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  1. hello yesterday i had a problem that ksp didnt run when i started it, it just showed the loading bar and nothing else (the loading bar wasnt moving either). so i tried to reinstall my game but when my game is 99% installed it say the update is paused or canceled so i have to start the install again(with the same problem happening every time) if anybody out there know how i can fix this i would very much like to know thanks (sry for bad english)
  2. jep but it can only be flown very inefficient way because its unstable in the lower atmosphere at higher speeds
  3. milk carton ssto so my friend asked me if it was possible to make a milk carton and so i did, then i came with the suggestion to launch in to space, he liked that idea and so i did. spoileralert: milk cartons are not aerodynamically stable
  4. well i took this really nice screenshot and made a google theme of it original picture: Google theme: :[[DOWNLOAD]]:
  5. oh yeah thats right sry i ill just fix that
  6. ============================================================ with this basic picture can you quickly recognise what fuel a rocket use (i know that its only two by now but if you got another kind of fuel the please tell me so we can make the chart bigger) thx for all the feedback ============================================================
  7. but if i bought it later than that (2016 for an exsample) will the DLC still be free or do i need to pay then (or is that not decided yet)?
  8. my first KSP challenge link to pictures of the rocket http://imgur.com/gallery/NU4TC
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