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  1. Please follow the steps here and give us a PML file tracing what KSP is doing and what is happening on your machine.
  2. Probably never. Principia is not intended as a general-purpose astronomic calculator (there are much better tools for that), it's trying to add value to KSP. The precession of equinoxes is less than 1 degree per century, it's hard to believe that it would be useful in any game situation. Regardless, this is irrelevant for your tidal locking problem.
  3. No. I mean, 1.10.0 was released 11 days ago, what do you expect? As mentioned in another thread, comets might be a challenge.
  4. So do you really believe that a loop from 1 to 3 is simpler than a loop from 1 to N? What problem are you trying to solve anyway?
  5. Let's ignore for a moment the inconvenience of having to special-case a solar system, of having new code paths to test, bugs that would show up only for some solar systems, etc. The real question is: why would anyone want to trade CPU for I/O? Computing a year of ephemeris for the real solar system takes about 10 seconds on an average computer, which means that, in the absence of vessels, we support timewarp at 3'000'000x. A representation based on an existing ephemeris (DE431, INPOP, EPM, etc.) would take tens of megabytes per year. That would require several seconds to load (for
  6. Report the bug? I realise that you did so already back in April, but we were not aware that it was still around. We should obviously not have this kind of non-physical behaviour, and when do we try to fix the problem in a timely manner. The difficulties you are experiencing are not a physical consequence of the rotation effects, they probably stem from something that we never did right (tracking of CoM) that suddenly becomes very visible because it introduces funky rotations. We should have both nice rotation effects and flyable planes. Please cut us some slack. Bugs happen, a
  7. We typically move forward as soon as RSS/RO/RP-1 is available for a version. We cannot keep supporting old versions forever. If you absolutely want to stick to 1.7.x, you'll have to stick to Fuchs. Fine, but this is an RSSVE problem, not a Principia problem: there are hundreds of mods around and we cannot track everyone of them. Have you opened an issue on RSSVE asking them to recompile for 1.8.1? No you haven't. You can, but you'll need to do some work. There is a configuration file for that. There was also a discussion earlier on this thread.
  8. It's a perfectly valid suggestion, in fact it has been suggested before, see #2295. With any reasonable GUI system it would be a 10-minute fix, but not so with Unity's GUILayout which doesn't support such an advanced UI feature. We'd need to program it ourselves and even so it couldn't be on the title bar but it would have to be in the window pane itself, which would probably look odd, and require some repositioning of the current UI elements.
  9. I believe that this is a well-know annoyance of the stock contracts with Principia. They are based on 2-body mechanics (a.k.a. conics) and don't work well in the presence of more complex trajectories. I also believe that KerbalismContracts plans to support more realistic contracts that would work well with Principia.
  10. The FAQs explain how to report bugs. Note that on Linux you'll need version 8 of libc++ and libc++abi. Since Xenial is fairly old, these libraries may not be installed on your system.
  11. This one looks hard. I have just updated the issue above with what we found so far, and I'll keep doing that periodically in case anyone is interested.
  12. This is very likely to be the same bug as in issue 2507, which will be fixed in Fubini. The funny thing is that this bug (which is quite subtle) has been with us for years, and we suddenly got three reports in the last month. Either people are playing with Principia more, or some change in KSP or in some other mod causes the bug to trigger much more frequently.
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