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  1. They are wip and don't really function yet. The next update will resolve this.
  2. They will be in the advanced view of the editor. Top left corner you'll see some arrows click there and you'll see my category tab. The next update will place them into the BDAc subcategories you can see those by right clicking the BDAc tab in the editors. The next update will have a new way to install as I've added stuff outside of the gamedata folder like missions and user loading screens.
  3. I believe you simply delete the version file and I would take out any miniavc files in the mod.
  4. It appears BDAc will have the ability to do GPS targeting from space soon. The new mod I'm working on is coming along great, I have reintroduced nuclear weapons and they are better then ever. No spoilers though.
  5. I just lost half my .dll files I use, because of this. Some of that stuff can't be retrieved. Can't get any answers from Microsoft either. I did however let the ones I still had pass through Defender and nothing else has occurred, except now I'm opened up to that Trojan if it was to get on my system. It is a false positive though.
  6. No this mod will not work with KSP 1.4.x it has been merged into another mod to be released at a later time. The 2 posted versions of this mod will remain compatible with KSP 1.3.1 and BDAc v1.0 and v1.1.
  7. In case the BDA Team isn't aware in order to use BDA parts (well any mod parts as far as I can tell) in the Mission Builder they will have to be put into the stock categories pods, engines, etc.
  8. @War Eagle 1 I was just letting you know you only have to follow the licencing and you won't be doing anything wrong if you use PEW stuff as long as the licence is followed.