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  1. Do you have any relay antenna in the sat? (The link doesn't work for me).
  2. Ore Station Question.

    As an example, an image of my actual refueler for mimmus (10k of ore, but wobbles when its mimming xD) ; Cheers
  3. Duna orbital adjustments

    If advanced tweackeables is enabled, you can Skip turning on/off RCS if you configure well the RCS thruster (enabling RCS only for traslation)
  4. Hello gang! In career mode, I launched to Duna one megaship and another simple station to complete around 4-5 contracts, with your help; Im in 1 year, 353th day, and Ive around 220 days until the ships encounter to Duna. I haven't warped time cause I've been preparing my agency to become a full interplanetary agency (for example, now I'm training around 15 kerbals, 5 pilots, 5 scientists and 5 engineers) and Ive done a lot of contracts to get money. No I want to prepare the agency to have in all the planets In the Kerbol system the infrastructure to support future missions doing grand tours / fly-bys. In other words, I want to launch simplified missions around the rest of the planets, the mission goals are: - Manned station around the main planets (eello, eve, moho, dress & Jool). - Make a common launch system (lifter / station) as much standard as possible (with the obvious differences to meet the specific requirements) - Each mission must have at least 2 sats around the main body (one with a scan sat) in polar orbit and two sats if I'll plan to do ISRU in a moon (Guilly/Val) - If its possible, It must have a refueler ship, to help next ships to come refueling in the station. - If its possible, the ship must have a ship to return the crew. - If its easy, a lander / minihooper / rover. I'll explain my maths and other related thing of the missions: -- Dres // Year 1 - day 424 // Eject dv 2137 // total dv 4349 Components: The station, 2 sats and a refueler like I have in mimmus (but with at least 16 gigantor panels and removing 4 drills of the six my refueler has, to meet the energy constrain (Ive no RTBG yet ><' ) Moho Year 2 day 86 // Ej dv 2841 // total dv 4834 Components: Equal to dres design I'll have to remove solar panels and add heat sinks. Eve Year 2 day 103 // Ej dv 1230 // total dv 3540 Station, 2 sats for eve, to sats for guilly, a refueler for Guilly and a mini rover/hooper for eve. (I hope to have RTG by this time or wait to another transfer window). Jool Year 2 day 226 // Ej dv 2245 // total dv 5348 Station, 2 sats for jool, to sats for val, a refueler for val and a mini rover/hooper for jool. Eloo Year 2 day 256 // ej dv 2055 // total dv 3557 The station, 2 sats and a refueler ----- My actual infrastructure is: Lifter + station. Focus in the lifter: Focus in the Station: The idea is to do two launchs for each planet, one the station an another to lift the sats / refueler. Dock all the stuf to the station and do the interplanetary burn (if there is a lot constrains related to the fuel, I can do the interplanetary burn and dock in the planet. As you can see, the station is made in two modules: Propulsive and return module (1 podle, 6 terrier, 1 highjaker) and the station itself. (lab processing, higjackers, converotron and utility staff). The return ship isolated: I'm conscious that the external fuel tanks in the propulsive module cause too much drag, but I havent be able to do a propulsive module (without NERV and ion engines, to get a decent TWR) with the enoguth delta-v. Any advice? On the other side, I dont know how to design the mission itself since launch, If i launch the ship, all the tanks of the center mamoth engine are full, but the latreral tanks are almost empty and I dont now what to do: - Shall I refuel in LKO the ship ?? (around 4000 dv in vacoum) Its an enormous cuantity of fuel to bring from mimmus/kerbin. With this metod, I can do the ejection burn with the lifter, separate the lifter and recover it. - Shal I stage during the ascent two of the lateral Mammoths? (about 2000-2500m/s with the rest of the lifter) . With this method, Ill need less fuel to refuel, but probably I wont be able to recover the lifter (but I could save a bit of the money removing landing things from the lifter). Any comments /advices??
  5. Yes, there is another issue to consider. If the ship consists in multiple ships glued toghether, try doing the maneouver after clicking "control from here" in one docking port alignned with the main ship (ive experimented similar issues with this problem with mj)
  6. Ive a station around mun for two hundred days (in-game time). Yesterday, I realiced anyone of the several ships attached to the station's docking ports (one mum Lander, three different refuelers, etc) that I had been able to couple/decouple several times before to the station, couldn't decouple anymore. I just do clic in the docking port, do clic in "decouple" and nothing happens (the only things that happens is the option "decouple" disapiers from the docking port menú). Does anybody know how to solve this issue? The only thing Ive thought to do is to replace the station with another one (with the console menú) replace all the ships attached and destroy the older one, but Im a bit scared that the bug starts growing in the rest of stations I have in the save Game.. Pd: sorry for my english, keyboard configured in other language (and its correctimg badly all the words im writting...) Cheers PD: Steam version for PC Windows 7. ver x64 es-es Save: Spaceship: KSS_TORETILLO
  7. Cant slow down in Kerbel rentry

