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  1. I figured it out, the ET nosecone was full of unused liquid fuel that was weighing me down.
  2. Could Kerbalism or other types of life-support mods potentially make the Block II unable to reach orbit? I have Kerbalism installed and even with the Gravity Turn mod as soon as the boosters detach the whole stack loses enough thrust that it can't reach orbit. I also have UPFM installed which makes parts heavier when you set them to high-quality. If this mod isn't compatible with either of these mods then I'm more than happy to uninstall them in favor of this mod.
  3. Got a flag on 1.263.688.0, just told Win Defender to restore the files and it hasn't complained again. Will update if I get another notification.
  4. I've had that first part happen with stock parts. I think something with the new gear module is wonky. Very nice models, textures, and animation on your Altair there btw.
  5. Yes! I've been refreshing this page since 1pm Eastern time waiting for this. Gimme gimme!
  6. Sorry if this is a simple problem because I haven't modded KSP in pretty much years. Anyway I'm a bit confused about the 2m probe core, the SAS seems to be bugged and it makes my crafts rock side to side when SAS is on. Could this be an incompatibility with another mod? I have Station Parts Redux, Texture Replacer Replaced, Taurus Capsule, EVE, Scatterer, RealPlume, Planetshine, WindowShine, Loading Screen Manager, and Module Manager 3.0.1.
  7. These switches are interesting, what do they do?
  8. Why wouldn't I update to 1.0? It's got bug fixes, new features, actual polish, and every mod will be updated within a week anyway. There would be no reason to stay on 0.90 unless you've become attached to ancient bugs and unfinished interiors. EDIT: Well I can think of one reason people would not want to update. People don't want their old saves nuked. Still, you can just copy over the 0.90 folder to a different directory and then update. Then you can play 1.0 and still finish your old beta missions.
  9. It's Damion! I thought I'd never see you again. I remember your teaser streams on the old official KSP twitch where you would stream the up-and-coming update and show off some of the new features. I hope you can return someday. EDIT: Sowwy.
  10. 1.0, because it's the final version and I've been waiting years for it.
  11. Sometimes frustrated, usually excited that my newest innovation is working. On average, feels good.
  12. My Val is going to be a perfect foil for Jebediah. In my game Jeb is just a hardened, highly intelligent, masterfully skilled pilot, with a desire for explosive thrillseeking. Val is going to be a hardened, highly intelligent, masterfully skilled pilot, with a more reserved, less-explosive desire for thrillseeking.
  13. I remember... ...when fuel lines came out. I immediately attempted to build a tiny shuttle and failed. ...taking a break from the game, then coming back to see 0.14 came out with persistent world features. I immediately begged my parents for $15 so I could buy KSP. This was before the concept of Early Access and the stigma it gained the last year or two. Never regretted it. ...spending hours building Mun landers and trying to land them on the Mun only to slam into the surface. I resorted to using MechJeb to do my landings for me. Watching how MechJeb did its thing, along with some good advice from the community, eventually led to my first successful manual landing on the Mun. Classic KSP story. ...when EVA came out. I spent hours just running around on Kerbin and flying around with the jetpack on the Mun. ...when the EVA update caused the old command pod to be retired and replaced with two new ones. ...when stock 2 meter parts were introduced, and how they seemed to fall apart when you so much as looked at them funny. ...doing my first orbital rendezvous. I just brought the craft together, swapped the crew members, then deorbited. It was quite an accomplishment! ...when planets were first teased to the community. I thought "Wow, Squad started being less secretive about updates!" They're not as willing to share nowadays, but before planets, we didn't even get screenshots or teasers, just blog posts. ...practicing for interplanetary travel by boosting out into an orbit with 2x Kerbin's period and then coming back to practice aerobraking and landing. Thanks for the tutorial, Scott Manley! ...building and testing the interplanetary lander that was going to take my Kerbal to Duna, then using it on the day of the update to land on the surface first try. ...doing my first Constellation-style mission to the Mun after docking came out in 0.18. Landers didn't have to be so big now.
  14. I don't know why people were worried about 1.0, it sounds like Squad is sticking to their precedent of releasing good, quality updates. They could do that if they were comfortable with artificial difficulty and bad design decisions. Why not just overlay it onto the map view permanently?