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  1. I like the new Terrier - I basically already had it with Missing History mod. I did like that Missing History added a small bit of LFO storage since it looks like it has a doughnut tank built in. The new Poodle, well, I like the design, but not as the Poodle. I mostly used the odl Poodle for a large lander engine, and the twin nozzle design doesn't thrill me for that. The actual model is nice, I just wish it was used for something else. The old Poodle was ugly, but worked for where I used it.
  2. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Apparently my Jooldiver program is cursed in this career. The original one lost communications moments before entering Jool's atmosphere so all the atmospheric science was lost. Since a new window is approaching, I decided to launch a Jooldiver II. I put a stronger antenna on it, plus numerous other satellites with their own relay antennas are now in the Jool system. During launch, passing 20 km, Kerbal Launch Failure kicked in for only the 3rd time in this career, failing a radial decoupler & causing the launch vehicle to spin out of control. I decoupled the payload & attempted to recover it, but still had a hard splashdown & lost everything. I'm debating if I even want to attempt a Jooldiver III. Other than that, I managed to put a second Laythe spaceplane into orbit in preparation for the transfer window. Jeb decided to fly the entire ascent & docking/refueling from the pilot reentry pod (mounted on the back, inside the fairing) Reentry went well & was quite close to home - I still managed to get Jeb wet though, landed a few meters away from shore, just north of KSC I also launched a Vall station I also sent up & docked the tug that will transfer my floating base to Laythe. Finally, I tinkered with a amphibious ore mining rover. It's primary purpose is to delivery fresh ore to the floating base for the greenhouse to make into snacks. Previously, I've used an ore boat that was just barely able to make the drill contact the ground, and barely held enough ore to refill the base. This new rover will be an improvement in every way. Everything you need in one handy package - land & water operations, ore drills, radiators, RTG & LF/Air power generator, micro-ISRU to keep the LF topped off & KAS fuel lines It needs a little work on buoyancy though - this is in the water with a full load of ore & LF/O.
  3. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    After the total failure of the incorrectly named Duna Flyer, my second Duna crew arrived shortly after & landed at the existing Duna base. The Lynx rover at least survived it's landing, so they have some mobility to explore the local area: Landing wasn't too bad - <200m from the base. The fact that the base is wheeled makes refueling much easier They found the sole surviving piece of the Duna Flyer about 20km north of the base. I tried to recover it, but it blew up in the process of moving it over to the rover After cresting a hill, I was treated to this view while driving back to the base:
  4. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I started off with a Pol landing - actually last night. My lander/relay combo arrived in the Jool system at just about the worst time to intercept Pol. I got a nice flyby of Tylo to save dV on entering Jool orbit, but then had to wait something like 2 more months, and 2 maneuvers to actually get a Pol intercept. But all that is done, the relay portion is in a near polar orbit while the lander came down well above the equator, so communications should be good most of the time Then my Duna Flyer arrived in Duna orbit & attempted to land. Caught a nice sunrise during entry: Unfortunately, "Duna Flyer" was a poor choice of names - "Duna Faller" would have been a better choice. Once it slowed down below several hundred m/s, it just started dropping. I didn't have enough pitch control to get the nose up, and, well, its a good thing it was unmanned: Finally, I made final tweaks to my CF-05 Firebar fighter-bomber. It turned out I didn't need a 3rd engine, I needed extra air intakes for the 2 original engines. The MRS basic jets have the same air intake requirements as the Wheesley. I knew something was wrong when the performance on 3 Juno's at 20 kN each was better than on 2 MRS basic jets at 40 kN each. Once the extra radial intakes were added to the original design, top speed picked up at least 60 m/s - with external ordnance added. Pictured here taking off fully armed - 4 external fuel tank bombs & 1 internal. As it turns out, a direct hit on the VAB with all 5 was enough to take it down. First time I've ever intentionally destroyed a building in career mode. For future reference, I should just make a target vehicle & park it out in a field. Over 500k funds for the repair was an unpleasant surprise.
  5. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Didn't have a lot of time today, but I did some more tweaking on my CF-05 Firebar jet - it turns out, a 3rd engine was just what it needed to cure it. I actually made one more change after this screenshot, changing out the MRS basic jet for the stock Juno in the tail, and replacing the ramp intakes with the XM-G50 intake for the tail engine. My twin Minmus rescue also went off without a hitch. Both rescuee's with their capsules were safely returned to Kerbin. I even remembered to include extra snacks, so neither one starved on the way back.
  6. So far everything seems to run ok in 1.6.1, but I only started messing with 1.6.1 the past few days.
  7. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I built & tested a new jet, the CF-05 Firebar. Loosely inspired by the Yak-25 & -28. I really need a better engine, as it's just a little too slow (210 m/s at 5 km, maybe a little faster) right now. On the other hand, it can land around 40 m/s with flaps Climbing out from KSC at dawn Bomb bay door open, preparing for test drop "Bomb"'s away - just a 0.625m fuel tank. I was off on my drop, it hit the grass a ways southwest of KSC. But it didn't blow up the plane when I dropped, so we'll call that a win. Landed back at KSC. I'm probably going to remove the speed brake, or at least tweakscale it smaller. I also built and launched a twin rescue claw for two rescue contracts around Minmus. Both require retrieving the capsule as well. And one is very low Minmus orbit, the other is a very high, retrograde Minmus orbit. I'll find out in about 5 more days if I built it with enough dV for the jobs
  8. Cavscout74

    Leaving SENTINELs on was a bad idea! What to do?

