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  1. Speaking of Career mode... I really love your craft, the best analogues out there! But, no to criticize, the catalogue as a whole, at least the early craft, do not seem to be very career friendly. You stated many times that these craft are for use in your career save/s. A lot of your craft, presumably for early career, require a lot a of research nodes, notably your EV-1A. Now I have not tested the OV-1X in career yet, but I really doubt it is easily available during an early career save. Again, this is not to criticize, I would feel terrible if you sacrifice the function and aesthetic of your
  2. @TronDemonHuh, I don't know how to help, Raptor9 might be able to help some time. I've been flying for 20min and still don't have this issue.
  3. @TronDemonThat's strange, they go down for me, do you have any mods that might interfere with the landing gear?
  4. I noticed that the OM and SM subassemblies use different incompatible docking ports (I like that attention to real-life docking ports). I took a closer look at the fourth picture for your OR-2L 'Knarr' which had 'Pioneer Station' on it. I can't quite tell what you did to connect the Russian and US Orbital Segments. I would imagine you would use a Clamp-O-Tron to Jr. docking port, like the PMA on the ISS. Same would go for other docking port adapters like the docking module used on the ASTP or the Mir Docking Module for Space Shuttles. The 'Pioneer Station' example image is not updated (which i
  5. @JestersageYou could always set the reaction wheel/s to "Normal".
  6. I'm no Soviet historian, but those are the best Soyuz analogues I have ever seen!
  7. I thought you were referring to the new surface experiments, analogous to ALSEP. By the way, sometime in the future do you, Raptor, plan to add props to the appropriate planes (planes inspired by real-life planes that have propellers, but currently have jets). Speaking of robotic arms (I am getting hyped up over something that might not be feasible), other than your shuttle, you could add arms to the appropriate craft or station modules, such as 'Scarab', 'Jackrabbit', SM-PL(T), T, and PL(ER). Yes, a lot of these might not need an arm at all, but it might be fun to add a robotic arm system to
  8. How did I forget about that? I know you play stock, but I usually pre-place an E class Asteroid in the same proportional orbit to represent Phobos (Deimos crashes into Ike). Sorry, I was referring to your graphics/intended use when compared to Mars Base Camp. The real one was supposed to do that as well, which would imply that I should use M3C-C1 for realism. Btw, sorry I talk about realism a lot, just a personal preference. Anyway, thank you so much for answering. As always, best craft I've seen in KSP.
  9. I read through the document and I now have several questions. Why do you not have the Spider Flyer/Walker for sorties to Ike/cheated pre-placed Asteroids to be analogous to Phobos and Deimos? Do you use the M3V-C or M3V-C1. Relation to SEP-PT? The document says that I should send the M3V-C or M3V-C1 to Duna via SEP-PT and then the M3V-PL via SEP-PT, launch a copy of the Research Kit to the Mun, assemble the entire station at the Mun for testing, and then disassemble the station for transfer to Duna. Of course I understand that this is your version of it and not a replica, but I am always conce
  10. Yeah, that's what I thought. Probably identical prior to attaching to a chassis or flying platform during the manufacturing process, not after.
  11. About the zero-G variant, (please correct me if I'm wrong) but I thought that the real SEV might be able to detach from a wheeled chassis and mated to a flying platform, and vice versa. Would you do the same thing? Or just separate variants?
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