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  1. I like how you made the ion engines point in opposite directions to avoid the space station being gradually pushed out of orbit over millions of years
  2. Holding shift while using offset, I put the stack decoupler thing high in the air and attached I-beams to it
  3. so thats why I can't make an album anymore..
  4. I booted up ksp today for the first time in ages and I noticed the distinct lack of a collider display mod. I only knew the name of one, collide-o-scope, and the Github page had it updated for 1.5; I assumed it would sort of work. There appears to be a new two folders in the local files (plugins, plugin data) and i tried sticking the mod in them. It didn't work so I tried the old method with the Gamedata folder. That didn't work either; I'm not sure which dodgy part is the problem and also not sure how to install mods now at all. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. >be me >suddenly feel itch to play ksp after almost a year >log onto forums to see whats going on >servo is making a b2 replica dammit i was too late
  6. There I am, on top of those rocks. Sorry if the image is a little overexposed
  7. Granted. It is made stock, and soon after removed and made into a $50 DLC. I wish for the patience to complete my projects in KSP.
  8. Granted. You get nothing (Vacuum). specifically, vacuum replacing the earths atmosphere. I wish that I wouldnt have to cringe at things I wrote previously on the internet.
  9. I thought they might slip if they weren't tilted like that, but i'll give it a go Good idea, going to try