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  1. Got my stock mission to the Mun & back into orbit, but didn't have time for the rendezvous & docking with the command module
  2. No the one I was referring to was on Kerbin. It was a 2 stage rocket, with both stages recovered, re-stacked & refueled and a new payload brought out & attached. The person who did it even had a gif of it on the signature block
  3. As usual, I started missing the little green folks after a while, and did a little messing around again today. Tried to slap together an Apollo style Mun mission, but ran out of time before I finished it. Been a long time since I played stock
  4. There was someone on here that did it stock, had a nice video and everything. I don't remember who it was, and it was well over a year ago
  5. Start with all the "dumb" reasons - Do you have either a pilot or probe core? Does the probe core have power? Does the probe core have a good communications link? Does the rover have either RCS or reaction wheels? At one point or another I've missed pretty much every one of those
  6. I actually fired up KSP for the first time in a while, tinkered with some of the new EVA gear, then a quick round of golf: On the negative side, shortly after taking this image, the rover decided it was done with the laws of physics and started rotating in place with no control input & despite the brakes being set. I guess some things don't change
  7. I have used Thuds attached to a decoupler (and set to allow fuel flow) to mimic the Atlas stage and a half, but it hardly qualifies as a replica. I also use a mod engine for the sustainer engine, usually a Valiant from Restock Plus. Sometimes I'll add Spiders or Twitches to mimic the verniers
  8. Primarily expendable launchers. I used to use a lot of reusables, but got tired of having to land them. The breaking point was after lofting a large set of craft for a Jool mission, I had 10 boosters to deorbit & land (I'd also forgotten 2 or so from prior missions). I use a fair number of spaceplanes for crew transfer as well - late career, I tend to build several good size ships to take crews back & forth to the other planets, and have spaceplanes to handle the crews at Kerbin (and Laythe)
  9. That is why the Janitor's Closet mod adds .prune extensions onto everything you "permanently" remove.
  10. I rebuilt my old wheeled command vehicle into a tracked version that handles much better & built a tracked rescue & firefighting vehicle from scratch to replace my wheeled version All-Terrain Rescue Vehicle - Tracked (ATRV-T) Can reach over 120kmh on land & 46 kmh on water (compared to 95 kmh & 25 kmh for the original 6-wheel ATRV), holds about 1800 liters of water for fire fighting and can carry 2 crew, 5 passengers & 1 casualty in a medical bed Mobile Command Vehicle (MCV) Featuring an electric drive powered by a turbine-generator installation, ca
  11. In my experience, you get a few tourists that want to do solar trips, but most still want Mun/Minmus. I usually either combine the handful of solar orbit tourists with crew training flights or screen the contracts carefully & avoid those. When you go to any other planet, that's what really opens up the flood gates of tourists going further away.
  12. That's what I thought I would be doing, many years ago. Good luck & study hard
  13. The stupid theme song to "Secret Life of Pets 2" We have an 18mo old in the house and that is his favorite movie to watch. Again. And Again. And.... you get the picture
  14. Had it happen more than once. I feel like they've made the wheels a little tougher at some point, because it hardly ever happens now. Most memorable wheel breakage was my first ever landing on Laythe, found a reasonably flat area to set a spaceplane down on - it was a modified version of @XLjedi's Star Ranger - and it turned out to not be as flat as I thought on the fly over. I broke all three landing gear, but I had an engineer on board so it wasn't a problem. I was just thrilled I finally landed on Laythe without explosions
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