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  1. Hey there! Are squad ever going to add more planets in the Kerbol system or possibly add things such as volcanos, ravines or cool things just like that, i feel that the planets are not very interesting and it would be so great.
  2. Day 278987... Status update, console update still coming soon, last i heard it was early this year but its now nearing October.
  3. Dreaming of console update :0:P

  4. Hey there! does anyone know if squad will really update the console version after 1.2, i would love to know because i want to play on xbox but if squad are going to leave it after 1.2 then there is no point playing it so i am thinking of purchasing a gaming Pc, i have been given no useful answer for a almost an entire year so i would really appreciate any information. Kerbal space program is incredible and waiting is really frustrating for all console player. Thanks for reading boi!
  5. Hey guys! Anyone have any useful information on the console update? I have heard that they are nearing completion, i understand that the game takes a a long time to complete but all console players are really loosing hope, the saves keep deleting themselves and months of hardwork is destroyed, please guys all i need is a little info i am really loosing hope. This game is beyond incredible and the longer i must wait the more frustrated i and many more become.
  6. console update where the hell are you?!

  7. I understand your frustration dude, I really am losing hope with this new update it's taking a long time but it will be worth it, a masterpiece takes time to perfect. I really hope you find a way to fix your problem man.
  8. I just find it annoying that they stated the game would be re-released at the start of 2017! I am praying that we will have it before Christmas but as long as its this year I'm happy!
  9. hey man thank you so much about the information about the console update! Extremely helpful dude, lets all hope the update will come soon

    1. Gaarst


      Thanks for the kind words!

      Even though I don't have KSP on console (mostly because I don't have one) I understand what it feels like when you can't play the game. I'm with you all the way and hope the best for the game on console.

  10. Hi! i am a xbox one player and i speak for many console players, can anyone give me any information on the console update for KSP? i have been waiting for a very long time on a update but have received no news about this incredible game, i understand that this takes time to perfect but us console players are suffering because of a "Broken" game. i really hope that someone can give me any useful information about the progress of the KSP update on console and when the game will be re-released on xbox one and Ps4, kerbal space program is the most incredible game i have ever played and i hope soon all console players can experience it fully! if you read this thank you for taking the time!
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