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  1. You could make one of the planets Kerbin for just a little Easter egg sort of thing.
  2. I feel like this is more polished then most other stock solar system mods I really enjoy this mod keep the great work up.
  3. Mechjeb has their own rover autopilot script also bonvoyage is pretty nice.
  4. How would I create a custom texture I would like to make my own SpaceX texture but I do not know how to config it into the game or what sizes to use any help would be appreciated thank you.
  5. Finally got my little probe into orbit but does not have any charge left nooooo
  6. I think RO recommends remote tech so its best to use because the delay time to mars is pretty fun to play with.
  7. I have a bit of a dilemma here I could either go with remote tech and have the following mods with it and reasons why I like it. 1) Time Delay, 2) 10km EVA kerbal antenna, 3)Remote Tech Contracts, 4) KOS would work fine for the time delay. For Commnet I would use 1) Science Relay so I can send science to a science lab on a space station orbiting above 2) Commnet Constellations for better organization of signals 3) Works with my mods kerbal health so I get the perk of being connected to home Con is there is no time delay so there is no challenge or real use for KOS being used. I would like a second opinion on these thank you.