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  1. Looks really nice! But the rover (or its wheels) not moving up and down with the now visible surface details is a bit silly. I know it would require a lot more processing for that level of detail (not to mention possible wheels/landing legs kraken), but that doesn't stop me from wishing it was there...
  2. Aren't ship:control:pilotXXX Get only, except for pilotmainthrottle?
  3. @Eriksonn As far as I understand, your mod is going to do its job only once (when its installed in a save). So it wouldn't be a problem if it did more computation than strictly necessary. Since you're facing the problem of different density of points near the poles vs near the equator, one easy (conceptually) solution would be to sample the points thrice. Once with the regular latitude, longitude (what you're already doing). The other two times use coordinate systems that are orthogonal to the original and each other. So the "north pole" would be at the original equator at 90 degrees separated longitudes. That should give you a good enough uniform sampling density, and then simply take the mean of the generated coefficients. I think that should work, if I'm not making any mistake. Looking forward to the mod!
  4. That would work for two dimensions, for example if your burn was only along tangent and binormal. How do you decide which one to change in three dimensions? If you adjust the normal component, should the mod auto adjust tangent or the binormal component to keep the total Δv constant? I would say don't try to get the first manoeuvre perfect, you usually can't execute it to the predicted accuracy anyway. Rather make a manoeuvre that takes you close-ish to the planet and plan more manoeuvres along the way to fine tune it.
  5. No, only up to 1.7.2. Wait for the next new moon when Principia's releases happen, the next release might support 1.7.3. Although I'm not a dev, so this isn't a promise from them of supporting it then. Probably you or some other mod has made changes to the stock solar system, which prevents Principia from using its configurations to integrate it. See,-reporting-bugs,-and-frequently-asked-questions#kopernicus-users
  6. Successful launch of Chandrayaan 2 to better than GTO! I'm happy today Now hoping for a good landing
  7. @eggrobin @pleroy I discovered today that the flight plan can't handle flipping of an orbit by buring retrograde. That is going from an prograde/retrograde orbit to retrograde/prograde orbit by burning along only the tangent. There comes a point when the pro/retro directions flip around and the flight plan fails to compute the correct trajectory from that point forward. I know that no one in their right mind would plan a maneouvre like this in serious gameplay. Flipping around by burning binormal works just fine. It is just something you might want to consider handling for completeness' sake.
  8. In stock, your ship's motion is only affected by the current body. That is, if you're near Kerbin, Kerbin's gravity is all that matters. Mun won't affect you, Minmus won't and even Kerbol (the Sun) won't affect your motion. Same goes for the planets and moons. Kerbin's motion is only affected by the gravity of Kerbol; Mun, Minmus and all other planets don't matter. Also, since Kerbol isn't "orbiting" around a body, it isn't affected by all the planets orbiting it either. Although this is a decent enough approximation for the game, it is highly unphysical. So Principia makes it so that the gravity works like the real world. Everything affects the motion of everything else. There are 2 exceptions, rockets don't affect each other (except collisions obviously). And rockets don't affect the motions of the celestial bodies. In addition to this, celestial bodies aren't perfect spheres and even if they were, the internal mass distributions are never uniform. Which further changes the shape of the gravitational field (see Principia also models these features where data is available (eg The RealSolarSystem mod). All of these things taken together make many different orbits and effects possible. (see,-reporting-bugs,-and-frequently-asked-questions#interesting-things-to-do) If you want to have those in your game, this is the mod for you.
  9. Then it's probably completely caused by the size of orbit and the sampling rate. At the 86 km orbit, the angle by which your velocity vector rotates in a finite non-zero Δt is much more than in a 100 km orbit in the same Δt. Try an even higher orbit and the error will become even smaller. Since the angular velocity goes down as r^(-3/2), the error also probably false at the same rate.
  10. Have you confirmed whether SHIP:BODY:DIRECTION:VECTOR is an unit vector?
  11. I've been getting this "The search index is currently processing. Activity stream results may not be complete." message on my activity stream for around 8 hours today. What is it about? Also a bunch of my notifications have been marked unread and they don't become read (you know, a bit greyed out) even if I revisit them.
  12. I got another update today, seems like a really small update, maybe a hotfix. What was it?
  13. No, that would happen at different times based on everyone's save files. New Moon definitely happens at the same time for everyone in the world.
  14. @jefferyharrell if I understand what you're trying do correctly, you could possibly achieve it with a combination of krpc and kOS. Manage your broader space program with krpc (like setting up KAC alarms and missions from the KSC without loading a rocket) and then use kOS for the actual rocket flying.