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  1. yes.I tried deleting Thesaurus or whatever, adding 3 different galaxies *no attempts worked* I've tried with different Kopernicus versions. Even deleted MM. Nothing worked. Playing with 1.3
  2. today and yesterday and the yesterday before the yesterday, I tried opening up ksp but I failed miserably, stacking up 29 crash logs LOL

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      wow, i actually am being followed
      Mom, you were saying no one cares about me?
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  3. right so i currently have absolutely no idea what to do so...
    okay guys lets do some dancing 

  4. yeet, ksp crashes while recording

    1. leroket


      nevermind, it's just my 5 windows of google chrome tabs overloading my pc

  5. So I've tried to build some big craft to explore Eeloo and stuff, and once I did, I was happy to explore the whole system. but it wasn't enough So I downloaded To Boldly Go, which requires Kopernicus. And once I downloaded Kopernicus, I booted up the game, and made a new save file. But I'm stuck on the loading screen! The planets keep orbiting the Sun! It was fine before this. What can I do? P.S no crash logs, it didn't crash
  6. LMAO you guys are hilarious!! I found the right forum, thats one thing for sure. Thanks, everyone!!
  7. https://ibb.co/jfkbja https://ibb.co/fJMGja https://ibb.co/d4ALAF https://ibb.co/e3prHv https://ibb.co/fEo7qF https://ibb.co/i6xp4a So IDK if i am allowed to do these link thingies but, I landed on Duna. and flown a plane that was super fast lol
  8. Thank you all so much haha!
  9. Thanks, NSEP!!!
  10. Thank you, Vanamonde!
  11. Hi and hello! I am a gaming enthusiast ready to take on all the challenges KSP has to offer. If it's the landing on the Sun or a perfect orbit, I'm taking it. I currently live in Atlanta. This game is pretty much everything I play, along with some other. I play only with stock parts. I'm a friendly and kind person. If you want to be friends, it doesnt take much! I hope my time will be worth spending here! Bye!