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  1. There is a LOT of great stuff going on in Fanworks and Mission Reports now, with some new stories and some continuing ones. Some are all text, some are text and screenshots, and there are at least two graphic novels. I've had some good conversations with other writers in PMs and thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about things like characterization, canon/fanon, plotting, tone, things to avoid, etc, etc. If I may be so bold, I propose a few ground rules to start: All of the Forum and Community rules apply. They apply VERY much. Don't criticize another writer's work unless asked to--and then, only criticize those aspects about which the writer asked for help. When criticizing, above all be constructive. "You did this wrong, this is how you should do it." is not helpful. "When you did this, I had this reaction, which I'm not sure you intended. If you intended the reader to have this OTHER reaction, you might try doing it in this way." -- that might be. But... If you asked for criticism--take it. Try not to argue with the critiquer. Is he wrong for feeling what he felt when he read your work? Maybe, but he did feel it, and writing is about the reader's perception more than the author's intent. Find the kernel of truth in the critique and do your best to learn from it. If you get angry about a criticism--stop posting, make peace by PM, move on. Let's not post drafts of works-in-progress for commentary on this thread. I was thinking this one could be more about general topics and idea sharing. Interest? Ideas? Other directions for the thread? Thanks all.
  2. Well, it finally happened. After three years of reading people's fanfic on this site, I finally got around to making my own. I hope you enjoy it. So, here goes! Chapter 1:
  3. PROJECT SCORPIO Hi guys and welcome to my first fanfic, 'Project Scorpio'. This story will chronicle the tales of Jeb Kerman and co. as they attempt to get to the Mun and beyond before the rival Union of Kerbalist Republics (UKR). I hope you all will enjoy. P.S.: Sorry, but I won't upload any pics during the course of writing. Please accept this. JSeki0017
  4. Chapter 1: Slipping the Surly Bonds Chapter 2: Ordained Destiny Chapter 3: Distant Voyager Chapter4: Voyages End Chapter 1: Slipping the Surly Bonds Since the dawn of kerbal kind, on the shores of a peninsular a few hundred kilometers from the KSC, kerbals had stared up at the night sky and wondered about those sparkles of light and the great river that ran through them. Kerbals had evolved from their primitive, even violent beginnings, to become a race of space-farers that had visited the closest of those points of light in the sky and dreamed of journeying even further out into the cosmos. Dr Heywood Kerman took a moment to think of all the talented people at the KSC, who created the wonderful means of transportation that now carried him through the upper reaches of Kerbin’s atmosphere, on a mission so important and so secret, that he was its sole passenger. On the other hand, to hell with them… those guys were jerks, constantly whining about things like “safety” and “laws of physics”. He was the great Dr Heywood Kerman and he had no time for such minor matters. The spacecraft approached the great mass of the recently completed Odysseus, the largest space station in Kerbin orbit, spinning about its center like an enormous Catherin wheel. Heywood’s craft was spinning too, although not at the same speed, the disparity of which almost had him lose his lunch, something no good kerbal wants to do; it is the 6th most important meal of the day after all. Finally the rotation of the two was in sync allowing the spaceplane's pilot to guide it towards the docking bay at the center of the Odysseus. Something requiring a steady hand and keen observation of the instruments and not a mouthy management type shouting that they “wanna have a go” while jabbing at random buttons with their big pudgy fingers. During the remainder of the approach to the station, Heywood sat back relaxed in his seat, idly thinking about what it would be like there. Would there be Martians, what is a Martian… for that matter what’s a Mars. Wow, that sedative the pilot jabbed him with was really good… maybe he wouldn't fire him after all. After a short stay on the Odysseus, although not as short as planned due to the “button jabbing leads to hypo stabbing “incident, Heywood departed for the Mun on an Aries shuttle. On the way, Heywood decided to make use of the new “waste facilities” on the Aries, a major first for the team of crack engineers at KSC that had made it possible. Prior to this the instructions for the crew of a vehicle on any mission was to “hold it ‘til ya get there”. Not so bad on a short trip to the Mun, but the six week flight to Duna base was a bit more of a challenge. Still, astronauts were a tough bunch, plus the savings made by not installing these on the other craft left enough in the budget for that really nice desk in Heywood’s office. Skimming across the Munar surface, Kerbin rose over the horizon. Heywood raised his hand, obscuring the planet with his thumb then pressed it against the window. “Squish… hahahaha”. Maybe a little of that sedative was still in his system. As the shuttle proceeded along its shallow arc towards the Mun surface, Heywood’s destination, Klavius Base came into view. It had taken many years of hard work by the KSP and taken the lives of many kerbals to create, so many, many kerbals and often in such amusing ways. The best of these were on a blooper video that he showed every year at the Christmas party titled “Kerbin’s dumbest astronauts”. Strangely most people had left the party by the time the video ended. Ah well, no accounting for taste I suppose. Finally the great bulk of the shuttle descended the last few metres to the landing pad. Heywood found himself musing, if the engines ran out of fuel now, or the pilot accidentally hit the staging button, then this trip could end with the usual hilarious results. That would make a great addition to my clips collection… maybe… errr... perhaps not. It was time for him to snap out of that train of thought and focus on the reason for his journey. A mysterious object had been uncovered near the Mun’s South Pole, that posed so many questions, but gave no answers. Next in Chapter 2: Ordained Destiny Dr Heywood Kerman travels to investigate the object buried beneath the surface of that distant part of the Mun. What will he discover, will his pilot have to resort to emergency medical measures again and will he take a packed lunch.