    Glad you got it fixed. To help prevent that in the future while still getting the contract money coming in, you can cover Kerbin orbit asteroid contracts with just 3 Sentinels. Almost all of the Kerbin orbit asteroid contracts can be covered, and you don't get too many asteroids building up since the Sentinels are pretty spaced out. I put Sentinel "A" in a 10.0 Gm by 10.5 Gm orbit, then "B" in 10.5 x 11.0 Gm, then "C" in 11.0 x 11.5 Gm. They don't have to be perfect. About 95% of Kerbin orbit asteroid contracts will get covered - and that last 5% can usually get satisfied by making a tiny orbit change on whichever of the 3 is closest.
  9. Cavscout74

    Extra KSC Nav markers

    Certainly seems like it's related. I had noticed an extra Island airstrip waypoint earlier yesterday as well. I didn't go to the desert strip or pad when this was going on, so I don't know if that was acting up too.
  10. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Other than some strange glitches, I got a good bit accomplished today once my bad luck streak ended. The second flight of the Lightning spaceplane went well and several kerbonauts were promoted to 3 star rank after their return. My career first manned mission returned from Duna finally. As planned, the Duna Express entered a suborbital flight and staged away the crew module (to complete the "return to Kerbin from a flyby of Duna" contract), then the drive module, under drone control, boosted back to a stable orbit for eventual disposal. Crew module reentry & landing: Since I rarely use the Mun in mid to late career (I prefer Minmus for mining, etc), I decided to use it to dispose of Duna Express's drive module. A quick transfer to the Mun, followed by a second burn to drive it into the Mun at nearly 2000 m/s
  11. So I had this happen today: Each one of those flags is a KSC nav marker. Just about every launch from KSC generated a new marker. I restarted KSP, and they haven't come back yet. Right now, I'm just curious is anyone else has had this happen.
  12. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Apparently I'm on a bad luck streak this weekend - I just tried to launch one of my Lightning spaceplanes to orbit with 5 eager young kerbals on board, planning a quick trip out of Kerbin's SoI & back so I would have a few level 3 crew at home while the others are off on missions. At somewhere around 10km, Kerbal Launch Failure mod kicked in & failed one of my rapiers. I had already cut the throttle when I got the "Imminent failure on...." message, planning on slowing down & flying as best I could on the remaining engine back to land at KSC. Instead, the engine exploded & took the back half of the spaceplane with it. So as the crew section is spinning down out of control, each crewman had to EVA & deploy his/her chute. By some miracle, all 5 made successful water landings after bailing out & were recovered safely back to KSC, so I could stick them back in a spaceplane for another launch attempt. So I guess the ending was a good luck. I didn't actually get any screenshots of the emergency, unfortunately. The spinning crew cabin was pretty impressive - the entire crew had blacked out at one point.
  13. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Yesterday, my Eve glide-rover finally arrived. Results were not as planned. I almost pulled off a partial success, but even that didn't work out Eve entry - I already realized I dropped my Pe lower than I should have at this point, but was hoping for a small miracle After losing my ailerons, I lost control of the glide-rover & it ended up turning nose first, causing the loss of the nose cone & fairing, followed shortly thereafter by mutliple exploding parts. Ironically, one of the last parts to actually explode was my rover probe core. Other than it, I still had a wheel, several of the science parts, an antenna & a good bit of battery and I think there was even a surviving solar panel and a single parachute remaining Shortly before the rover debris splashed down hard For reference, this was supposed to be a rocket-boosted glider to find a suitable landing site for the rover, then jettison the nose, for the rover to descend via parachute like this:
  14. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

  15. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Didn't do a whole lot today. Played with a Minuteman from kerbalx by KAS . I thought it looked & flew pretty nice Then I tinkered with a prop airliner, just took a quick trip from KSC to the island airfield. Still needs work, but on the very first flight I was able to take off, climb, cruise, descend & land without too many problems. That already puts this design ahead of most of my other aircraft designs. Actually, just getting off the ground on the first attempt puts it ahead of most of my other designs at this stage Finally, the Duna Flyer departed for Duna finally. Hopefully it will actually fly once it arrives