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  1. The Snowy Owl(Bubo scandiacus) is a 5th-generation fighter configuration come out by the Shenyang Aircraft D R Institute in China. It is used to compete with the Chengdu J-20. To obtain the control ability of large angle of attack, it was designed with the triplane aerodynamic configuration. Although it attain the design requirement, it was defeated by the Chengdu J-20‘s canard configuration. No official type number(such as J-XX) was given to her. Mod used: B9 PW, FAR, Tweak Scale, BDA, InfernalRobotics. I just don't know how to make the nose looked well...
  2. Uh, foreigner here. Coming with my paper plane just made. It's a bit hard to take control of it. Part:29 Length: 15.4 m Weight(without landing gears):7.5 t KSP version: 1.1.3(never update, yep) Mod used: B9 PW, FAR, KAX, TweakScale(nearly forget it) For keeping its shape, i dropped its landing gears. Save download link:Google Drive Album link:Imgur