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  1. They aren't as simple as that. Rather than try to explain it myself - because I've only tinkered with them - check out this post by @XLjedi
  2. I''ve had a busy two days in my career - Eve crew returned, Moho crew launched, craft continue to trickle into Jool every few days, and I continued testing my heavy mobile base on the Mun. First up - testing the HMB-1 and disposing of the old non-mobile Mun base. Since the new base in mobile, there wasn't much need for a separate rover, so that was destroyed first. Then came the old base - with all the parts, the fireworks lasted for quite a while before the whole base was gone: here, the engineer looks over the automated greenhouses on the upper deck. Since this prototype was launched, I have improved on the design - it now includes a science lab and some of the internal layout has changed - ISRU is now on the upper deck, and the drills have been moved to the aft cargo bay to make conditions in living quarters (in the forward bay) more bearable. Next, the first Laythe-Lightning II arrived & docked with Laythe station. Now we just need the DSV-01 to arrive with crew, which is just over 2 months away. The biggest event was PCC-01 Avalon returning to Kerbin with the Eve crew. This was also the most complicated as the Eve Lander needed to undock from Avalon and rendezvous with a drone heatshield & parachute assembly, then Avalon needed to dock with the Lightning crew shuttle for reentry. Finally, Avalon was an older model & was retired by crashing into the Mun at 4700 m/s and a new Avalon II was launched to replace her.
  3. In flight, it only changes the part you click on. Only in the editor do all symmetrical parts change
  4. I don't have an exact value for you - it will vary depending on your gravity turn, etc - but probably around 2800-3000 should get you above 70km. I'm sure someone will come along with a more accurate number
  5. Janitor's Closet does that, I'm not sure of any others
  6. 1. Only Pilots give SAS ability. 2. You have two options: a. Add a probe core to the lander. Even without signal, the scientist will be able to fly it with SAS from the probe core b. Add a CH-J3 Fly-By-Wire Avionics Hub - with signal back to KSC, that allows non-pilots to have SAS.
  7. It is the stock inflatable shield, just tweakscaled to have a 3.75m folded size. I'm not sure exactly what it works out to inflated, but it just barely covered my base. My career didn't have too much more excitement yesterday - mostly course corrections for my Jool fleet. I did finally remember that I landed a remote rover on Eve months ago that was equipped with a large scanning arm, so I took it to go find a Pancake Dome for a contract. First it found a basalt formation, which it scanned, then within a few hundred meters it drove up to a pancake dome: Then I had my career first Eeloo lander arrive & land mostly intact. My wife asked me a question moments before landing & when I looked back at the game, I was still going way too fast. Happily the landing pads have a high impact tolerance, and acted as sacrificial parts for the rest of the craft, preventing worse damage. I lost a few science experiments, but most survived. I lost a Goo, surface ore scanner & some DMagic experiments, but I've had a lot worse. It's hard to see screenshots, but even some of the parts that did survive ended up bent. One of the hinges is nearly torn into two pieces. Still, I'll take the partial success - all the really important parts survived (probe core, battery, antennas & RTGs) and it had most of the science experiments to send back.
  8. I hadn't built a mobile base in a while and decided I would take some time with one today. Still a bit of a work in progress - I totally forgot to put a lab on the prototype, for example. It also makes heavier use of part clipping than I'm usually comfortable with, so it will probably get some changes before I'm satisfied. It's not really visible in any of my screenshots, but there are a pair of hitchhiker cans in the in the forward cargo bay, offset into the fuel tanks in front & behind the bay with mostly just the ladder & hatch visible in the bay. Initial testing on Kerbin revealed that the wheels were stronger than the runway, but the wheel to fuselage attachments were not Happily I had a spare Sarnus launch vehicle laying around, along with four Granok 3.75m launchers that were converted into radial boosters to loft this beast to the Mun The Mun prototype was landed - without any explosions, although it was sliding sideways for a while - near my existing mining base, about 4 km away, so it gave me a chance to try out driving this on the Mun. Despite some oddness and 2 near-disastrous rolls that were barely recovered in time, I made it in one piece. For reasons I don't understand, when the brakes are engaged (lit up on the overhead display) the wheel brakes are released, and when the brakes are disengaged (no light), the wheel brakes are on. I haven't messed with the large rover wheels all that much, is this "normal" for them or is something glitched? I don't remember seeing this before, but it has been a while. That's not a rover. Now this, this is a rover
  9. It's been a busy two days for my career - the Laythe ocean base splashed down safely, the Lynx-Laythe 6x6 amphibious rover landed as well, my Eve crew started their trip home, both my Jool & Eeloo com relays entered their intended orbits and then a whole pile of course correction maneuvers from my Jool fleet. Laythe ocean base ready for entry Chutes deployed. It's in the water ~60 km from where the Laythe Explorer drone landed Splashed down with Jool peaking over the horizon. Lynx-Laythe rover descending - the Laythe Explorer is about 6.5 km away, on the other side of the hill in the background There's that geyser. I also passed a boulder on the driver over, but I don't have an active contract to scan a boulder, so I let it be for now. Scan in progress. Laythe Explorer is visible in the background. Eve crew getting ready to depart. The Eve Lander is docked to the nose for the return trip Last sunset on Eve I also popped in to check on my Duna crew and caught a rare evening without a dust storm. The SAFER reactor is humming away, providing all necessary power, so all the solar panels have been stowed for safety.
