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  1. Eriksonn

    Surface area of KSP bodies, in perspective

    So making a round trip around the Mun is roughly the same as the height of Sweden(where i live). Damn… I havent even traveled that far irl but i am orbiting the mun at regular intervals. That really makes you think about stuff...
  2. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I managed to do my first "first stage return landing". It went better than i had hoped, apart from some confusion as to why my SAS freaked out while trying to land. Turnes out that the fins didnt understand that they were going backwards so i had to flip their control authority.
  3. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I wanted to have a go at 1.6 but since my mods didnt work i just put all of them to the side and did a pure stock mission for once. It became my first ever manned Tylo landing using the largest rocket i have ever flown.(First time using the new even larger tanks) I landed successfully but had a bit less fuel on the way home than expected. Only 1000 dv in low Tylo orbit, but i know i can do it as when i came from Kerbin to Jool I used gravity assists to get a good Tylo encounter with almost no dv at all so if just manage to do that in reverse it should work out. I hope... I really like the new stage info also. Not as informative as kerbal engineer but it still didnt really feel that anything major was missing in terms of info compared to with the mods.
  4. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I have done a few missions over the past days: First I did a contract for a surface base on minmus. The contract wanted a lab module and 4000 liquid fuel. The lab module i was going to put on anyways but the fuel became a bit of a problem. Becauce of that the first module was basically just a lab and a bunch of fuel tanks(empty of cource as i dont want to land with that much weight). So i launced a drilling and fuel processing rig up after but when i tried using it i became apparent that the large drill extended into the ground a Little more that i had expected. Specifically it lifted the entire station and it looked very ridicoulus. But i got that contract complete and Went on to the second mission which involved sending a sattelite to Urlum. Note: becauce principia lags when at higher warp than max in stock, and that i am impatient, I moved the outer planets to various places in the inner system. So Urlum is slightly further out than Duna and has Dres as a moon. Despite never visiting Urlum before it was really fun especially considering its gravitationally interesting setup of moons and the fact that i use principia. I tried making my probe as tiny as possible while still being capable of doing the job. And i also landed on both Tal and Priax. A really fun thing was the fact that becauce Priax and Polta was in each others Lagrange Points it was really cheap and interesting to transfer between them. Here is me transferring from Priax to Polta with only 100 m/s from low Priax orbit to circular Polta orbit. I dont know if it is a remarkably low compared to stock orbits but it was very fun atleast.
  5. So if I understand correctly: If you want to have something that matches minmus you need to do a weighted sum of those spheres until the blue and red areas match with the more/less dense areas on minmus. And for an approximation you can treat more elevated areas as more massive ie more blue on the sphere.(so the minmus flats would be more red and the hills more blue). Is this correct?
  6. It would be interesting to have some sort of geopotential for some of the stock bodies. Maybe assume constant density and use the altitude at each point? I think it would have an effect on very lumpy bodies like minmus or gilly. Is that a possibillity?
  7. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Why did it loose dv by upgrading ksp, did some engine stats change? I have not heard that anywhere.
  8. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    In my carrer i went to duna with a "Apollo style" lander that separates from the main ship, lands, gets science and then docks again. I also realized that my landing legs was put on the external tanks that was ment to decouple, and i wanted to land on ike too. Fortunely i had enough dv to save the tanks and the legs so i could land on Ike. And i might not have had enough to land and get off Ike without them… The Ike landing was a bonus part that i did not think of when starting the mission but since i hade some extra fuel and was in need of all the science i could get my hands on i did that too. Ballistic capture around Ike with ~22 dv from duna orbit. ~20(+-10) dv from elliptic duna orbit to ike capture(didnt need to circuralize at duna capture. Lander had enough anyway), ~2 extra to avoid crashing and minor stabilizing(to avoid flying away again). These types of orbits are really sensitive so a 0.1 dv push at the start could mean the difference between a somewhat nice ike orbit and escaping duna completely... Nice scenery over here
  9. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It is quite a compact lander design, i like it. Here are some tips: I recommend putting the heatshield between the tank and the cargo bay and adding a decoupler to ease the load on the parachutes.(Meaning you can have less parachutes and save on weight.) It does not look like your landing legs touch the ground very much, you can extend them in the vab to see if they reach far enough before you have even launched. If you have problem with dv you can use an engine with higher isp like the poodle, it gives you 14% more dv and weighs half as much as 4 thuds.(You might need larger landing legs when using the poodle)
  10. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i took a bunch of Tourists to the Mun and Minmus. I only had the medium landing legs so the mun landing was a bit shaky but otherwise a pretty successful mission considering i dont do tourist missions very often...
  11. Eriksonn

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    I usually dont make many spaceplanes but every once in a while i make a mk2 plane for taking kerbals to/from a space station or something similar. Once I made a tiny ssto that could get to minmus and back. I was really proud of that one.
  12. Eriksonn

    Basic maneuver no more working

    I made a small paint diagram to show the correct manuever:
  13. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I started a new career world today, main reason is becauce when i use principia max timewarp gets quite choppy. And with opm (more than) max warp is needed alot and i am impatient so i rearranged the planets a little so that they are closer in. Sarnus was moved to roughly the orbit that Dres was on before(but with less eccentricity and inclination). Urlum was moved to between Sarnus and Duna, in 5:3 resonance with sarnus(I tested it in my gravity simulator and it works great). Dres was put between Polta and Wal. Neidon was put in a distant Jool orbit(Fun times ahead) Plock was put in the same orbit as Eeloo is in stock. I have not come very far in the carrer itself but i sent Bob together with an Okto probe to minmus and back and a small relay in kerbin orbit but that is it for now.
  14. Eriksonn

    What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    I recently made an orbital refuel outpost over minmus with an isru to get fuel from. Also launched a miner to mine ore from minmus, refuel at minmus station and then fly with some more ore to a larger station in lko. I had 2 problems with this mission: Firstly i did not realize that the small isru unit had only 20% effectivity compared to the large one so the full ore load of the miner was not even enough to replenish what was needed to land and take off from minmus. So i had a net loss of fuel... The second fail was that the miner itself had too little dv to get to kerbin station. With a few munar gravity assists i got there by using the rcs in the end(i ran out of liquidfuel). So now i have a miner with a nerv engine instead of a terrier.(Even looks slightly cooler due to the new shiny golden hull panels)
  15. Eriksonn

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Yes, the Kerbin/Mun barycenter only makes sense outside the orbit of the mun. If you are inside kerbin and mun are pulling in different directions most of the time so their gravity doesnt add in a way that would make a barycenter a valid approximation any longer. (In fact a "true" barycenter only makes sense "infinitly" far away compared to the kerbin-mun distance)