  5. Past the Haze main lobby Please Note: Due to the loss of the original image uploader website, and my failure to keep a backup image folder, many of the pictures on pages 2-3 are permanently lost. Introduction: Hi. Before the story starts, I'd like to speak for a little. I have... commitment issues, and have started several stories here, but never progressed far on any. I want this topic to be different from my other ventures, but if it goes dead, that'd be why. My intention is for this to be a series of probably-not-that-short stories using my current science mode game. The premise? I'm kinda making this up as I go along, but so far it involves a space program attempting to survive in a Kerbin previously hit by an unnamed series of disasters (AKA the installation of visual mods), and get to the bottom of the convoluted story of why the planets look so different. All the while, Kerbin itself might not be safe. Quality and enjoyment are nowhere near guaranteed, and there will be early installment weirdness, but I'll do my best to make something decent. Story will start on the next post, listed here is the table of contents, a current modlist, a (WORK IN PROGRESS) character list, and a (WORK IN PROGRESS) organisations list. Table of contents: Story 1: Night Rescue, Chapter 1: Exposition Much? Story 1, Chapter 2: Undeniably Majestic Story 1, Chapter 3: Buck Story 1, Chapter 4: Alone at Sea Story 1, Chapter 5: Kerbal in the Water Story 1, Chapter 6: Fishing Story 1, Chapter 7: Contact Story 1, Chapter 8: Return Story 2: Phoenix II Story 3: Network Story 4: Oculus Station, Chapter 1: Core Story 4, Chapter 2: Minor Hiccups Story 4, Chapter 3: Onboard Story 4, Chapter 4: Telescope Start! Story 4, Chapter 5: Science Run Story 4, Chapter 6: New Mission Story 5: Eve probes, Chapter 1: The Plan Story 5, Chapter 2: Summit 3 Story 5, Chapter 3: Inquirer Story 5, Chapter 4: Survey Story 6: Shroud Lifted, Chapter 1: Hollywood Science? Story 6, Chapter 2: hey cool we found a dot Story 6, Chapter 3: New Guy in Town Story 7: Test the Waters, Chapter 1: Notions of an Idea Story 7, Chapter 2: The rest of the Idea Story 7, Chapter 3: Assembly Story 7, Chapter 4: Set sail Story 7, Chapter 5: Enroute Story 7, Chapter 6: Some assembly required Story 7, Chapter 7: Fission mailed Story 7, Chapter 8: On the road Story 7, Chapter 9: The pumpkin pie planet Story 7, Chapter 10: Can I go home now Story 8: Explore from a safe distance, Chapter 1: Recover vessel* Story 8: Explore from a safe distance, Chapter 2: Going coastal Modlist: Characters (spoilers): Organisations (spoilers): Situation report: Unfortunately, due to numerous obstacles and problems, including losing a great deal of pictures and the game deleting many of my story-important craft, Past the Haze is over. However, as soon as I get my gaming computer up I'll reboot it under a new title.
