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  1. Ker-lympics have arrived!

    Hello fellows! Taking Advantage the last 1.31 introduced bug of "jumping ships", kerbalkind have organized the first kerbal-olympics games!!! Obviously, the olympics Will consist un high jumping xD. Rules: - We must post three screenshots: the ship jumping, its highest altitude reached with the bug and the ship landed again. - its forbbiden enabling console to configure the ship as "unbrekable", or modify the Gravity. The points Will consist un the meters the ship has jumped.
  2. How to improve SSTO/TSTO Refueler

    Hello everybody, I've been working around your tips. First of all, the monop. I carry that innsane amount of monop because I want mechjeb do all the job, it consumes around 150 of monop for docking and all it can spend in landing (to land the nearest posible of KSC). And my station have 4 ships that needs monop too xD Of course, in future missions Ill cut off the amount of monop to save PL + LO (or change the tank for other things; cargo bays, hichjaker..). I've working in cutting dead weight; - I've installed 3 x SP-L 1x6 Photovoltaic Panels instead gigantor panels, and generates all the energy the ship consumes, perfect (I thoguht only the gigantor panel had the hability to retract). - I've removed one reaction wheel, and the ship has a good ascent profile (testing with mechjeb), it is slow in the maneoveurs, but I think It'll dock well, so another thing done. - I've tested differents noses, but I don't know witch has lower drag, two of the test: - I've just been testing installing fins instead of the airbrakes; they have lower mass and gives the ship to hold retrogade in the landing maneouveur, but when the ship is around 55k (landing), the engine explodes (I think for overheat or overstress, I dont know). So I think I'll test adding 4 airbrakes to see what happens... and after, modify the RCS system.. Best regards.
  3. Hi fellows, Ive been working around the construction of a SSTO/TSTO Rocket to refuel my Kerbin Space Station (150x220Km aprox). My requirements to the deliver to the KSS: - 750 of monop - At least one complete 7200 kerbodine tank, preferably two. - Enough PL + oxygen + monop to land at KSC. This pic: is the evolution of an older SSTO rocket I built and Ive added more kerbodyne tanks, the SRBs and another 750 monop tank.. it can deliver what Im looking for, but I want to upgrade it, but how? I - I dont have rapiers, so I dont know if I using air-breathe engines will be a good solution.. - Shall I add two nuclear engines for the space migration to the station fron LKO? - I dont know I can improve de drag-related lossess... Any Tip? Regards. Pd: The parts: 1 shield clamprotron + three 1k batteries + LC 101 core probe + adapter + 7 kerbodyne 7200 tanks + 1 mammoth engine + 2x 750 monop tanks + 16 aerobrakes + 4 solar panel + 12 RCS thrusters + 1 antenna + 8 SRBs + 4 radial chutes + 2 big control wheel
  4. [newbie] Mothership burning issues

    Hello everybody! Yesterday I was able to dedicate one hour to this job. I did the third burn in Kerbin SOI, after this, a correction burn when the ship leaves Kerbin influence and the final correction burn when the ship enconuntered Duna (bad done, I did it too much near at the encounter's periapsis, but before the inyection burn). I was able to reach a (more o less) good orbit without wasting a lot of fuel, around 2400 m/s of deltaV in all the burns I had to do in the way. One screenshot: I hope this weekend I'll have enough time to test again the landers... Best Regards!
  5. [newbie] Mothership burning issues

    But... How? I suposse in Map Window, I'll nedd to add one node (with a time to node of minutes) , swtich the reference to Duna, and modify the burn-out characteristics of the node in the three axis (when I've tried to do the fine-tun2, the nearest encounter was 800Km, and I wasn't able to reduce it, pherhaps cause its dificult to set a very short burn with the node-editor ...) and execute it with RCS... Best Regards!
  6. [newbie] Mothership burning issues

