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  1. @Boris-Barboris Thank you, Boris-Barboris, for replying to my comment. I was unaware that that was an intended feature. I will be sure to only download craft not in the stock ships folder. As for the stock craft, I could always just edit the .craft files or edit them before or in flight.
  2. Sorry to disturb you, but I think your mod is amazing and very useful, but I have encountered small issue. I have done some skimming through this thread to see if anyone else has encountered the following issue, but I have not found any comment about it. Even when removing all other mods, Atmosphere Autopilot seems to remove inactive control surface directions. One example is that when flying the stock Aeris 3A, when I roll without any edits to the craft in flight or not. There is a bit of wobble left and right because the fins that by stock unmodified are just for yaw, the pitch and roll are active. I can always modify this in flight be deactivating the pitch and roll, but it is mildly annoying having edit the control surfaces for the stock and downloaded craft. Sorry if someone else has already found this, but I would be very appreciative if you or someone else would reply to this comment. 1.4.2 and other previous versions including ~1.2.