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  1. Cavscout74

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    I started doing that recently. Even for vacuum worlds/moons - just set ablator to 0 and skip the actual legs. Other than when I'm just a little too heavy for my parachute, I usally keep my heat shields except the inflatable ones. I'll even keep the inflatable one if I'm coming down in water
  2. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I spent a good portion of this morning cussing at mods that suddenly (fine two days ago, no changes/updates made since) decided to start not playing nice*. Then made another copy of 1.4.4, reinstalled almost all my mods and discovered that the one crewed vessel (Minmus station) that was active in my career save had parts from the removed mod. Tried editing the persistance file, but it still won't load that station or let me delete it. So I started another new career save, ran a few missions, then shut down for the day. Accomplished a grand total of -2 weeks of career progression.
  3. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I spent some time in an alternate version of 1.4.4, trying to figure out Pathfinder mod. I was actually getting the hang of it and had a nice little base started next to the runway. Then I meant to go back to the space center to bring in another vehicle with more parts & equipment. Except I apparently hit "recover" instead of "space center."
  4. Cavscout74

    [1.4.1] Kerbal Launch Failure Revived

    In 1.4.4 with most recent version of Launch Failure, I've had 2 different craft suffer failures in orbit. Both occurred long after launch - days later in one case - and happened immediately after switching to the craft. The second one actually caused the command pod to fail, and I had to reload the game as it was stuck at 0 speed at 80 km and the crewmember was gone. This one occurred immediately after separating a "Pea" pod in preparation for reentry - and the parachute (only other attached part) continued on its trajectory after the pod froze in place.
  5. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I finally got around to sending a mission up to clear up two spent stages from my early career. Specifically the upper stage of my Interim Mun Lander design - I couldn't spare an extra part for a probe core or the fuel to deorbit at the time. I didn't feel like launching two missions, so I made a double recovery vehicle, launched it, then realized I could've saved myself some funds & dV by only having one detachable unit & just a claw in the second position: After first capture. I can't believe I didn't just stick a claw on the second position instead of the whole autonomous claw thing. Just gave me 3 things to deorbit instead of 2. Still, it worked as intended: Connect the claw, seperate the claw vehicle, then once clear of the main ship, fire the SRB & watch your Pe drop: My two Duna landers also arrived successfully. Neither one had any maneuvering capability once the transfer stage seperated, but somehow I managed to place them within 10% of the planets radius of each other entirely by accident. It's not even a good thing because they ended up in the same biome. Not a total loss as they had a few different experiments on each, but still lost out on a little science for now. Finally, some last minute orbital repair work - totally forgot to put any kind of radiator on my Jool Voyager NERV transfer stage, so I sent Kelrik up with a few small thermal control systems to attach.
  6. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Had a rather busy day in KSP today, to the point I don't have time to post the screenshots. I'll post another time, but for now just a nice view while Valentina was searching for a magnetic anomaly in the mountains:
  7. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Picked up an contract to explore a magnetic anomaly on Kerbin. For a change, I fired up an old fighter design from the back of the hangar & after a few quick changes due to tech limitations, I had Jeb fly up to check it out. Managed a "good" landing in the mountains near the anomaly - good meaning I used the aircraft drag chute & brakes instead of Jeb's personal chute. Jeb wasn't going to be flying back to KSC though. Climbing away from KSC After landing. Nevermind that missing wing. It's still a "good" landing. I also surprisingly turned my Moho fly-by probe into a Moho orbiting probe - starting at a 20km Pe, I had just enough fuel in both the transfer stage & probe to close the Ap down to ~2000 km. Didn't snap a screenshot of that though.
  8. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I haven't had much KSP time the last few days, but I did manage to get my first few Duna probes launched in my newest career. And one Voyager-ish probe managed to get a Minmus encounter while leaving Kerbin SoI. I've never had that happen before - Mun I'm used to dodging, but Minmus is a new one. I also broke out my RG-3 rocket glider design for a contract near the north pole. The glider performed wonderfully, although I misjudged the course & barely had enough fuel to correct. I also tested a new parachute setup for the Mk1-3 pod, although I didn't get any good shots of the test. I saw the idea on here somewhere - put radial chutes on top of the pod, then a decoupler with radial drogues, then a decoupler with a docking port. Once low enough for drogues, stage the decoupler, docking port & drogues. Once low enough for the mains, stage the other decoupler with the drogues. On my test, the decouplers weren't wanting to leave the ship easily, but the chutes still opened so it works. Jeb was disappointed that he didn't get to try his personal parachute.
  9. Cavscout74

    Skirting Death - Share Your Closest Calls

    Most recently (2 days ago) while trying to visit a Mun arch, got distracted until about two seconds before impact, managed to burn just enough for the gear, engines, & 2 fuel tanks to absorb the impact, leaving a pod, reaction wheel & 1 solar panel intact.
  10. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Started unlocking 2.5m parts in my 1.4.4 hard career and took up an Olympic MPV for an inclined high orbit rescue. The base model was just capable of performing the mission - I had 100 m/s dV left as I reentered the atmosphere, and nearly half my monoprop was gone as well. Didn't get any shots of the actual rescue though. But I actually got another pilot this time - the last 4 or 5 have all been scientists. Launch from Woomerang, climbing through the clouds. Escape system jettison prior to orbital burn. Command module reentering after jettisoning the spent service module.
  11. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I set up a 600 km satellite network so my unmanned launches finally stay in control in hard career. Only 2.5M antennas but I was able to fit 3 commsats on a single Titan launcher & set up the network. And started adding to my roster with fresh Sent up my chief (and only) engineer to clear up the abandoned debris after rendezvous with the first rescuee. He got to enjoy a nice view while he worked And everyone's favorite view at the end of the mission - 'chutes deploying. @Angel-125 did a nice job on the IVA.
  12. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Darn it, i have too many mods already - and I already have Orbital Science & Probes Plus (which adds Scansat parts too) - but you just make me want to add another.
  13. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    MJ Landing guidance can "land at target" as one of its options. And in the past I didn't expect it to be exact and ended up crashing a resupply mission into a Mun base. It's not always so exact - it might be a few hundred meters away - but it does attempt to land exactly on the target
  14. Cavscout74

    Reminisce with me! Holding down F.

    I've not been around long enough that it was needed, but I remember seeing the F key in the list of keybindings I printed out when I started & wondered why anybody needed to use it. So now I've learned what it was originally for. I guess that's my new thing to learn today.
  15. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Once again I wasn't very on the ball with taking screenshots, but my Interim Mun Lander successfully made it to Mun & back carrying Jeb & Kelrik (Bob's replacement) as the first Kerbonauts to set foot on another body in this career. I haven't used the new pods too much, but I like the integrated decoupler & heat shield. Saved me two parts on the design, which made a direct launch & return possible. IML about to reenter the atmosphere after its Mun landing Descending for landing. The science return enabled docking port jr's, so I can now do the rendezvous & dock in Mun orbit exploration contract