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  1. Search for kOS in this topic and you will find plenty of discussion about how to work with the two mods. Like this for example,
  2. https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/Principia-configuration-files#the-principia_override_version_check-configuration But pay attention where it says you will not get any support. And since KPS 1.12.3 is the final bug fixed version anyway, I would suggest recovering your steam password instead. I'm sure there are alternative ways of obtaining the game anyway, after all it seems you have bought it.
  3. Principia does not mess with what is available to other mods. If you're using a random script you found somewhere on the internet, you need to understand what it is doing and what it is expecting. As for mechjeb not working, and the node disappearing before the burn is over: Principia's flight planner is just that, a planner. It does not help you execute a burn. The timings and predictions shown there are ideal cases - they assume you execute the burn perfectly. If mechjeb (or anything else) is not starting and ending the burn at the exact moments, or if something else like thrust variation, spool up time etc implemented by RO is messing with the engine thrust, Principia is not going to take that into account. You have to take care of that yourself.
  4. You're looking at the target vehicle navball in this screenshot, so the tangent, binormal, normal markers are in that frame. But your manoeuvre is planned in the body inertial frame. That is making you think that those things don't align. And indeed they don't since they're two different frames. Manoeuvres cannot be planned in the target vehicle frame.
  5. Landed vessels are not managed by Principia, meaning they don't exist as far as Principia is concerned. So no, landed vessels will not have any impact on Principia's computation.
  6. Directions represent rotations, which should be multiplied. The addition of directions is supported but not well behaved as explained in the docs here https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS_DOC/math/direction.html#operations-and-methods .
  7. I don't know the exact technical details, but at a rough guess the problem is with how the forces are being applied by KerBalloons. If the mod isn't applying forces with the calls Principia expects, the forces will "magically" disappear. As for why it rises a little bit off the ground: Whenever a vessel is landed, Principia doesn't control it all. Stock physics has complete control over it. Which is why the force gets applied to the vessel and it rises above ground. But as soon as it is off the ground, Principia takes over, the force disappears and the vessel comes down; and so you get the oscillations.
  8. That is a property of N-body physics and your inability to execute manoeuvres perfectly, not Principia. Issue #2400 https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/Installing,-reporting-bugs,-and-frequently-asked-questions#timewarping I don't see how that would make for an interesting enough gameplay to justify the effort required, but not really my expertise or place to say either way.
  9. So you just decided to call a mod a mess and spread misinformation based on the number of issues? Without even trying to see whether most of its functionality is affected or not?
  10. The download links are on github in the README.md file. Which means they are version controlled. Go through the history of the readme on github and you should be able to find the links.
  11. These are initial state files for use with RealSolarSystem https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iNlip4K66oaOQgPm7nDnpQxExuDmp6lu Some people like to play or simply want to explore RSS in more recent years, rather than 1951 with which Principia starts by default. And of course you can timewarp to whatever year you want to. But until the devs complete their work on #2400 and related issues, it is going to remain a bit painful the further from 1951 you timewarp. The folder linked above contains initial states every 5 years from 1950 to 2020. So the initial state file for 2010 gives you a game that starts on 2011-01-01T00:00:00 UTC. Replace the initial state file in the Principia/real_solar_system folder with the one you want. Keep in mind that this will only have effect on new saves, an existing save won't magically timewarp into the future or past because you changed that file. @eggrobin has done a cursory verification of the initial state files. But if you run into any inaccuracies, that's my responsibility, not his or @pleroy's.
  12. The stock spheres of influence do exist even with Principia, Principia just doesn't care about them. The stock science system uses those same SOIs for determining which experiments are available. In case of other planet packs, those limits are set by the respective planet packs, Principia doesn't meddle with it. And anyway - with or without Principia - altitudes don't depend on the SOIs at all. Altitude is simply (distance from body center minus body radius). Conceptually, an altitude with respect to Mun still exists even if you're in the SOI of Jool.
  13. kOS and Principia don't do anything special for each other. So they are as compatible with each other as any two random mods are. You will need to be more specific than that to get help. What kind of problems?
  14. Download the zip - links are on both the first post of this thread and the README on github. Extract the zip and copy / merge the folder like any other mod. If you have never installed any mod before, read the thread linked by Entropian.
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