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  1. The weird thing is that i tried these 2 kerbin missions after i completed a minmus one with a new ship! I also had completed 2-3 more satellite missions previously..and all these after transfering the save. o.O illuminati confirmed?
  2. It's not through Steam. Much of a ruckus for such rewards, maybe i should skip them...I just thought i misread something or i did something wrong..Sooo, i may try reinstall if it continues for later satellite missions The version is 1.2.2 Yes, it was initiated in 1.0.4 if i am correct. I think this is the only update
  3. Thanks! Well i left just the squad folder in game data, started the game and built a quickie for test but... http://prnt.sc/f5ophf
  4. I have a problem building a new unmanned satellite for a mission. I tried once launching the saved ship design i used for another mission and when the orbit was identical i noticed that the new unmanned satellite wasn't ticked. Then i even tried with testing new ships, built from scratch and different names, even flags but no result. I've found nothing that help in any similar case...any ideas? screenshot:http://prnt.sc/f5nqjm Thanks in advance