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  1. fock you hurricane nate

  2. So uhm I downloaded Kopernicus and New Horizons AGAIN, which worked before... And now this happened I'm gonna input the files requested and hope for teh best. Oh and also loading takes AGES with these two mods. Why? EDIT: How do I upload files???
  3. Every time I load crew into my craft via the crew loader in the VAB or SPH, and launch, the crew decides to flip around and disintegrate! So basically I CANNOT get a kerbal into a vessel in any way! Help pls? 1.3 KSP btw
  4. yes.I tried deleting Thesaurus or whatever, adding 3 different galaxies *no attempts worked* I've tried with different Kopernicus versions. Even deleted MM. Nothing worked. Playing with 1.3
  5. today and yesterday and the yesterday before the yesterday, I tried opening up ksp but I failed miserably, stacking up 29 crash logs LOL

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      wow, i actually am being followed
      Mom, you were saying no one cares about me?
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  6. right so i currently have absolutely no idea what to do so...
    okay guys lets do some dancing 

  7. yeet, ksp crashes while recording

    1. leroket


      nevermind, it's just my 5 windows of google chrome tabs overloading my pc

  8. So I've tried to build some big craft to explore Eeloo and stuff, and once I did, I was happy to explore the whole system. but it wasn't enough So I downloaded To Boldly Go, which requires Kopernicus. And once I downloaded Kopernicus, I booted up the game, and made a new save file. But I'm stuck on the loading screen! The planets keep orbiting the Sun! It was fine before this. What can I do? P.S no crash logs, it didn't crash
  9. Hello from Atlanta

    LMAO you guys are hilarious!! I found the right forum, thats one thing for sure. Thanks, everyone!!
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    https://ibb.co/jfkbja https://ibb.co/fJMGja https://ibb.co/d4ALAF https://ibb.co/e3prHv https://ibb.co/fEo7qF https://ibb.co/i6xp4a So IDK if i am allowed to do these link thingies but, I landed on Duna. and flown a plane that was super fast lol
  11. Hello from Atlanta

    Thank you all so much haha!
  12. Hello from Atlanta

    Thanks, NSEP!!!
  13. Hello from Atlanta

    Thank you, Vanamonde!
  14. Hello from Atlanta

    Hi and hello! I am a gaming enthusiast ready to take on all the challenges KSP has to offer. If it's the landing on the Sun or a perfect orbit, I'm taking it. I currently live in Atlanta. This game is pretty much everything I play, along with some other. I play only with stock parts. I'm a friendly and kind person. If you want to be friends, it doesnt take much! I hope my time will be worth spending here! Bye!