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  1. Making some progress on the tech tree, and getting some early game stuff put together Here's some of what the fledgling space program will be able to use at the start. Cutting my reaction wheel strength to 10% is making me appreciate just how much they do. But the CFP-01 Hawk can be flown with trim and even landed using the trim command. Instead of I-beam & stock wheel rovers being allowed to start, I am allowing myself basic Feline Utility Rover designs using the truck cab & "Paw" wheels. I used a copy of the fuel cell that uses LF & intake air to provide power.
  2. Made some changes to the tech tree I'm tinkering with, then tested a reusable launcher again, followed by launching an asteroid observer probe into kerbolar orbit and finally started building a general purpose probe for flights to the outer planets in JNSQ - the only change I might make is the antenna, which is only 200G. The 400G relay antennas I have don't fit with the camera & RTG booms when folded, but I may switch to a folding 400G direct antenna to increase range. A final option might be one of the JX2 antennas. I ran out of time before finishing, but I sent the probe and fairing
  3. Bob & Bill got lost driving around the desert space center - one of the JNSQ-KK space centers that is Then sent a few low tech designs into space - but neither reached orbit - while experimenting with the tech tree The Explorer probe almost made orbit, but I had modified the design to fit the available parts and the new one wasn't quite up to the job
  4. Interesting, but my computer cringes at the part count of that!! I'm not even sure how that would work in stock, since the individual rockets are less than half the diameter of the smallest stock fuel tanks &engines
  5. Between yesterday & today, did some more tinkering with Atlas-Moho in JNSQ - both a basic pod with retropack and a stretched "Moho" with small upper stage and science payload - then built an MPO-based probe to go to Moho. Basic Mk1 just after orbital insertion - a pair of sepratrons are enough to deorbit the spent Atlas after staging Atlas-Moho B - replaces the retropack with a short 1.25m upper stage. The "Stretched Moho" pod can now carry some science gear safely to orbit. I probably need to rearrange it to have the science bay directly under the pod rather than
  6. That's essentially what the SmartParts mod does (for example triggering parachutes once you're below a preset altitude). Works pretty well and comes in handy, especially if you play with the "signal required for control" option. It would be nice to have that kind of functionality in BG - and by being more generic, working through the KAL it could provide even more options than SmartParts does
  7. I've been under the impression it will be something along these lines for the colonies, with separate kerbonauts for your assorted craft (like they do now). I don't recall seeing any details from the actual developers though, just my assumption.
  8. Technically yesterday, but I switched back to tinkering with some low tech designs and fiddling with rearranging a tech tree. Playing with the low tech designs was definitely more fun..... A Bumper aka Titov-Capella from the CNAR mod: Then came a Moho-Redstone. For JNSQ, I gave it a little help off the pad - although with some redesign work since this, it only takes 2 Mite's instead of 4 And a Moho-Atlas The FASA Atlas has enough dV to (barely) put a Mk1 pod into LKO in the JNSQ system. I added a pair of sepratrons to deorbit the Atlas body a
  9. Jool & moons are my favorite places to go, especially Laythe. But Minmus, Mun & Duna are where I go the most, roughly in that order. I usually find Minmus more fun than Mun. The slight inclination of Minmus doesn't bother me as much as the higher dV for landing & launch on Mun. So once I've extracted science & seen the sights, I rarely go to Mun except for training & the odd load of tourists. Bases & orbital fuel stations are almost exclusively on Minmus, so it sees far more traffic than any other location in game for me.
  10. My first one I forgot parachutes for the lander probe. And an antenna. And there wasn't even enough fuel to make orbit in the transfer stage - which did actually have an antenna. So don't feel too bad about just making a fuel staging mistake
  11. Congrats!!! I hate it when I get wrapped up in what I'm doing & forget to take pics . At least you got the flag!!
  12. Yesterday I started digging into redoing a tech tree more to my liking, so today I needed to remember why KSP is fun so I tinkered with a reusable crew launcher for JNSQ. Unlike my previous ones in stock scale that were able to just make orbit on the first stage & drop off the payload, I had to work at just getting the first stage on a suborbital trajectory. The first attempt only got an Ap around 75km for the first stage. After getting an Ap out of the atmosphere on the first stage, I ended up having to put my crew capsule with a much higher (400km) Ap to make sure I had enough time f
  13. After the success of my large exploration vehicle yesterday, I decided to try building a smaller one (4 crew) using the Near Future VASIMR drive. It uses an NF 2.5m reactor to power the drive, with 4 "Starship" solar panels and a pair of RTG's for other power. Built around the Near Future Octo-Truss, it has a long Xenon tank and a small Argon tank. It is capable of 0.25g using xenon propellant at full load & 50% efficiency. I already closed my game computer, but I think it had 7000 m/s on xenon and another 4000 on argon, with 50% efficiency. The idea is it can use the argon for deep s
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