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  1. Yakko

    Signal problems

    I'm no expert but as I understand, you can calculate the distance at which you will get signal as the Square root of the product of the antenna ratings. In the case of the HG-5, that has a rating of 5m (5million) and if you have the same type antennas on both vessels, then you can calculate it by doing SQRT(5m*5m) or SQRT(5m)² = SQRT(5m)2 = 5m meters. Of course, this is the minimum distance at you will get signal, so it wont give you much strength. If you still have time on the contract it may be better to wait until you have stronger relay antennas. Edit: There is an article on the wiki if you are interested in the commNet https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/CommNet
  2. Yakko

    Part clipping & colliding

    Ok, Thanks for the answer, I will check that out! BTW, love your videos!
  3. Yakko

    Part clipping & colliding

    Ok, thanks for the answer, I will check that out. I have been testing a little with moving around the engines with some degree of success.
  4. Yakko

    Part clipping & colliding

    Ok, I will try moving things together as well as adding a few struts. I wanted to try to build it by myself to learn how to make it work, but I will use the craft file as a last resort. Thanks
  5. Yakko

    Part clipping & colliding

    Ok, I will post some images of my craft below, I was just wondering if there were some tips & tricks when it came to clipping parts together, something I never did before. In the craft below I am able to take off, but when I try I try to raise the nose during the initial climb, the middle wing section breaks apart.
  6. Hello there, I am trying to build a Stratolaunch vehicle similar to the one in the Matt Lowne's video below. I noticed that he's clipping some parts, specially the wings, in order to make it look better. My problem is that when I try to do the same, parts collide with each other during take off and the ship breaks apart. I tried using struts to tie some of the parts together but it doesnt help much, also, I didn's see any struts in the craft on the video. I would like to know if there is something I should be doing to avoid that problem. Thanks!
  7. Yakko

    Fuel line problem

    That finally did the trick! though I took some trial and error but in the end it worked as intended. Yeah, thats problem number two, making a successful launch, I will keep your idea in mind. Thanks
  8. Yakko

    Fuel line problem

    Ok, thanks for the answers, will check that out.
  9. Yakko

    Fuel line problem

    Thanks for the answer, I will try it out!
  10. Hello, After watching some videos I decided to try to build an aircraft capable of launching a rocket. I installed a rocket fuel tank to on the aircraft itself to provide the fuel to the rocket via fuel lines until separation, but it doesnt work. The rocket keeps using the fuel from its own tanks and nothing from the tank in the aircraft. I checked orientation of fuel lines, detached and reattached the rocket and moved the fuel lines to attach to different tanks, and even the engine they are supposed to feed, but to no avail. Here are some images: