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  1. Campaign mode, some type of progression like the carer mode. or at least a tech tree to unlock new things. I just to treat sandbox as a simulator for the carer mode. I hope this will come soon. Bought the game started to play and just went nahh after 20min ( i have 800-1000 hours of KSP 1 still want to play it, just stuck with some broken parts of the game)
  2. I have to say i am a bit torn about this. One of the reasons that made KSP so good was the frustrating hours put in to make some craft work beating the kraken and only using original parts. And the joy when you got it to work. If i can do what ever i want the magic would be gone. even if i want to explore what i could do now with these parts...
  3. Thank you for sharing. Those are some really great designs. Similar to what i have built in the past 1. How did you manage to not have them break from impact speed? I tried to make my own wheels with a rotor, a round tube and the anti slip pads (don’t remember the part name) they broke (exploded) in very slow speeds. Because of the impact speed factor that got to its limits because of the rotation limit and not the crafts speed. (Edit) just realised it is not affected by water To be honest i love how the game has it faults. For me it is almost just more realistic. And more fun, yet frustrating as i try to engineer my builds around the game faults. I hope KSP 2 is not to perfect. I am a little bit skeptical about the procedural parts they have shown off. As I mentioned above, it is the same with the part limitation. To have to engineer your self what you want to accomplish with the parts that are given. If i install mods, i make sure they don’t give me too much. Or maybe just new obstacles to overcome.
  4. Hi Fellow Kerbals Anyone know if this is fixed?
  5. Ohhhhhh no, I hope I am wrong about this. Only 3 games I have heard similar statements like this. Stronghold 3 (Massive letdown and probably the worst game in the series) Cyberpunk 2077 (You know) KSP 2 (Please universe, let me be wrong)
  6. Spend 100 - 200 hours building vehicles, boats, submarines, airplanes, helicopters, quadcopters, jets, before I leave the atmosphere. Making sure I don't pass more than one speed, or height "achievement" (same as KSP1, even if I hope they add real ones also) per flight. Carefully unlocking new parts in my career mode.
  7. Reading this over a year later... Will I comment this next year same time?
  8. Anyone know if KSP2 will have an other type of game engine? I guess many of the problems we still have come from KSPs game engine.
  9. Is squad reading this at all? I have tried to report bugs, but i do not get any response. As far as I know no one at Squad even knows about this bug.
  10. Only one thing: FIX THIS! weak rotary parts - Breaking Ground Support - Kerbal Space Program Forums Although, Steam mod support would probably spark the modding community again.
  11. 1. Sounds good!! 2. I not picky, I don't need waves if its to much to ask XD
  12. 1. kerbal attachment system and inventory in the game. (probably goes without saying, but here it is) 2. More robotics, like a rail that can be piled on for your custom length, so we can build a gantry/crane or lift for our kerbonauts. (also less week or floppy robotic parts) 3. Difficult terrain (a little bit like mudrunner) 4. square parts!!! 5. Maybe a ship for more hardcore player so you have to go pick up your returned lander/ship/capsule. some autopilot so we don't have to spend 10 hours just to transport the ship over the ocean. 6. Hardcore mode with food and maybe some other resources. a couple of ice blocks floating around in space to take advantage of.
  13. @SQUAD Are you aware of this? Could you put it in a list to fix? Just for us to get our hopes up. Or is there somewhere else i can report this? It seems like there is more than me that have this problem. I am happy to modify myself, but it doesn't look possible?
  14. @Xyphos @KingDominoIII Have any of you found a solution yet? I am still hoping and testing with every new update that comes along. Xyphos did you try my fix for your problem? @KerbalSpaceProgram Is this a known problem for you? Where could i address this, to have someone look att it?
  15. Here is a good picture of a week bendy part. Its the part it self that is week not the connections.
  16. Do any you know if they have fixed this issue in 1.9? @KerbalSpaceProgram
  17. Thank you, for me the problem is the part it self that is bending. You could fix your issue with modding the parts attachment node strength i think that would help you.
  18. I hope they will fix this for the next update. Have you found any workarounds?
  19. When i try to "load" one of my sub assemblies i cant place it and i cant get (place it in the air or change to another part sub assembly or standard) rid of it, i have to exit the hangar and re enter to get rid of it. I have the exact same assembly but reversed and it works, so does all other sub assemblies. I have tried to restart the game. I have no mods installed.
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