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  1. Anyone knows if they have fixed the week rotary parts for breaking air in this update?
  2. I have actually uninstalled the game, I was a bit disappointed att breaking ground. They should have named it breaking air, because everything seems to be focused on propellers.
  3. Just getting stuck everywhere in the universe
  4. Did you try KJR? Did that help you?
  5. I know its a long shot, but: Spintires mudrunner ground physics in KSP 2 <3
  6. Thanks for your answer, much appreciated. 1. Kerbal actuators? do you mean the hydraulic cylinders, or have i missed something? (Edit: I saw now that it is a mod, did not know about that) I was hoping more like the gantry rail from IR. The middle part can move back and forth. also you can put another one on there and now you can move them crazy far. But IR is very buggy, and a lot of problems with struts. I believe it would work much better if a newer version was made. 2.Yes! lets hope they can
  7. Could i use this to prevent this: I like the game as it is in stock, except for som parts. like the one above. If i install this, can i choose only to use this on specific parts and have the other ones stock? I like the challenge with the weak joints otherwise.
  8. Wow! Amazing work Could one wish for a gantry, for making lifts and cranes? Also one stronger rotary part than the stock ones with stronger connection joints so we need less struts. for making rotating build cranes or rotate the body of building rover.
  9. Thanks for a awesome DLC! Next we need gantrys so we can build cranes. one part moving and two ends. with optional parts in between. The moving part can move over from the end parts over to the middle parts but stays glued to the other two directions. I - - - - I Now we can make lifts up to our rockets and make the as high as we need them to be. Maybe also we can build a skycrane XD
  10. 1. Is there anyway to prevent this? I am not hesitant to modify my own CFG files. 2. Besides is there anyway to strengthen the joints between the parts so i do not need struts, i know how to strengthen the breakpoints, but i have no idea how to strengthen the parts so they do not bend in the joints (besides struts and autostruts).
  11. Finally 1/3 of 3 fixed I have not tried it yet, but maybe 1. is fixed also Not really, they made their own, Still amazing, but missing a gantry type for making cranes in my opinion.
  12. This is still a problem, I hoped they would fix this. 1. Fix freeze problem 2. Steam modsupport 3. include KAS, KIS and IR in the game!
  13. YES! It works Great work @zitronen Is it possible to get it working with CKAN also?
  14. First image is in build mode, they look alright. as soon as you load it in (stage mode?) they all flip/snap 90 degrees. None of the other mods that i have with wheels have this problem. But no other wheels comes close to how good these are. Also, is it possible to make this mod to work with ckan?
  15. @zitronen Yes, same for me. I hope we could resolve this, because this is one of my favorite mods
  16. Thank you, I have connected the CC-R2 to a adjustable rail, then the magnet HE-03 or grappling hook HG-02 to the CC-R2. Both HE-03 and HG-02 falls of the CC-R2. I think the weakest link should be the magnet or grappling hook, not he connection between them and whatever thy are connected to. Edit: I tried connecting to the winch, same thing happens. magnet falls off the winch. Unplugs,
  17. Great mod and great work! I have a small problem, when i attach something and start moving it the grabbing tool (magnet and others) falls off from my vessel and sticks to the place i wanted to move. (the magnet falls off to the ground because the loss of electricity) does this have to do with 1.3.1?
  18. Thank you so much for the sequencer! This is exactly what i need Unfortunately i have an issue with a sequence. The sequence is as follows: 1 Adjust adjustable rail to 0.75 (right side of craft) 2 Adjust adjustable rail to 0.75 (left side of craft) 3 Wait for command/servos 4 Rotate IR rotatatron 180 (right side of craft) 5 Rotate IR rotatatron 180 (left side of craft) 6 Wait for command/servos 7 Adjust adjustable rail to 0.00 (right side of craft) 8 Adjust adjustable rail to 0.00 (left side of craft) My problem is always both of the rotatatrons does the work, but one of them displays as in a sequence and is not completed. The green arrow/play symbol. So the 6 Wait for command/servos does not activate and the sequence is not completed. I want the rotatrons to move the same way som i have tried to invert one of them and i have tried to change the position of one of the to -180. This works for the same rotation work. I have also tried to change the line 3 and 6 to wait 2 sec, this finishes the move, but the sequence says not finished. and the the 4 or 5 line says in sequence. Could someone help me What am i doing wrong.
  19. @NecroBones Thank you for the great work! But, I actually like some of the stock colors/themes. is it possible to have them as an option in selection menu? Of course with the shroud ability. I would like to see the original textures tweakable on the other stock tanks, like the all white cones or the gray with bolts around.