    Hello everybody! I came back from my holidays last week, soI have to update the space program advances! First of all, I changed the interplanetary booster, the final configuration has 9 LVN, and the interplanetary burn is around 20 minutes. Thanks to all for your comments, modifying phisics warp has been a good learning for me! In all the tests I have done, I usually do the tranfer burn in three times; two consisting around of 4-5 minutes burn and the last a longer burn (If the total burn time in the first two burns is more than 15minutes, more or less, the ship escapes from the kerbin orbit or has a time orbit of a lot of days). My first try I wasn't able to put the ship in the interplanetary orbit, due to I had to do myself the control of the ship (Okto2 doenst have "follow manouveur"). So I purchased the science for the RC-001S and updated all the ships. My second and third try I was able to put the ship in the interplanetary orbit, but it was a very bad orbit (around 84 days of trip, but the ship wasnt able to acomplish the insertion burn, too much cost of deltaV). My fourth try I configured de interplanetary orbit for a 284 days trip (more or less, the standar). I could put the ship in a rasonable orbit around Duna, but wasting a lot of fuel (all indeed xD since the encounter distance was 20000Km, the ship orbited Duna in a near polar orbit that I had to change, etc...). Now, I have to learn to fine-tune the distance of the encounter once I've done the three burn maneouveur . ¡But, I was able to do my first experiments with landers in Duna! The results of the experiments were a bit bad: - I think the lander had few deltaV (around 1400m/s before the landing burn), and few aerobraking parts (one or two of the times I tried to land, it was a crash xD). - The refueler had few solar panels (4) and for this reason, worked bad (I couldnt power on at the same time the four drills and the converotron 125). Now, I have redone the lander (around 1900m/s in the VAB at 20Km simulation of the atmosfere) and the refueler. Now I'm doing the interplanetary burn, I hope this week I wiil be able to do the second Duna test of the landers! but honestly, I think it will go bad, I think the modifications of the refueler has added too much weight, its about around 1400m/s of deltaV, but with 4000 units of ore in it (I can convert fuel during flight... we'll see). I'll try to update the post with some screenshots later! Best regards!
  7. [newbie] Mothership burning issues

    Here we go! I never have used imgur, I hope this work! The refueler. Comments. Yesterday I decided to equip it with a Vector engine intead the old one (skipper) to get more thrust (casue now it can carry 3000 of ore instead 2400). The screenshoot is taken with the ore tanks full and simulating 14Km in the kerbin atmosfere using ker (I read its equivalent that landed in Duna). With respect the mum-mimmus refueler one, I just added 4 radial chutes & 4 normal chutes and reduced de converotron 250 to the smaller 125 (to reduce weight). The result, TWR is around 1 that I hope would increase in Duna (different G and stuff). I just realized I need to add I more seat (only 2 avaliable in the lander can), i'll get lower TWR, f*c# xD ..and I must confess the temperature control system (1 big radiator + 8 little temperature control system) is not even thinked at all, Lol The lander I think its just correct (and a bit ugly) The mothership ------ I think there will be a war: the greedy in me (you talk about raising 80k funds of the cost of the mission!) against the bored me !!! LOL. Pd: I really apreciate all your comments, they are very interesting! thx!
  8. [newbie] Mothership burning issues