  6. Welcome to my fanfic! I hope you enjoy it. I'll be targeting a weekly release, but I won't guarantee it as I have schoolwork. Please also note that I play 1.2.2. As I do this in my main save, and I also play on a regular basis, I might not document each and every launch in the chapters. Instead, I will be posting regular The Kerbal Daily front pages to let you guys know what's going on in the save, so you guys don't find anything weird. These The Kerbal Daily posts are part of the story, they just let you guys know about things I do in the save that I don't feel are text-worthy. Contents: Chapter 1: KSC, we've had a problem Chapter 2: We launch. Tomorrow. Chapter 3: Shoot for the Moon Chapter 4: Where are we? The Kerbal Daily (Year 37, Day 219) Chapter 5: AAAAAHHHHHHH Chapter 6: What's this?! Chapter 7: Checkout Chapter 8: Oceanite Chapter 9: There's always more under the surface Chapter 10: Homecoming Chapter 11: The Curse lives on Chapter 1: KSC, we've had a problem "Booster separation at T+41 seconds." "KSC, we've had a problem. Something seems to have hit the first stage. We've felt, uh, a big jolt and now we feel weightless. We've also heard a pretty big bang. 'Booster emergency' and 'ballistic descent mode' light is on." "Copy that. Can you confirm separation from launch vehicle?" "Affirmative, Capcom. LV sep confirm." "Soyuz contingency declared." "Roger that, KSC. Aleksey and I are preparing for ballistic reentry." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few hours later, a press conference is held to discuss the implications of today's failed flight, its implications for the Kerbin Orbital Space Station, and the appropriate next course of action. Gene: "So, let's reiterate again what we know. The Soyuz launched out of LC-1 today at 9:40 am in the morning. At T+41 seconds, the boosters separated, and the astronauts reported a loud bang, a big jolt and feeling weightless. They reported a booster emergency light and a ballistic descent mode light. The crew landed safely in the waters off Cape KSC at T+5 minutes and 52 seconds, after experiencing a max G load of 6.7. Val, what consensus has the investigation board reached so far?" Val: "Based on flight telemetry, we infer that booster sep was uneven. We believe it is highly likely that one of the boosters' separatrons failed, causing it to smack against the fuselage. The first stage engine then failed due to loss of chamber pressure, and then the Soyuz abort system activated. By that time, the escape tower had already been jettisoned, but the shroud was still attached to the launch vehicle. The shroud engines were used to pull the capsule away instead. Please note that this a preliminary report and may be inaccurate or subject to change." Gene: "Okay, so that bit's over. Second objective- what should we do with the KOSS? Can co-director of flight operations Manley Kerman radio Station Commander Jeb on his insights?" Manley: "Jeb, this is Capcom. The team would like insights on your situation and what would fit the crew best." Jeb: "Roger that Capcom. The crew of Expedition 36 is running low on supplies, as they should have been brought to us by the latest Soyuz. We do have a few months of supplies left over, but we're eating into reserves. My recommendation is a supply capsule ASAP. Jeb: "Regarding the crew that should be on the station right now, my consensus is to take your time with the investigation, then send Soyuz MS-11 up when you guys feel like it. We can stay on the station for a bit longer." Manley: "Yes Jeb, but your Command Module uses UDMH/N2O4 fuel. The problem with that is it will freeze, and it will also corrode your tanks. For that reason, we require you to land, in the CM, by November. We would like to keep the station crewed, but before we can qualify the Soyuz for flight again, you will have to land." Jeb: "Roger that Capcom. We'll think about this. Keep my crew informed about the events to follow." Manley: "Roger." Manley: "Okay, so you heard the conversation- no consensus as of now." Gene: "Okay. I'd like co-director of flight operations Emiko Kerman suggest a plan as for what to do?" Emiko: "Cool! Why not? I suggest we do as Jeb says- send a resupply capsule up tomorrow. I've been up there myself, and I know exactly how it feels to be up there, eating into reserves. But I don't really agree that we should keep his crew up there. I say we land Expedition 36 and leave the KOSS unmanned until either we re-qualify Soyuz for flight, or Dragon 2 or Starliner comes online. We just have to hope the KOSS survives and doesn't need to much reparing once we get back up there." Gene: "Doesn't sound fun, but it'll have to do, I guess. We've completed or attempted to complete all major objectives, so I say we call it a day." As Gene makes his way back to the Astronaut Complex, he mutters under his breath: "This new ocean is going to be hard to conquer indeed."
