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  1. This might sound really weird, but It's "the creativity song" from don't hug me I'm scared. Remember? That creepy video series that was viral in 2016?
  2. One of the best replicas I've ever seen. There are even decals on the tail! Can't wait to download it when I get back!
  3. Ooh, looks like O'hare is going out of business..
  4. Still lice- a louse gets dementia. Mona- a teenage island queen goes on a quest to find the true subject of the Mona Lisa. Jas- Swedish fighter jets attack... from underwater? Nine lies- A dad can only tell lies- nine at a time. Finding dry- a few fish try to find the last water in the ever shrinking ocean.
  5. After the Squad web designers noticed this game, they changed the default wish to "I wish for a fish." In granting your wish, I give you a starved bull shark. You are devoured in one gulp. I wish that Minecraft was popular again.
  6. @kerbiloid gets eaten by a sentient blob
  7. I'm currently away on vacation and experiencing computer problems, so I'm typing from an IPad... However, after I had pondered a few ideas for a while, I decided to put them here... Many runways have an elevated section at the end, or a "ramp". So why not have one at the end of the kerbal runway? I see two problems with this: 1- beginners leaning to depend on it and 2- an excessively angled ramp shearing planes apart. However, after reading the dev-blog "who needs a level runway anyway" by @JPLRepo , I saw a few people comment how they used the bumps on the dirt runway to launch their aircraft in the air and was more or less assured. This one is something I would love to see added to the game. Why not add the ability to delete stock vehicles? They would still be there for newcomers, but not clogging up the craft lists of more advanced players. It still eludes me why there is no option to delete them. Also, Maybe add an option to the menu that, when turned on, doesn't check if there is a craft on the runway/launchpad when launching a craft, but instead, checks whether there is a craft clipping inside the one being launched. Well that's it... what does everyone else think?
  8. @Blaarkies Yeah I really didn't think that through
  9. Apoyo este. How about adding an sas feature that keeps your current angle (Pitch, yaw, etc)?
  10. Ahhh, what's the problem with imgur lately?!
  11. Yay! I finally got KSP working on the travel computer! You can be expecting something from me soon... EDIT: It's done! I made a vtol fighter with 5 cruise missiles... just having problems with imgur... guess i'll have to put it up tomorrow
  12. Maybe someone could incorporate this into an XB-70?
  13. What about weather balloons?
  14. And here I am, with a macbook air... Only mod I have is KER
  15. @Lo Var Lachland Not to sound urgent, but it seems you forgot to add my MIG-21 to light planes?