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  1. I just gave up on trying that mission. I'm currently going with no contract mods on my recent 1.4.1 install
  2. I dont understand all the fuss about getting it free or not. The DLC is worth the money and I completly understand if they set the DLC for free for Who bought it until a certain Date. They cant postpone that to cover all the People and also guys have always the chance not to buy it as they wont be very impacted for not having since the mods cover it with almost the same quality if not better and for now there are no limitations on mods, lets see what T2 does about that
  3. Twitch maybe? The Red munchkin Last night was on Twitch
  4. For what was told to me, and it is just a suposition, somewhere during Das Valdez steam Or maybe during the squadcast with the great Scott Manley
  5. I dont think KER uses data from MJ,at least i have KER installed without MJ
  6. As far as i know it works but delta V and TWR calculations are wrong with some parts
  7. Despite it says they are not compatible it doesn't mean they do not work on 1.4 For example, KER, it is known to work but delta V and TWR calculations are wrong because of the changes in the parts and other functions may be working fine like telemetry for altitude and such.
  8. Anyone know at what time will the game launch? Would be great if it was midnight GMT Also will this be available on steam? I think so but just looking for a confirmation
  9. Exactly. As it is, any action against any specific type of mod will damage the entire community
  10. I could not say it in a better way. At this point i am way more worried with any limitation that Take 2 may impose in some mod creation and the actions they may take with those kind of mods which can damage the moding community
  11. I dare to say many mods will wait for the DLC to launch as there will be certainly more things to change.
  12. As far as I've seen until now, it will be worth the money. I really hope Take 2 doesn't mess the game and the modding community
  13. First of all great work with the new update. I'll be posting this here, hopefully it will be the correct area to go. Is anyone experiencing issues with the icons of the parts being cut in half? The parts seem to work fine, just the icons are not correctly shown and my KSP is currently mod free I've attached a snip i took from my icons so you can have a look
  14. I'm having problems with the mission Barnstorming Jeb's Tool shed, from Wright Aeronautical. I build a plane, either stock or with mods, but as soon as I deploy it on the runway, the mission fails. I do have a bit of a heavily modded game but no other mission gives me this type of problem. I don't even have time to stop the plane and do the pre-flight checks, the mission is failed as soon as I deploy the plane. Anyone had the same problem and if so, is it related to any other mod installed? I'm currently using latest version from Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purprose 1.2.9 with KSP 1.3.1
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