  7. Hi all! This is the Forum string for my upcoming series, OPERATION KERBALORD. Yes, the name is based off of Operation Overlord (D-Day), but this is a very different story. (Mostly) Inspired by @HansonKerman's Project Seeker, this will be a fanfic set in the Kerbol System. I will be posting the next update soon, so stay tuned! Author’s note: This Fan-Fic is loosely based on Project Seekers. It features some of the same characters, and the Kerbals have discovered other life forms on Laythe. These creatures are called Laythian Krakens, and are quite skilled at making their own rockets. However, they use very different build styles, as their craft are based off of a Water Planet. They use a build style similar to Omicron, which Kerbals have called Omnikron(Ahm-nee-krawn) and can achieve basic orbit with the right launch vehicle. Their craft are largely fueled by the liquid that covers Laythe, as well as the atmosphere.
  8. Project Seeker Custom Kerbal applications So, just tell me your Kerbal's rank (bluesuit or "apprentice"-wears Making History, newbie to the KSP, mid-class or "squire"-wears Cetera's Suits, almost a full-fledged Kerbonaut, or specialist or "regular"-wears stock/Scart91's Texture Pack ), personality, boy or girl, vetran (orange-suit), any special power they don't know about (optional), other interests, first name, and, if not in the KSP, job and rank. Remember: This is OPTIONAL. You do not need to make one. My Kerbal is: Name: Hanson Rank: Bluesuit engineer Personality: Calm, curious, unwilling to take risks. Easily grossed out. Other interests: HSP, KerbNet games, snuggling with cute things. Unknown power: Telepathy Gender: Boy
  9. Kerbal Future is a multithreaded tale which takes place post-FTL. So far, I have two arcs: Wehrcan, a gunner on a cruiser in the Second War, and Edrim, a spacer businessman. These two arcs take place about 1200 years apart. The idea is to unite all the little doodads floating about in my mind into a (hopefully) cohesive story. I'm writing this by the seat of my pants, so if it takes unexpected turns, then that's probably why. Worldbuilding notes found here! NOTICE: I'm rewriting Kerbal Future in its entirety. You can find the old version here, or its reincarnation above. Thank you, 0111narwhalz
  10. Welcome to all! I am beginning a fanfiction for Kerbal Space program, based around 2 Kerbals called Phobos and Deimos. Coming soon is Chapter 1. I hope you enjoy!
  11. I got really attached to Effusus and it's characters. In fact, I've grown so attached to Enfurt, he might make an appearance! Unfortunately, the kraken, on the other hand, wasn't to keen on the idea. Hopefully, this story gets to be told without upset. This will be a "Career Lite" game with little care or consideration for realistic progression, and I hope y'all enjoy!
  12. This is something I think will be...entertaining. Table of Contents [Prologue]: The Freighter [Chapter 01]: Garage Shenanigans [Chapter 02]: The Crash [Chapter 03]: The Inquisition [Chapter 04]: Cracking the Egg [Chapter 05]: The Second Flight [Chapter 06]: The Race [Chapter 07]: First Launch [Chapter 08]: Meeting Day [Chapter 09]: Mystery Goo [Chapter 10]: Boost Phase NOTICE: Warped Stars has been wiped 'til the implications of the new ToS and EULA become clear. If you wish to read it, enquire on the IRC channel, available at webchat.freenode.net #kerbaeadastra Thank you, 0111narwhalz
  13. Thoughts and Ramblings on the Asteroid Sentinels Here’s a fun little thread for reflecting on The Asteroid Sentinels, and hopefully will act as a “behind the scenes” thread for future works. Some Basic Things I started the Asteroid Sentinels after seeing other comic threads and the release of the Asteroid Day mod. The original idea was just to launch the SENTINEL telescope, find an asteroid headed for Kerbin, intercept it (I would do this in many ways like with the ARM and ADM, or maybe the DART/AIDA concept), and maybe a few more details. I didn’t really care about storylines, so off I went. The earliest of episodes were made in Sketchbook Express. I hoped that this would let me edit and draw on the panels, but it also was far harder to do the main comic part so to speak… If you've got an idea for a bit I could write about, let me know! *Spoilers!