindsight and all that. It will take a bit of time to catch up, but I will start again. Sorry for anyone that was waiting, but thanks for the support already!
  7. Disparia Books

    [1.3.1 & 1.4.5] Realism Overhaul v12.5.0 [08 Jan 2019]

    I'm wondering if someone can help me figure out why RO isn't working for me. When I start the game it puts me on a regular sized Kerbin, though the other mods show they are installed and I even have the buttons/bars in-game for the rest of the mods. Here's my process: 1.Uninstall CKAN/KSP and reboot system. 2. In steam make sure KSP is in betas/1.3 and uncheck the DLC so it does not download. Install game after checking both. 3. Download CKAN from link on first page making sure it's the most recent version, then put in the KSP folder 4. Launch CKAN and check RO option. 5. Install RO and all dependencies/suggested files through CKAN. 6. Close CKAN, reboot computer. 7. Start KSP from CKAN -or- from the root folder the x64 version 8. Don't profit....because it's noraml Kerbin with all the other mods installed. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I looked through several pages of the post but couldn't find anything addressing this. Thanks!
  8. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    I fixed it in the link on the first page (both missions) if you just want to re-download it.
  9. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    I went ahead and made the changes as suggested by @jclovis3 Thanks so much for the help with that! The clean versions can be found in the original post (too much work to go back and change all links in every post ) Working on 4 today and this week!
  10. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    @jclovis3 I will take a deeper look at the chapter later. The timer thing...I haven't looked at the mission for a bit, but I thought that was just an end score/trophy thing? I added that for a timing score option but I'm not sure if that actually changes mission parameters? I will look into it. As for the oxidizer...I had it set to drain for the mission but no matter how often I tried it wouldn't actually do it. I don't know if it was a bug or not (most of these were made shortly after release, so many of the strange workarounds I did are likely fixed and no longer necessary). Many of the strange issues with how its setup is to workaround glitches I encountered, and yeah, I had SOOOOO many issues with EVA flags not working (not actual flag planting....you get what I mean). I'm not sure how to fix that, but I can go back and play around with things now that there have been a few updates. Thanks for the tips. And yes, I am still working on the series, it's just that my actual writing job has taken up a lot of time lately with some changes, so I've had to back-burner the missions until I get caught up. Cheers!
  11. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Maybe check that you didn't activate/reverse/deactivate a control surface, wheel, or anything like that. Do you have any way of recording, either live or not, your attempts? If we had a quick YT video of what you're doing we could troubleshoot it
  12. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Hmmm...should be an end node waypoint guiding you there. I will look into it and see what' up. Thanks for the input. Also, is there a waybtobchange go to waypoint colora?? Sometimes they are almost impossible to see EDIT: Tweaked the last node so it's more obvious and added some flavor text to help guide you. You can find the slightly updated DXX version here and on the original post. Thanks for pointing that out @dazhat! Chapter 1 DXX
  13. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Hey all! Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am currently working on chapter 4. However, the past week and the next two are really busy for me, so I won't have a lot of time to devote to Kerbaling. I'm not exactly certain when I will finish it, but I wanted to let you know it is indeed coming...eventually. Thanks for the support for the others. And if any of you have or will stream any of the others let me know, I always love to watch a good Kerbal stream!
  14. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Lol, smart, very smart Then pay CLOSE attention to what Jeb thinks you should do...it might just save your...spoiler.
  15. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Just answered that in the hidden bit now. i'm going to go in and look at it, but I'm pretty sure it's marked end (and I figured out why it didn't register). If not, expect the 'DX' version soon, lol! Thanks mate, I always appreciate your feedback and help. Edit: Just checked, it IS marked end. So it must be that @GluttonyReaper I think I did mention that in the dialogue/notes and it should be listed on the objective node. My bad if not