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  1. hmm yeah the time warp thing is because I suck at KSP. one of the 4 landers I have anchored with KIS attachment points is drifting like a boss when I detach it.
  2. Hmm .. having used this a bit more the half height thing is moot. As for ballutes, I would love to see a conical part that included a ballute. Is that do-able or a lot of work? Also this can't be good: (Stacked 2 science labs on top of each other, linked to a base on minmus with a standard science lab. (Insert "I heard you like" joke here.) Something looks off and I can't seem to time warp right.... Not sure if its this mod, a combination of mods, or just me being horrible at KSP.
  3. Just saw this on kottobos's channel. It's really cool! Any chance of getting half height adapters? That is, a selectable part that I can choose either the top or bottom half to a 2.5m to a 3.75m. Also maybe something that is compatible with In line Ballutes? Thanks!
  4. yeah sorry, loaded it up from CKAN and it seems to work now. I think maybe FAR was stopping it from working.
  5. Not getting these parts to show up in my parts list. I see the material in real chutes for some reason.. Any suggestions?
  6. So in theory, this mod would allow me to do SpaceX style recovery of stages, correct?
  7. So KSP has gotten to the point where I think it can support offloading object and physics tracking to a separate process / application. This would allow multiclient (note: not multiplayer) support. This is an old scholo LAN party server trick. Basically one client would act as a server, and other clients would connect to the "brain" instance. Eventually, developers got smart and started making headless/minimal clients tailored towards hosting. One of the largest limiting factors that I can see is the limit to physics range. But if I could boot up a client per ship, that limitation changes drastically. So why not have the option to boot up a host, have say... 3 clients connect to it, and then the host controls time acceleration and saves. The clients are there for piloting and simulating.
  8. Love this mod! A few questions/Ideas: Can you make this compatible with TweakScale? Would it be possible to make an extra wide Mark IVb "heavy" dorsal bay? Bisected part, has adapter at the "front" to conform to the original Mk 4. Would love to see a 5m long/short adapter. Is that doable? Also would love to see an inline cockpit that has a 3.5m attach for this nose.