  10. For horizontal landing on any vacuum body, you normally burn off most of your speed until close to the surface & flip horizontal for the touchdown. Even 60 m/s seems higher than it needs to be. With Minmus' low gravity, wheel brakes aren't going to do much. Now if you are just trying to challenge yourself to see how fast you can land, I'd advise you bring a lot of Monoprop, because your RCS is probably going to be more effective for braking than your actual brakes are.
  11. Amazing work, @XLjedi !!! Thanks for sharing this
  12. I had some time this morning, so I fast-forwarded a month & got Jeb and the rest of the vets going to Jool. ETA is just 397 days to a Tylo intercept - which only required a small correction burn (<70 m/s) immediately after leaving Kerbin SoI. No mid-course correction needed, and I don't even think it'll need any in-system correction before intercepting Tylo - Pe is pretty low as-is and the intercept is right where it needs to be, near the craft's Jool Pe. And I still have 67000 m/s dV remaining for the capture and any in-system maneuvers. Docking to transfer crew. The nose segment will get transferred to DSV-01 Alderaan and make the round trip to Jool & back so I have a ready made "return to Kerbin from...." craft that is light enough not to seriously impact the DSV's dV. Starting 3800 m/s Jool transfer maneuver. Even with the fusion drive, it only accelerates at <0.6 g, so it take a few minutes. This smaller fusion drive is kept cool by the 4 large thermal control system panels - they maxed out & the engine heated up to something like 835 K within maybe two minutes & stayed steady for the rest of the maneuver. Maneuver complete, it will take just over 4 hours to clear Kerbin's Soi I also had a minor problem and 2 random part testing on Kerbin contracts, so I made a solution to all 3 and ended up with a nice little light launch vehicle by accident. The problem was I have a contract to "return to Kerbin from the surface of Eve" and my Eve lander has no provisions for reentry or landing - it was supposed to return the single crewman to Eve station then get sent to crash back into Eve. Happily, I have KIS & KAS, so attaching the crew capsule to the crew cycler for the trip home is no problem, but getting the pod to actually land intact needs some work. So I launched a probe with docking port, RCS, parachutes & heatshield. The 2 part test contracts were for a "Cub" vernier engine & a Boostertron I SRB (from a mod, made for giving a small boost for 30 seconds). So I built what is now the Steamglider launch vehicle - two 1.875m long tanks, a Kodiak engine with 4 Cub's, the 4 Boostertron I SRB's on radial decouplers. Lifted my Eve lander fixer thing up to a 135km Ap, and still had around 80-90 m/s dV remaining, but I went ahead & dumped it since the upper stage had around 1700 on its own. With 4 Cubs for steering on a relatively light vehicle, that thing handled like a sports car. As soon as the payload was in orbit, I went back to the VAB & saved the first stage as a subassembly for future use. Finally, my Laythe ocean base was arriving at Tylo a day after Alderaan left Kerbin, so I went ahead and did that gravity assist with 2 small correction maneuvers that put it going straight into a Laythe intercept with ~120 km Pe. Next step is putting it down safely, but the Laythe Explorer drone (which is my target) is on the night side so it'll have to wait
  13. My Jool fleet departed today. So much fun - ~2200 m/s maneuver nodes, one after the other. All 13 of them. The Laythe heavy fuel station - being moved by a fusion tug - was the worst. First, it defaulted to the wrong control point, so it immediately started spinning in circles when thrust was applied. Very, very fast circles. Made it nearly impossible to get the correct control point selected, then it took a while to actually get the spinning stopped. Once I got that under control & started thrusting again, the engine gimbal was high enough that it was threatening to shake the craft apart. I had to turn it down to 10% to get it stable enough to finish the maneuver. The 6 large thermal control system panels plus 4 large flat radiators were barely enough to keep the engine from overtemping - this was only maybe 2 minutes into the maneuver. At least Jeb & company have a month before their fusion-powered craft is due to go. And once it departs Kerbin, it will have just under a 1 year trip before reaching Jool. A crew of newbies, however, is taking the slow boat to Jool. One of the 13 that headed out today. Pictured here with a Lightning spaceplane bringing the crew up to transfer to the Calypso before heading on their way. The brightest spot of my day - my Eeloo Voyager arrived at Eeloo & entered orbit. At least it was less then a 2000 m/s maneuver for a change
  14. This is limited by KSP itself. Look in the "Gamedata/Squad/Contracts/Contracts.cfg" and there is a line "AverageAvailableContracts = ##" You can edit that value (or write a MM patch) to increase it. 20-25 is usually a good figure. The number of contracts of a given star rating is limited by a combination of reputation & Mission Control level. The higher your reputation, the more contracts of each star rating you can have, with the total limited by mission control level. I learned this when I smashed a load of tourists into the Mun & even with a level 3 mission control, I could only take like 3 each 1 & 2 star & two 3-star contracts or something like that. Once my rep started getting out of the negative, the number of allowed contracts started to increase as well.
  15. Stormy launch The actual launch was a complete failure, flipped in pitch nearing 10 km. Very disappointing, haven't had that happen in a long time. It wasn't even a new design, but it had a few changes and apparently one or more of them messed up the handling. Other than that, I continued with my pre-Jool launches. I'm basically done - this was a not-entirely-necessary crew shuttle to run between moons, and I already have well over a dozen other craft to transfer to Jool starting in 27 days, so I'm probably not going to bother with it. I just want to get Jeb & other vets to Laythe again. I haven't been in a while - with the frequent KSP updates, I usually start a new career with each new version.