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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought. Probably identical prior to attaching to a chassis or flying platform during the manufacturing process, not after.
  2. About the zero-G variant, (please correct me if I'm wrong) but I thought that the real SEV might be able to detach from a wheeled chassis and mated to a flying platform, and vice versa. Would you do the same thing? Or just separate variants?
  3. Just had some ideas! Other than the upcoming rover, other vehicles might be useful, and most importantly, fun. Duna aircraft inspired by a mars aircraft? ( Munar escape systems (MESS), inspired by Lunar escape systems (LESS). ( Launchpads, runways, helipads, etc.. Just some ideas for your consideration. Speaking of ideas, I have some more unrelated to base modules: If possible, some sort of High Altitude Eve Operational Concept (HAEOC) inspired by HAVOC. ( Eve aircraft? Eve rover? Kerbol probe? Kerbin deep sea world firsts records, via submersibles? Vall lander? Resurrecting the older LV-4A? Early Career game sounding rockets? Just thoughts for consideration.
  4. Personally I use MechJeb and Engineer for all!, as opposed to adding MechJeb to each craft. I usually just enable reaction wheels at times for easier use, though some craft are impossible to fly automatically with MechJeb, therefore I fly most manually. The only older craft I saved was the old two-staged LV-4A, due to realism.
  5. Hype intensifies...
  6. For your consideration...
  7. Thanks for answering, as always I am impressed with your craft 10x as much as any other. Fair enough.
  8. Sorry, if I am being a bit impatient, but are you going to address this? If you wish not to, then please don't. Don't forget about all those Russian rocket parts and the Stayputnik. Edit: You seem to have created the Vanguard probes as a practice spacecraft. One might assume you would do the same for World Firsts, like first satellite, etc.
  9. Thank you answering, your crafts are great!
  10. Do you enable extra ground stations?
  11. Hey, sorry it was so long, but I am very grateful you answered my questions. So, anyway, I will stay tuned on this forum, have a great night!
  12. Hey, sorry to disrupt this forum, but I have a few questions. I have noticed that your EV-1B, C, 'Kerbin Orbiting Laboratory,' EV-2A, 'Sky Lab,' and LV-1 use specialized rockets: 'Thunder 1' and 'Olympus' rockets. However, they aren't available on the Rocket Market. I understand that you did this because the real-life inspired rockets in your Rocket Market weren't analogous the real-life rockets used in the respective real-life missions your other craft used. But, what I don't understand: is why you didn't preload your new 'EveLink' (stated to be obviously inspired to the point of being analogous to the Magellan spacecraft, which was launched via Space Shuttle, just like how Kerbin is analogous to Earth, the Mun in analogous to the Moon, etc.) in your SVR-20. I also understand that you aren't trying to create replicas, you are trying to create stock-alike analogues fr use in your own stock career mode save. I very much respect that, which is why IMHO your craft are much better functionally and in form than Adam's Stock Replicas. That is why I adore and frequently check your forum. This logical question also applies to every other craft that doesn't use the appropriate rocket. A few more questions; are you going to create more rockets for your Rocket Market? I Soyuz even feasible with stock parts? What crafts do use to service 'Pioneer' and 'Depot' Stations? Why is 'Depot Station' in Munar orbit and not in LKO like Mir? Cassini-Huygens and OPM? What are your plans for crewed missions to Eve, possibly in relation to real-life concepts? Jool? Other planets? What is the intended way to remove SpaceLab from your SVR-20 and load SM sub assemblies? Do you enable multiple CommNet stations? Why are your 'NavComms' not in Kerbisynchronous orbit, (half a Kerbin sidereal day)? Europa Clipper? Galileo? Salyut? Soyuz? Why struts and not landing legs (other than Gilly)? SEP-AC Mk2? Luna 17? Pathfinder? Sorry I typed so much, I've been following this forum for over a year. I understand that it is late. Respond to some questions if you want to when possible. Again sorry if this was way too many questions at once.
  13. AlchemicRaven

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    @Boris-Barboris Thank you, Boris-Barboris, for replying to my comment. I was unaware that that was an intended feature. I will be sure to only download craft not in the stock ships folder. As for the stock craft, I could always just edit the .craft files or edit them before or in flight.
  14. AlchemicRaven

    [1.2.2-1.6.1] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.11

    Sorry to disturb you, but I think your mod is amazing and very useful, but I have encountered small issue. I have done some skimming through this thread to see if anyone else has encountered the following issue, but I have not found any comment about it. Even when removing all other mods, Atmosphere Autopilot seems to remove inactive control surface directions. One example is that when flying the stock Aeris 3A, when I roll without any edits to the craft in flight or not. There is a bit of wobble left and right because the fins that by stock unmodified are just for yaw, the pitch and roll are active. I can always modify this in flight be deactivating the pitch and roll, but it is mildly annoying having edit the control surfaces for the stock and downloaded craft. Sorry if someone else has already found this, but I would be very appreciative if you or someone else would reply to this comment. 1.4.2 and other previous versions including ~1.2.