    +1 and I'll suggest burning retrogade (It's the obvious answer but if its a noob-question...).
  8. Hello! For my ssto rockets I usually use mammoth engines, because It has more impact tolerance (i don't use any legs). For the landing itself, I tend to use some (4-6-8, depends the mass of the rocket) aerobrakes, and for the rest of the landing, i do a normal powered landing (but now, i do use a free chutes) Cheers
  9. Help for my First Spaceplane [landing/design]

    I've done another try without smartASS, only keyboard; The plane has flown like a plane with a drunked-pilot aboard, , I hadn't be able to control the plane properly (the ship tends to roll) but.. the landing has been softer than previous landings xD (but the same result, a funny crush, I'm an awfull pilot xD ). The answers, if had readen well.. 1. Between 40-50 m/s. 2. The prograde vector normally is beetween 15-25 degrees. 3. Around 10-15 degrees, even a few more in a few cases. I think I need way mooooooore practice. If I have done well, the file:
  10. Help for my First Spaceplane [landing/design]

    I hadn't too much time last days.. but thx for all your advices! The last design I did last week was this: I toke the ship to a 80x80Km orbit and save the game, and I've tried around 5-10 times to land without much success xD The last two-third times I've tried as AeroGav said, putting the nose 3º upper prograde, but around 10-15km, when I down the nose with smart ASS, the ship starts moving the nose up and down (to be around 7-10 of angle of attack), it's nearly imposible to control, but at around 2-3km the ship stabilices again, and almost allways I achieve to land... without one wing, normally xD Some crashed pics xD Regards!
  11. What to do with an asteroid passing close to Kerbin

    Best cricket play ever xD
  12. Question on Kerbal Engineer Redux data

    Hello! In the VAB, you have configurated KER with non-atmospheric data, and on the KSC, KER shows engines with atmospheric data (cause youre in the atmosphere). The first issue I think is could be cause you've enabled crossfeed between stages (in the decoupler menú). Regards!
  13. Help for my First Spaceplane [landing/design]

    Hello! I added the winglets in the main wing cause I've readen thats was the way to control roll... There is no need to have control surfaces to control roll? The lastet plane with your suggestions.. It flyes! xDDDDDDDDDDD at about 26k starts gliding well (loosing velocity slowly) but about around 10k the pitch falls below 0º degrees, I'd been able to try landing at about 100metres of the runaway at about 50m/s, I've lost the main wings.. Regards!
  14. Help for my First Spaceplane [landing/design]

    Thanks for your answers.. Yesterday I redesigned the model, trying to put COM upwards.. I removed the central NERV, moving the central tanks upward and moving backward the passengers cabin... It flyes deeper in the atmosphere.. But I think the problem wasn't there... seems to be something related AeroGav said... with the new model, If I try landing with the control surfaces off (in the first model), it doesn't flip in any direction... (but its pitch is below 0º with smart ASS configured in 10º). The new model: I've added a small MK3 cargo bay instead the 2,5m cargo bay, to put the central tail backwards. I've moved the solar panels in it, and now I'm trying with different configurations of the position of the big S wings... But, What is CG? and is there a better way to put the Nerv engines radially to a spaceplane? (without part clipping). Edit: I forgot two questions... yes, I had advanced tweakeables On, and my configuration is: - Central trail and upward winglet: Yaw - Elevons: Pitch - DeltaDeluxe winglet: Roll On the other hand, I used 20º of pitch cause I read an old post that people recommended 40º degrees.. lol
  15. Hello everybody, I've been working around in a Mk3-based-parts ship for interplanetary flybys (and to meet several contruction-station / turism contracts). I've managed to construct a ship with aorund 65Tn with 3 nervs and aorund 7,5kdV, with a total 20 of crew capability ( this is why I used Mk3 parts). It has 0,3TWR full loaded; it has a reasonable time-burns and docks quite well with a litltle monop.. The design has evoluted (adding more mass) adding surface control parts (and wings and landing gears) with the objetive the ship can plane to the KSC (I haven't added any turbojet engine to maximice the deltaV in space). I try landing near to the KSC in a similar way I do with rokets; In the dessert gulf (from a 80x80Km aprox. orbit) I burn retrogade to meet de trayectory of the island near KSC and after this, I use mechjebs Smart ASS to a 25º ptich angle. The result, the ship flyes well until the thicker slices of the atmosphere (around 20Km), the nose goes from 0º to -5º and a few seconds after that, the ships starts flipping in yaw and pitch.. and I don't Know what I have to add/remove to solve it :-S A few images to the design.. Cheers!