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  1. Okay! Go nuts. Can't wait to see! Hey a! For everyone Here, I'm making compatibility with @Gameslinx's planet revamp, before Kerbin. I don't have the link with me, so go hunt it down! Mostly, only the planets I made will change. It's will be younger, and hotter. I think Hel will be complete lava, and everything will generally look younger. Or, it may just stay the same and always be the same. Idk.
  2. Probably 6k to encounter a star, and 12k to slow down. I recommend warp mods.
  3. Hey @ProtoJeb21Have you finished that moon?(Sorry for bugging you twice.)
  4. My Best Shot, After some processing. I experienced 93%.
  5. @Epox75 Now there is This is a re-processed picture of the eclipse i took, with a phone camera. XD. i cleaned up the glow and other effects. the only things now are just the clouds.
  6. Hide as a lamp. Say `Lamp` a lot and you will look like one.
  7. Ok, but proxima only has one planet. I think protojeb won't add the system until more(if there are any more), if they would.
  8. There are three stars, and two planets. Read up. One planet is a candidate.
  9. Storage wide, this mod is quite massive. And with scatter and eve add-ons, even more so. It would be a hassle to add another star system.
  10. Will download this! But why 5 gb of ram? Can it work with 4? Is there a specific reason. Why?
  11. Becuase i like abstract planets, Here is Omnia! its the solar system planets smashed into one! the atmosphere is multi-color.
  12. Any aliens there would be much more advanced.
  13. Everything and yet nothing.
  14. Hey @The White GuardianI'm having a bit of trouble editing Moho into a new planet. As of now i have not added an ocean(tar ocean) and im having problems with the name and the textures loading. everything else about the planet works, however, from orbit changes to the description. Any help would be apreciated. Take a look: