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  1. For the Final Frontier Ribbons, should I move the Ribbons folder inside of "Extrasolar" into the Final frontier Ribbons foldeer? Or does it work automagically?
  2. Hello! I think I found a bug, you may have heard about it, and if so, I'm sorry. From time to time the tooltips that appear when you hover over the settings in the ASS window get "stuck" to your mouse, and don't leave unless you quit the game (I didn't find another method, the tooltip stays even in the main menu). I know how to reproduce it. It may not be very scientific, but what I do is: 1. Launch vessel 2. Open ASS settings window thing. 3. Hover over one of the settings until the tooltip appears. 4. Spam the crap out of left and right click, and move the mouse violently over the entire window. 5. ??? 6. Profit? (Hopefully) I am using the 1.4 version. I did not find any output log files..? I hope that somehow points you, through developer magic, to the problem.
  3. Hello Is there a mirror for the download? Github doesn't work for me for some reason... Something about ERR_INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING. Thanks.
  4. Hello, so I've been trying to arrange some gravity assists to go to jool in the least delta v possible. I tried Kerbin-Eve-Kerbin-Jool and Kerbin-Eve-Kerbin-Kerbin-Jool in the "Multi flyby sequencer", but the results I've been getting are quite expensive in delta v (~5 km/s) which I find strange... Am I doing something wrong? So this is the data I got after 25 runs, (I'm not sure how to use it though): Finally, is there a tutorial specifically for flybys that I should read on? clearly I'm doing something wrong here... Thanks in advance.