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  1. Will download this! But why 5 gb of ram? Can it work with 4? Is there a specific reason. Why?
  2. Becuase i like abstract planets, Here is Omnia! its the solar system planets smashed into one! the atmosphere is multi-color.
  3. Any aliens there would be much more advanced.
  4. Everything and yet nothing.
  5. Hey @The White GuardianI'm having a bit of trouble editing Moho into a new planet. As of now i have not added an ocean(tar ocean) and im having problems with the name and the textures loading. everything else about the planet works, however, from orbit changes to the description. Any help would be apreciated. Take a look:
  6. It's not dead until it the forum page syas old enough to say please don't post anything.
  7. I belive so. I don't change any orbits, and I only add them. I personally have not tested It, so proceed at your own risk. Unless an object takes the me orbit (Which, I highly doubt) there should not be any effects.) Hey @ProtoJeb21 how is that moon going along?
  8. Thank You! I plan to give lonely Ira some moons (On a different incline relative to Kerbol, for some challenge) . In fact, some people are in a contest over at the development page to make the moon that will go in. If you work well with planet making, you can try it out!
  9. Wait a second.... Couldn't the gas in the center of the planet turn to plasma? We already know steam giants have a runaway greenhouse. This heats planets at the going point up to 2400K+. What could it do to the water here? Water ionized at 12000 K (turns into plasma). If there is water that gets to the "surface" of the planet, does it ionize? And how old is the planet and star? I would like to know how all of that water stayed.
  10. @Cabbink Good news I put the atmosphere on the planets (moons) of your mod CPP!:wink:

  11. Polar orbit huh? Hmmm..... Sounds terrifing. Also, if it was not tidal locked, how would sunrises look?
  12. Version 0.2Pre-Release! What does it do? The 0.2Pre-Release fixes some things, such as Nulleff and Hel's Textures. A few minor fixes are jammed in there as well. Look how nice they look!
  13. Yes, of course! Just a weird thing with kopernicus. Retract anf extend the solar panels if you want to fix it when it happens.
  14. Very Nice! Very well made, and is an interesting mod to use! Looking forward to new updates.
  15. This Behavior is because the solar panels want to track every light source. This is why when its completely dark, and it says "Direct Sunlight" or it has more than 100% percent exposure. just a bug with Kopernicus solar panels and multiple light sources.