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  1. Fired up an old career save (1.8.1) and picked up at the first manned Duna landing in that save. The rover & outpost were already landed and the crew were in a station ready to land. So of course, the landing had to be at night. Not too bad - came down about 1.5km from the rover after a 2 year break from KSP, and another 3km from the outpost. Apparently the rover was still being driven to the outpost by Bon Voyage when I decided to land. Before heading off to see what else was going on, I waited for the crew's first sunrise on Duna:
  2. I actually fired up KSP and discovered I actually remember how to get to orbit. And return!! Nothing too impressive, but I haven't played in a while so it was nice to still remember what I'm doing. I also realized this build didn't have a lot of the mods I usually used - particularly Scatterer. Suborbital hop Jeb in LKO And coming home
  3. For me personally, I kinda burned out on KSP. I'm sure i'll play again in the future, but KSP just hasn't been what I've wanted lately. And when I'm not actively playing, I don't spend much time on the forums besides an occasional check in. This won't be popular, but it's how I feel: It doesn't help matters for me that the last two KSP updates didn't exactly thrill me - after discovering problems in 1.11 with some mods I've used for years, I went back to 1.10. Then 1.12 came out and didn't fix any of the issues while adding new ones, which didn't exactly make me eager to come back. Finally, a lot of the info I've seen on KSP2 has me feeling lukewarm about it rather than excited. I hope I'm wrong, but that also contributes to my continued lack of forum participation.
  4. The last steam sale I picked up Skyrim, and I've been sinking most of my time into that. I also picked up Teardown, which I've played a little but I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought. The missions are more timed puzzles than actually destroying anything so far. I'm not planning on refunding it, but I'm glad I got it on sale.
  5. I've been messing around with Empyrion as well. Like XLJedi said, the game tends to lead you the wrong direction in the beginning. I had tried it and didn't do much with it till he gave me some advice and now its one of my main time sinks. Didn't hurt that I got extremely annoyed with my previous time sink (Stormworks), deleted my workshop creations for it & uninstalled the game. On an unrelated note, has anyone played Reentry: An Orbital Simulator?
  6. Having "one ship fits all" like a lot of sci-fi is just that - sci-fi. For Earth (or any other oxygen-atmosphere body), HL/HL makes some sense if the engine tech was there (Skylon/SABRE) but anywhere else VL/VL is the only truly viable option until we get to a point where there are runways on the Moon or Mars. And to clarify, I define horizontal and vertical as being the primary velocity component not the craft orientation. A dedicated lander that is built horizontally but has vertically mounted rockets and no wheels is still a vertical launch/landing.
  7. While realistic, I don't see that adding anything besides extra steps to build a complete rocket. For either probes or rovers, you are still going to stick them in either a spaceplane or rocket to get where they are going. If there is testing that needs to be done on the surface, the SPH or VAB work fine. If we actually had to build complex probes, wire them & test systems, then something like this might be useful, and that game might be fun but it wouldn't be KSP IMO. EDIT: It actually would be a little like Rover Mechanic Simulator
  8. Personally I aim for closer to a 1.4-1.5 TWR first stage. For stock scale, usually that will clear or nearly clear the atmosphere and my second & higher stages I will stick with 0.5-1.
  9. Just an FYI - this gets charged through Xsolla. So if (like me) you've never heard of them before and suddenly get a random notification that Xsolla charged $$ to your paypal account for a subscription it tends to cause some alarm. Especially when you are already battling other identity theft issues.
  10. As of 1.11 (?) it didn't work correctly. Most things still worked, but it caused issues with the construction mode and the MH round pods - when you decoupled the pod, it stayed "attached" to the base by what felt like an invisible rubber band. Went through a reentry with the spent stage staying exactly the same distance (~400m IIRC) from the pod the whole way, including floating in the air above the pod after splashdown. I haven't checked back in a while, so I don't know if the KJR folks ever were able to work it out.
  11. I'll use three sometimes in the early career when limited to 30 parts, but any other time I'll use four if I use any. When I do use just three, it is almost always fixed fins for passive stability rather than controllable fins.
  12. Do something like what I've been tinkering with: - JNSQ system - modified Tetrix Tech Tree - TacLS - Kerbal Launch Failure (or some other part failure mod) - Build time: I use a spreadsheet to calculate build time based on cost with reductions for reputation and building upgrades, but KCT works as well plus whatever part mods you want to include. Hard career settings with part pressure & g-force limits turned on, signal required for control & plasma blackout on. Adjust the money/science/rep rewards to taste. The 2.7x rescale from JNSQ makes everything I'm used to wrong. Think I have enough dV to reach orbit? Think again. Think I have plenty to get to/from Mun? Wrong. It has been a new learning experience. Also, JNSQ makes reentry actually dangerous for a change. Even Mun/Minmus returns, you're seeing >5000 m/s velocity as you enter the atmosphere. All the planets have been reworked to some degree, plus a set of new ones to explore as well. Granted it doesn't give a specific goal, but it does make the stock system feel new again. EDIT: I haven't tried 1.12, but JNSQ was still working fine in 1.10 & 1.11
  13. Not on my game computer right now, but if I remember correctly - hit Esc, click settings, at the bottom is a button marked "advanced settings" or something like that. Click that & it will take you to the same settings windows you had when creating the save. One of those tabs has the "Fuel Transfer obeys crossfeed rules" option, near the bottom left on whichever tab it's on.
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