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  1. I've actually told my wife the "I have a larger chance of dying in a car accident coming home from work than I do from Covid-19" when she was worrying about me still going to work. Almost no one sits around thinking about all the risks they face on an average day - especially younger people. Probably anyone who did would need hefty doses of anti-anxiety meds to function. Everyone is scared of this because its new and its in the news 24/7. In the next year or two, when the new is gone and we're getting some natural herd immunity and hopefully a vaccine, I think we'll be seeing something more like the seasonal flu and it will just be one more thing on the long list of natural causes that kills people in their 70's and older. On an unrelated note, I'd really like to know why every single company I've ever purchased anything from feels the need to inform me of their Covid-19 plans. Seriously, if I ordered something from you online 8 years ago, I don't care how many times a day you are cleaning your physical storefront. I've never set foot in any of my credit cards corporate offices, so unless they are telling me I don't have to pay (and no interest) for the next few months, I don't care what they have to say either. (They didn't, so I don't) The only one that might have been useful was my gym (YMCA) that emailed to inform me their facilities will not be available during this crisis. No problem, I understand perfectly. But why are they still billing my credit card? And why is that not even mentioned in the email?
  2. The cargo airline I work for went and did something proactive again. They already started having non-essential personnel work from home last week. Now they have sent letters out to all mechanics & flight crews stating they are essential personnel working for a cargo airline so everyone will have them ready as the situation changes, rather than trying to play catch up as different states & countries (we have several Caribbean flights in addition to US) are changing their restrictions on a daily basis.
  3. On Friday, the first confirmed case finally showed up in my county. Here's the really bad part: it was in a retirement home, which had already been restricted to staff only for over a week. The news stub only said 150 tests were run on staff & patients but were waiting on results. I'm curious to see how many of those come back positive. I'm kind of assuming a staff member is a carrier - I know the incubation can be 14 days, but the average was around 3 days and I would expect someone in their 80's to show symptoms sooner than a much younger staff member. So I expect we will be going from 0 cases to double digits by the time the other tests come back.
  4. Sad to say, I've barely played KSP lately. I made a little progress in my Out of the Sands career recently, but I've also been playing around a little with Titan Outpost which took up some of my KSP time
  5. SXT had one, but I have no idea if there are RSS/RO configs for it.
  6. First thing - the game keeps backup saves, so you could check them out to start with and see if they are ok. They are located in a subfolder of the save folder labelled "Backup" and will have several files "Persistent (date).sfs" which are your dated backup saves. If that doesn't help, you can manually edit the "persistent.sfs" file (MAKE A BACK UP FIRST!!!!!) to set their experience back to where it should be. Open in a text editor and search for the pilots' names (one at a time). I think experience is calculated based on their career log - which is a list of every flight they've been on and what major events occurred (orbited a body, EVA'd, planted flag, etc), will look something like: CAREER_LOG { flight = 74 1 = flight, Kerbin 1= land, Kerbin 1= recover 2 = flight, kerbin 2 = suborbit, kerbin 2 = orbit, kerbin 2 = land, Kerbin 2 = recover etc AFAIK, the game uses these events to calculate the experience. It could be as simple as something glitched in the transfer to 1.9 and it could be corrected. Alternately, there is a line in the kerbal's file "extraXP = 0" you could always just edit that, but then they might get more levels doing stuff they've already done.
  7. That's what I've been hearing since the corona virus started making news. That's why I've not been too worried about the virus. Most of my concerns have been about the reactions of idiots who know nothing & can't be bothered to find out anything but rumors spread on facebook. Not that I particularly want to get it, I'm just aware I'm more likely to die driving home from work than from corona virus. I'm more concerned about my wife - long time smoker with early COPD, she may not fair so well. Which of course is a bigger reason to protect myself.
  8. They'll certainly be more relaxed than the folks here panicing & scampering around trying to find toilet paper
  9. Did you accidentally hit F4 - that toggles the target marker on & off. I've hit it by mistake (instead of quicksave) and didn't realize a few times.
  10. So much for that - apparently half the office workers are "essential personnel." Sorta kills the plan of only 3 people working face to face at any time. I shoulda known that wouldn't happen. Ironically, most of the mangers did stay home, but half of everyone else that wasn't supposed to be in is working. The really funny part is our flight dispatchers are working 12 hour shifts supposedly to reduce the frequency of face to face interactions. It wasn't a great plan to begin with - they are still interacting with the same people twice a day, they just work fewer days and another group takes over the other days, plus they have no one to cover if anyone gets sick/injured for any reason. With dozens of people are still here during the day, it becomes totally pointless - the company might as well have done nothing.
  11. Are either the servo or any parts that it is intended to move have autostruts?
  12. I did see one positive result of the outbreak: My wife & I went out do dinner Saturday (my county still has 0 cases and the 2 closest confirmed cases are an hour drive away). After dinner, I used the restroom and for probably the first time in my life, I had to wait in line to use the sink in a public restroom!!!! Not only was everyone washing their hands, they were actually washing - scrubbing with soap and hot water - not just splashing some cold water over them and grabbing a paper towel. Yay!!! In other news, my workplace is trying to be proactive - we are a regional cargo airline, and need to keep required personnel well. So for those of us working in company headquarters, they changed things so only essential personnel come to work, everyone else is to work from home. Obviously most of today was spent with people coming in to get their computers & whatever office stuff they will need, but from now on we will have just 3 of us working at any given time that are essential personnel (flight dispatchers & maintenance control - we're required to be able to work face to face). Considering my workplace is halfway to the closest confirmed cases and at least half the employees live further in that direction, I'm all for it. Now I'm just hoping all the managers & executives don't decide they are essential and come in. I can confirm they are perfectly capable of micromanaging from home just as well as they can in person, and almost all of them are closer to the confirmed cases as well. There's still the risk of someone catching it at home & spreading it before showing symptoms, but it at least keeps contact to a bare minimum.
  13. They upgraded to a new version of unity with 1.8 and despite introducing a pile of new bugs - some fixed in 1.8.1, most of the rest in 1.9 I believe - it resulted in a game that runs smoother than it did in the 1.4 - 1.7 versions. I don't have any hard data to share, just my opinion that it loads faster and runs a little smoother. It's not a huge difference, but enough to be noticeable and enough to make me abandon a 1.7.3 career that was just getting kerbals to other planets in favor of the new version. And I know I probably could've moved the save over, but new major versions are usually my reason to start a new save. Does 76 really count though? I don't think I've seen a single positive word about it anywhere Kinda sad too, as I've played Fallout since the first one.
  14. I don't know about that. I didn't lose any sleep over the NBA cancelling stuff, but then I saw that Formula 1 cancelled the Aussie Grand Prix and thought "OMG, they need to find a vaccine ASAP!!!!!"