* Let's start with a couple of thoughts on some of the characters! Characters Wernher von Kerman The first character seen in the series, he is the chief rocket scientist at the Kerbal Space Center. He was responsible for designing the Mun 3, flying to and back from the Mun, albeit with enormous delays (but it is often said to be the best performing flight). The mustached character has a rather strong accent that slips through translation devices (they are not perfect at decoding Deutchekerb, and while the long words are said to be the issue, it frequently fails at simple words). Wernher generally opposes Mort’s measures, trying to take a more pragmatic and reasonable approach. Wernher started the KSC Rocket Scientist program for young kerbals to help him. However, it must be said that he finds the youngest interns annoying, as he found with Linus, who once got a bit tired of waiting for the rocket launch, taking matters into his own hands... I personally think of Wernher as the main voice of reason, especially in the meetings with the main executives of the KSC. He’ll even act directly against Mort’s wishes. He’s someone intended as a sort of “father figure” to Linus, helping him along and correcting him when he’s wrong. Mortimer Kerman: Chief Financial Executive/Advisor (the writer failed to remember the proper title, and was promptly fired) The financially stingy Mortimer Kerman can be seen as a rather controversial figure, having essentially ruled by decree multiple times as both Financial Advisor and Emergency Administrator, though he labels himself as a middleman in an unfortunate upset of events. That can’t really explain his decision to blow up parts of the Refinery/Hotel rocket, a decision made almost certainly in a fit of rage. Mortimer usually advocates for the aggressive and even extreme measures to solve certain issues, with a rather cynical and disdainful view of adversaries, notably the RDF. As a general rule I wrote Mort as someone who didn’t want his job, acts aggressive to cover his weak points, but still works at the KSC because of his dedication and good pay. He rarely strays from his plan even when things change and rarely expresses much emotion. It’s quite accurate to describe his approach “getting the job done” and being quite a fan of “the ends justify the means”. Mortimer acts as a sort of villain, though he becomes the “enemy of my enemy” towards the end. Jebediah Kerman: “Pilot Extraordinaire” “Best Pilot” One of the first pilots of the KSC, he became a hero after the Mun 3 mission, with the role of landing safely. Especially when I first introduced him he was written as incredibly cocky and often did dangerous things purely for fun without considering the consequences. Jeb tended to overlook the big picture and instead focused only on what was happening now. He also had this view of the “good ‘ol days” when could do “all sorts of crazy stuff”, though he maintains the whole “let’s go to cool new places” thought. He’s probably the most dynamic character, become far more careful about the consequences of his choice. Bill Kerman: Chief Flight Engineer One of the best students at engineer school (though some teachers complained he wouldn’t shut up), he joined the KSC, and was unexpectedly thrust into a space station mission in the literal last hour. He did “pretty good” according to Wernher. Kind of snarky, especially in the early writing, and quite precise with numbers. He’s quite good with coming up with ideas and solutions, notably illustrated in the final approach against the Intimidator. In general he’s one to carry an argument for a fair while longer than it needed to be. Valentina Kerman The commander of the first expedition to Minmus, Valentina managed to save the mission by aborting when a fuel leak was noticed on the orbiter. A more thoughtful leader, who tries to unite the crew of the Asteroid Destroyer. She’s quite convincing, notably when she used a variety of arguments to make a demoralized Jeb join the crew of the Asteroid Destroyer. Barbarry Kerman The powerful “Great Leader” of the Real Deal Front. While rarely seen in public, he is arguably the mastermind of the RDF, a group that capitalized on the anger of many kerbals after the asteroid. Of course, this was part of a far bigger scheme to change the Kerbal Union. A kerbal crippled by the horror that was the downturn of Kerbal Dynamics, his focus became purely to get revenge. While he holds meetings at the RDF, it’s clear he’s the one who wants to be in charge. Linus Kerman A bright, young kerbal, Wernher picked him to be his main assistant. While originally described as “too eager”, over the years Linus has become more careful, enough for Wernher to trust him to be in charge in case he couldn’t lead. While not as noticeable a changing character as Jeb, he’s certainly still changed, becoming a bit more like Wernher towards the end of the Series. Gus Kerman Gus is perhaps a weak leader. His decisions are at certain times more emotionally based despite the need for careful thought. However he’s certainly far more liked than Mortimer, caring a lot more about the kerbals working there. He’ll do what he believes is right, even though this might go against what is agreed.
