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  1. correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure that the mk2 crew cabin and the hitchhiker storage container are both inferior in cost/kerbal and mass/kerbal to two mk1 business jet cabins
  2. You better lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go
  3. Sell them for really cheap and get jeep company to impose a cease and desist How do I post in this thread?
  4. I managed to get to the mun (for the first time!) in this very normal looking rocket; I only started taking screenshots when I got an encounter with the mun and realized this mission had a chance of succeeding Keeping the craft slow and getting to the bright side: Landing tumble, flag planting, takeoff (the special landing legs for my special piloting skills were the most heavily tested part of this mission): Going back home: everything related to delta v was more or less a shot in the dark
  5. "according to youtube statistics, only x percent of my viewers are subscribed, if you like this video, please consider subscribing, it's free, and you can always change your mind"
  6. I managed a wheesley and nerv SSTO that was only 8.X tons to orbit, but it can't reenter without the intake burning off
  7. It seems that everyone says that flags in KSP are 256x160, but in my flags folder the flags are all stretched out and have a resolution of 512x256, and the game will only accept flags of that resolution. Is this normal? how can I make custom flags with correct proportions?
  8. I like how you made the ion engines point in opposite directions to avoid the space station being gradually pushed out of orbit over millions of years
  9. Holding shift while using offset, I put the stack decoupler thing high in the air and attached I-beams to it
  10. so thats why I can't make an album anymore..
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