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  1. *cough* im constructing a EE Discord for all o us *cough* Heres a preview....
  2. Volatile rich? huh. anyways, if i get any say in this, the unofficia name of the planet should be Palnos, a butchered version of the word "React" in Latin. Thanks for the updates!
  3. Blender Planet Pack Development Thread

    Dont. I'm thinking along the lines of downloading individual planets to put together.
  4. if you call solar escape velocity in the atmosphere, constantly firing off decouplers, yes.
  5. What is wrong with you all? i can accelerate a craft to Mach 100+ without engines or using any cheats. of course, i need lots of fairings to protect that. and a decoupler. good luck beating that.
  6. Yay laudable Jool! Is scatter up to thr max?
  7. The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    On land? Ack
  8. Blender Planet Pack Development Thread

    As in somewhere you can put planets for people to download. So i could choose planets a d and e, and not n or c. Like a choose your own planets thing.
  9. PRE RELEASE. That's for the discord only. You can't distribute or link it outside of there.
  10. It's not finished. It's only in prerelease. Chill out.
  11. The Kerbal Louvre [Drawings] [Art]

    You forgot to remove dres!
  12. Blender Planet Pack Development Thread

    Fine. Im thinking this should really be a planet depository. So you can choose from planets you want.
  13. The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    THIS SHALL SURVIVE! I'll post stuff here soon.
  14. Dont remember any blue moons.