  14. Looking at those many good stories, I needed to start one myself. (maybe, at some point, even with a picture here) Anyway, here's the prologue(somehow we must justify the new home planet, right?) A new Home 117 years before the Gaea Space Program Jeb looked around for one more time. The Jesca II was fully fueled and ready to go into space. It would be the last time he and the others would see Kerbin. Twenty-three Kerbals, eleven male and twelve female ones, had been chosen for the Mission. His wife, Valentina, a pilot like him, was also onboard. Kerbin had been undergoing a dramatic change. Sea Level had been going lower constantly since the planetoid Saphen had passed Kerbin two years ago. Mun and Minmus were on their Way into the Sun, and the year was almost twenty days shorter than it used to be. “Commander Jebediah Kerman to Control Tower. Please report Sea level”. “Sea Level at negative two hundred and eighty, repeat, negative two hundred and eighty. You can’t anymore rely on an emergency watering”. Jeb knew that. By now, Kerbin’s shore was too far away to guarantee that safety. Jesca III would bring the other about fifty employees with the left familys, altogether only a hundred and twenty-one Kerbals. Expectations were that from the 70 million Kerbals about 10 000 had survived. One and a half years, and Eve, which had a much bigger problem, as Saphen had been intersecting at two Megametres, or less than three Eve radii from center to center, would further mess things up, estimately setting perikerbol at about four Gigametres, intersecting Eve’s and possibly even Moho’s Orbit. He had been around for so long, had seen the days of the Great Unity a hundred years ago. “Ready for Lift-off.” “Initiating Launch Sequence, Lift-off in two minutes.” “Copy that.” Ten minutes later Jeb swapped places with Valentina, to be able to concentrate on other things. ‘All Kerbal civilization has been will be lost’, he thought. But the command had a plan. The two ships met at the Dairea, which had been fully fueled for the Mission. The Target: the Ciro System, seven light years away. Their Astronomers had detected periodic anomalous gravitational influences, the System had three known planets, one of them possibly habitable. Boarding on that ship, featuring seats for about two hundred Kerbals, was without any problems. Jeb took over Command again, as chief Officer he chose Bill, a reliable Engineer and friend from back at University. The ship was piloted by Desmond and Malcolm Kerman, both known as skilled from various Duna and Jool Missions. “Altitude, Desmond?” “Point four two Megametres. Apokerbin at point eight five.” “Set Target to Ciro. And Activate as we reach point seven.” Soon the Drive was activated and the Dairea flew out of Kerbin’s Sphere of Influence. Jeb noted: Year 6651 after the first manned flight. The last Kerbals destined to live are now on their way to a new home. Hopefully successful. Kerbals may live long, but not forever. Minutes later Malcolm took over control of the Drive and shot out of the Kerbol System at full throttle. It would be a matter of two hours to manage to fly into the System of Ciro. Hopefully they could land on a planet there. Hopefully they’d be able to build up a new civilization. After days of an empiric search(they had luckily brought telescopes, three in total), they found a candidate. Apart from the three known Gas Giants, known to Kerbalkind as Nero, Otho and Gauss, there seemed to be a fourth planet. The Image was surprisingly similar to what they had as a faraway photo of Kerbin, and Life was expected there too. They flew to the position, and indeed, there was a planet, and they called it Gael. It was a planet younger than Kerbin, but had the same Rotational and Orbital Periods as their former home planet. Of course, as the Star, Ciro, was smaller and lighter, so Gael was farther away. The last thing he saw before he got unconscious was the Spacecraft lighting the upper Atmosphere up because of the incredible Speed they still had. It was like a direct Aerobraking on Kerbin from a Moho Mission. at about five Kilometres per Second the four inflatable Heat Shields tried to keep up with the Reentry, but ultimately, the Mission seemed to end in Disaster. But Malcolm, as he had done quite a bit of Atmospheric Entry training, piloted the Ship safely downwards anyway, paying close attention to the Retrograde Marker. He knew about the responsibility he had. But he knew how to handle the Situation very well too. As he switched Instruments to Landing Mode to deploy the parachutes when Safe, he was confident that the Mission would go to Plan. And he was right about this. "Five thousand Metres. Parachute Deployment", the mechanical voice sounded through the cockpit of the Dairea. They soon had safely Landed and walked away to build homes. The Space Program was not that important for now. They could rebuild it later. But they would do. They had always rebuilt things when something got wrong. Actually, I have a website for this! I'll still post updates here, thoughStory link
  15. So I had originally wrote effusus out as a series of gameplay videos and cinematics... Until I realized that that would be mulch. I have such little skill there, I basically have negative cinematic ad filming skill. So, I transferred effusus into a new medium of storytelling! So, I pumped these three out in powerpoint yesterday and, after a few rewrites, these are what I came up with. Hope you like it so far, not sure If I want to add another page or not. Either way, Olson - Boards of Canada
  16. jeb established a base on the vab. here is how it goes: chapter 1:the beginning
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