    Hehehe Thank you for all your comments! I'm stirred to see so much comments talking about kerbals things! First of all, The problem is that Spricigo says, I'm burning retrogade cause the ship has 30-40 minuts orbit in LKO. As spricigo ask, I'll post the mission objetives; First of all, boost the kerbalkind knowledge of the kerbol system and met the customers contracts in the cheapest way (cheers ). Now, seriously, the mission objetives; 1. Prepare the Duna's system to a full deploy of my agency; In my opinion it must have: 1.1 Sats to prepare an efficient Relay network for unmmaned mission: avoiding as much as I can Duna/Ike/Kerbol/Kerbin/mun/Ike eclipses (or to land in a place of a planet that the own planet breaks the line of sight of Kerbin). I've had problemms with this in my unmmaned mission in Mimmus & mun (the mothersip has two specific sats for this). 1.2 Ore Scan for Ike & Duna surface. Another two stats (with complement 1.1 as the already has a Relay antenna) that i'll deploy in polar orbit. I think the final result with 1.1 & 1.2 is to have two sats in each planet/moon in polar orbit with high excentricity each (I won't look for a synchronous orbit yet). 1.3 An orbital station (with a torus, but without much H2 + O2, Its only have a tiny Poodle engine and little tank for orbit corrections). I've just added the toroidal life support cause its cool and I want to avoid the kraken gets angry x_D (but sincerely, Its about 10Tn waste compared with the stock Mk3 ). 1.4 One Refueler (with 3 seats for people, a pilot, an engineer and a scientist) with ISRU, to allow do extra missions in the future (and achieve a contract). I want it can land in Duna & Ike. 1.5 One Lander (with 3 seats for people, a pilot, an engineer and a scientist) for Duna & Ike. This lander is the ship that has the scientific staff, I want to unblock the lastest things in the tech tree. 1.6 The cargo launcher. My first ship with (4) LVNs, It'll bring the ship to LKO to Duna, and will help the stats in the plane change. In adition, it has a mk3 module to transport kerbals back to kerbin/ another planet or to use it as a "tourist bus". 2. Achieve the contracts I have already accepted. 2.1 Orbit around Duna (easy). 2.2 Put a sat in a Kolinya Orbit (1 of the relay sats have modificed to meet the contract specifications). 2.3 Harvest 2700 minerals from Duna and move it to Ike's orbit (I counted bad last time, and my refueler has only capacity for 2400 ore, I'm redesigning it). 2.4 Test "Twitch engine" on the surface of Dune (I've installed it in the lander). 3. Other goals. 3.1 As I'll travel across Kerbol SOI to met Duna, I've already added another sat with a SENTINEL telescope to discover asteroids. 3.2 Practice/build the interplanetary transfer / mothership. With about 4100 dV (with the rest of the modules installed in it) I think I could use this setup (with few changes in the refueler-lander) to meet moho - dres - jools moons. ----------- Comments. Cpt Kerbalkrunch, I don't like low thrust engines either, but LVN dobles ISP respect poodles engines (the best ISP engine in VAC), and as the cargo-ship will be only in space, I think Its safe. Am I wrong? ----------- Rest. I'll try the splitted-3-burn-way, if there is consensus its the best way to do the maneuver. ----------- I'll try to take some screenshots of all the elements / parameters when I return at home this afternoon, to complete the post ( I think the key in this mission is the refueler, I'd modified it yesterday, but I'm not sure it has an optimal configuration). But the thing I'm more afraid of about all this things i've written is I'll wont be able to launch it until I'll come back from my holidays (in two days i'll be out of the country). ¡one week thinking my mothership is waiting for me! LOL. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone! Yesterday I achieved to put in a LKO Orbit (100x85Km) my first mothership (more or less, 480Tn in one launch with a SSTO cargo-launcher), consisting in 1 Lander, 1 refueler, 1 toroidal orbital station, 4 sats and a interplanetary propulsion module. I want to make 4 contracts in Duna at the same time (in carreer mode, after the launch I realiced I have to do it again, as the refueler and one sat won't meet contract parameters) and is my first time kerbals go out the inner Kerbin system (kerbin-mun-mimmus). The issue come with de interplanetary propulsion module, Its a "beast" made with 4100 m/s in dV (including the mass of the rest of the mothership) enough to go to Duna (and I think to other planets) and it has 4 LVNs engines, its my first time I use high-ISP-but-Low-Thurst engines. I found a maneuver that intercepts Duna in around 197 days, but the burn maneuver takes 1h. If I start burning 25min before the node, as the mothership is in a LKO orbit, the mothership reduces its periapsis and fall into Kerbin XD How can do a good maneoveur? I think I need to go first in a higer orbit, but which? Shall Do I circularice in a higher orbit? (for example 500x 500 Km) Shall do I get into a higher orbit with excentricity (increasing the zone of the node, for example)? Another answer I have, Do I need to play myself the 50min-burn? I haven't unblocked in my tecnology tree the "go-to-maneuver" Okto parts (my best part is OKTO2). I Don't want to add more LVNs, as they are expensive and will reduce the total delta-V of the mothersip. I play with sotck parts only, and I have installed Kerbal Engineering Redux and Kerbal port aligment indicator as mods. Thank you!