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  1. En teoría lo tienes correcto, en principio deberías dejar correr el tiempo y de vez en cuando te debería avisar que el telescopio ha descubierto algo, cuando llegue a 6 te dará la misión (eso sí, en mi anterior carrera nunca me saltó el mensaje de detección XD) Saludos
  2. This way is fine, also you can try with SAS On and "mantain stability" mode (can help in landing on slopes and unstables landings in general)
  3. 1. Yes, even you can launch different parts and dock afterwars (but all the launches must have been done after you accept the contract). 2. No, you can docked landed: in sotck putting wheels to the parts and docking (but its a bit tricky). Another pleople uses KIS/KAS mod and uses KIS pipes to glue the parts together, 3. Yeah, and a laboratory for gathering sciencie, for example. 4. For me, yes. But its your playstile what matters. For example, my fuel depot scheme is: Gather the ore in mum: I prefer mum against mimmus cause the time travel from mum to kerbin is lower. As
  4. Hi! I've been a little busy last weeks, I was only able doing some test.. and yes, vectors gimbal is quite powerful, resulting in great explosions while staging xD Your design flies quite well btw, one of my lastest test.. It did succesfully orbit with around 800m/s to spare launching at 2500 metres (when I learned the gravity turn in eve is at 30-35Km instead of 10km, lol), Ive to test it near a shore.. now Im testing to attach a minirover to get more science from a few biomes near the landing site (an transfer it to the rocket's probe core..). Now, the rocke
  5. Not at all (nobody expects the spanish inquisiton! Lol)
  6. Hello, Yes, much better with your secuence (also, I''ll never recognize I was trying to land.. in a lake ). The first (more or less, all the landing legs just exploded) save landing: In the first ascent tests with mechjeb (without configuring it for eve xD, the fairing just explodes for temp) talks to me I need wings xD. Thanks!
  7. Hello everybody! I didn't know how to put the inflate heat shield in the top of the rocket xD ... Yesterday, I tried configuring the fairing in intersetage mode, thanks to that, appears an open node outside the fairing where I could attach the inflable shield :-D. Now, I'm triyng to redesign a bit the ship, cause I'm able to land, but when I jettison the upper shield, it brokes some pieces of the ship :-S (I've been able to redesign the bottom heat shield cause it stucked in the engines when I jettiosoned it). Thank you for the info
  8. Hi! I forgot to mention it, I thought about putting the second heatshield, but, how I get an open node at the top of the ship? Fairings and nose cone AFAIK doesn't have it, and I don't know how to design that (and of course, the design needs to be structural robust).
  9. Hello fellows, I've started the tests for my first attemp to Eve; I'm thinking what to do there, the easy part: - First station around eve. - DSN around eve. - Also, I'm thinking in a little refueler for Guilly. The hard part is what to do in eve; my first idea was to make a small probe (or mini rover) and transmit a bit of science of eve's biomes (I dont wanted to do a dificult manned lander-ascender), but I thouhgt it will be easier to do a sample-return poyect; do experiments in eve with a small probe - rover and transfer the experiments to a little ascender,
  10. Yeah, thats true, even mechjeb doesnt recognice that the tanks are empty and doesnt stage it. I've always thought its cause the fuel flow is bidirectional with the decopulers and unidirectional in fuel lines. BTW, lately I prefer configure the rocket with fuel flow priorities cause its a bit more flexible ( for ex. because the TWR of the staged rocket goes much lower than the TWRs of the not-staged rocket).
  11. But AFAIK,, if you do it that way, (in the vab) yo cant change the crossfeed priority of the tanks, so itsnt asparagous staging (but you can do It before the Launch).
  12. Thank you everybody for the answers, finally I've installed a small radiator in each sat (and lander). Now, waiting a pair of weeks for the transfer window. The link: https://imgur.com/U7TeLx8 My duna mothership has 4 clusters of three nervs each and i didn't cooled anything in the transfer burn.
  13. Hello fellows, While my Duna and Dres missions are in travel to their destiny, I'm dessigning a little Moho mission. The Moho mission will consist in three sats for future manned coverage and ISRU scan and a little lander, but, I've read several times in this forums that heat is a problem near Moho. What heat protection do the lander / sats need? As always, an image: https://imgur.com/PxlZqbt Thx!
  14. Do you have any relay antenna in the sat? (The link doesn't work for me).
  15. As an example, an image of my actual refueler for mimmus (10k of ore, but wobbles when its mimming xD) ; https://imgur.com/2mwvdkG Cheers
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