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  1. I seem to have a problem when i tried to make my way to pol. After some time gravity assisting with everything to get Close to pol, both bop and pol started vibrating alot and made pol kick me out after i spent about 300 m/s trying to go into orbit. pol and bobs speeds occilates with period of about 1 hour and up to 20 m/s. The period of my probes speed has period of about 2 hours. principias own orbit prediction is consistent with these speedshiftings, making the orbit plot look like junk no matter what reference frame i use (it is most visible in pol corotating frame) Every other orbit seems fine as far as i can tell. if you think savefile will help i will try send it but right now i dont know how...
  2. I wanted to do a ssto mission somewhere, but laythe dont have oxygen yet so i cant go there. I tried cheating a tiny plane to atlas and found out that it has tiny amounts of oxygen, but i cant find any info of about exactly how much it has. What does it take to make a ssto lift off from atlas? Has anyone done that before?
  3. Terminus has the cutest soi i have ever seen Also, how come it is so close to Pearl now but the furthest away later?
  4. Thats what i expected also, but the overheating came very fast whith altitude, became suprised by that. is it becauce the whole planet has overheat but the other parts of it are higher and therefore out of reach?
  5. I also need to inform people that any attempts to land on the orange part of Arkus may result in overheating for any part on the ship, radiators may or may not help with that...
  6. I Think i found a bug: its funny
  7. I tried reinstall it and it crashed again:
  8. should I reinstall ksp? i can do that...
  9. Figured out dropbox, yay i think
  10. how do you insert the text folder without freezing up the website with crtl-v? Also, how many posts do i need to not need to wait for moderator to unhide it all the time
  11. I have the 1.3.1 version of kopernicus, and i dont know how to put images here. Everything else is as it is in the zip file
  12. I cant get this mod to work correctly, it has to do with the kopernicus mod refusing to work even when i replaced it with the updated version. In the main menu it says that it failed to load the planetpack and that it does not recommend to start any saves, and when i try ksp crashes... It still shows the new planet in the background i Think, but with no moon and almost no stars what to do? Also: what happens if i try to load an old World with these new planets?
  13. Eriksonn

    My kerbin have a third moon !

    The reverse happened to me twice: once a contract told me to put a sattelite into a very similar orbit to the mun, it got kicked out a while later. As that happend the contract told me to change the orbit of the sattelite, "good luck with that now...". The secont time was over at Jool, a sattelite got kicked out somehow(i blame Tylo), an after a 300 m/sek burn it was heading for Eeloo. (that was very lucky!) The problem was that without Eeloo the orbit was almost hyperbolic so it needed alot of dv to slow down. It had an ion engine, but not much solar power that far out, and it was very heavy sat(the biggest relay + ion engine = low twr). I succeded getting into orbit but not much more as I was out of fuel... It is still called "Jool Relay", and now my tiny laythe science plane had no signal...