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  1. If im using physical appearance of a video game character to determine hereditary origin, genetics, as well as height and age, am i goint a t a d too far?
    because i kinda just...
    did it....

    My boys, we now have evidence of a potential exomoon. the moon is about the size of neptune. :D


    1. ProtoJeb21


      It may not be confirmed, but there certainly is something there. I’m pretty sure a data glitch has been all but ruled out because the odds of two different telescopes producing the same exact glitch are just about 0.

    2. Adstriduum


      Hey you're back!

    3. Cabbink


      yes. quite spooky, i do say.

  3. Cabbink

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Isn't scorch absurdly hot?
  4. I have a new name for our hell-hole. Anyone remember This? The legend describes Icarus and his father escaping with wax wings. Icarus flies tok close and his wings melt. Sounda like our planet, hence we should name Tartarus actually as Icarus. @ProtoJeb21
  5. Do i assume the crusshing power is in the giga(?) Pascals. Would this mean we could have wierd forms of metals?
  6. also to top things off, jupiter's core is a mass of 14 to 18 earths, or 5% of it's mass. if we assume tartarus is a jupiter core of equal ratio, the mass of such a previous object would be 4000 Earths. thats 12.7 Jupiters. this means the planet was just light enough to not be considered a brown dwarf. with presure like that and high metalicity, it likely caused lots of pressure, and may have temporarily fused materials, however unlikely.
  7. It's Simple; Someone left the oven on, and the propulsion from the oven top flames over billions of years pushed it closer, causing this affect.[jk] Honestly, like Proto said, Tartatus spirals inward from gaining mass and then loosing it. it probably creates interesting skies, with plasma glowing in giant waves across the sky, dipping onto the planet and leaving. it would likely heat the planet much more, as essentially, the star is landing on the planet. great star mining location however. Wait... ... WE FORGOT ABOUT THE CORONA @ProtoJeb21!
  8. The tidal forces are 1 billion times stronger. this means anything with less density than 8.5 g/cm(?) gets ripped off. so rocks with lets say empty space or lighter elements get pulled up.
  9. The atmosphere is dense enough and heavy enough the gravity would keep it. low density rocks wont. think of the atmosphere as glue-like.
  10. Well, the tidal forces and gravity from the star is actually quite significant. reaching into very high gs challenging Kraken's gravitational well of in the higher ranks of 30+ gs. its likely super atmosphere weiging a few moons is very good at air resistance. large, less dense chunks would rip off of the planet and becuase of the highest drag in the universe, suspend in the air for millenia, perhaps longer. the islands would just float around. likely, they would only be a few inches of the ground or near exiting the planet's SOI, but if you are lucky, you could have masssive floating pieces of rock on the planet.
  11. nah, its actually really nice to live on, you just need a few thermal suits, oxygen suits, and de-gravity devices. then you have the coolest planet to live on. with massive sky islands its looks really good.
  12. Yeah that was one of my first planes. I have some better ones on the way tht have the highest turn capabilites possible. Just dont black out.
  13. Okey dokey one more update. I ran some sims with the numbers,and it seems that Kraken(I like the name better) ensues a quite massive amount of tidal stress. US2 useda Stress magnitude system, which earth has 0.00000104 on average. Kraken has uhhhh.... 13.6. that means at minimum it ensues 13076923.1 times the earths tidal forces. to negate gravity on earth, the tides would have to be 9800000 times as strong. with the forces from Hekili, 1.33437991 Gs on the day side would actually be Negated if Kraken rotated, and the same gs would go on the opposite side. the big problem is the forces from Hekili. it exerts on Kraken 51754023209959631900 TERRANEWTONS! compare that to earth's 35416557155 terranewtons, or in other words, the newtons from the star are 1 billion times as strong on kraken. This is plenty enough to rip apart most planets. its possible that massive structures such as floating islands like those in terraria exist, although likely gravel like. I so propose a name of Caelula, a mashup of the latin words for sky island. @ProtoJeb21 Edit: Oh no its 18. that means its 17307692.3X. ;-;