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  1. That would be because Principia does not log anything in the console. As it stands the video is useless because it doesn't show the Principia UI. It doesn't help that it ends before the point where the speed gets back to normal. No there is not because Principia really does nothing at all with the atmosphere, it just gets the forces computed by FAR and applies them. How do you know that? Do you have evidence that the problem goes away when you remove Principia, or are you speculating? For all I know, it could just be that the FAR computations on an under-powered machine eat
  2. So I would suggest creating an issue on GitHub and attaching a set of log files. We don't even try to track issues on the forum. This does indeed seem somewhat similar to #1549, in the sense that I suspect that we end up with a vessel having no parts, although that probably happens in a completely different manner. From looking at one particular log file, we have a vessel (Vessel x2b Debris) that has 3 parts (a noseCone, a solidBooster and a radialDecoupler). The first two parts are removed from the vessel (so far so good) and then the third part is destroyed. Since we see no message
  3. This is because of the way KerBalloons applies forces. Principia doesn't find them at the places that it expects. Over the years we've managed to get quite a few mods fixed, but until recently KerBalloons was in a coma.
  4. You can ignore these failures. What happens is that we use the mathematical libraries of the platform (libm on Linux) and these libraries deliver different results depending on the hardware (presence of an FMA instruction or not, for instance) and the version of the OS. This leads tu small numerical errors that can trip some of our tests. This should not be problematic for the actual game.
  5. Sure. Make a copy of the en-us.cfg file, name it es-es.cfg, translate all the strings and send us a pull request. Try to use the correct technical terms, e.g., obtained from Wikipedia, not the KSP jargon. (I seem to remember that you're in South America, so es-419.cfg might be more appropriate, but I am not sure that KSP knows about language subtleties.)
  6. This has been asked before, this will be asked again. Please take a look at this post, notably the reply to point #3. Also take a look at the subsequent replies from @Jim DiGriz.
  7. Right, as mentioned in the README there is a single binary for 1.8.1 to 1.11.0. Note that 1.11.1 is not supported yet (but see above in this thread if you got hit by a Steam update). No worries, English is not my native language either.
  8. Interesting. That happens from time to time. When I give VirusTotal the bit.ly link I get Comodo Valkyrie Verdict: Malware and when I give it the .zip file I get, as you do, Jiangmin: RiskTool.CoinMiner.j. The latter seems to be triggered by the glog.dll library that we are using. Antiviruses are full of this kind of false positives. There is not much I can say or do to prove that we are in good faith, other than tell you that the source is on github and you can inspect it and build from it.
  9. Add a cfg file containing: principia_override_version_check {}. Don't forget to remove it once the next version is out: we won't support you if you override the version check (we'll know from the logs).
  10. This has been asked before, this will be asked again... Pretty much the same reasons that were given recently in reply to a question by @R-T-B. Note that system-specific dependencies are particularly bad: since CKAN doesn't know about them (not even to the point of informing the user), 90% of the installs through CKAN would be broken and users wouldn't have a way to find help. See also CKAN issue #1739.
  11. From a quick look at your log, this is probably issue #2853 (which was itself similar to issue #2716). I am pretty confident that I have fixed it (once and for all!) by rewriting the algorithm used to diagonalize the inertia tensor. The fix will be in the next version, Gödel, to be released around Feb. 11th.
  12. This is open-source software, so it is not breaking any rules. This being said, we are not too keen on people posting random builds on the Interwebz: Custom builds typically go through very little testing ("seems to work fine") so non-trivial bugs may be lurking that would cause users to be disappointing/confused/annoyed. For instance, I believe that in 1.11 you can weld parts and store parts in other parts, and this will almost surely require changes to Principia to avoid breaking the laws of physics (even if it doesn't crash, conservation laws are probably violated). Custom
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