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  1. First, landing with the brakes already applied probably isn't helping. Second, your landing speed (127 m/s) is over 280 mph/450 kmh. Normal jet landing speeds are more in the range of 70-80 m/s. It may be possible to land at that speed, but it isn't going to be easy
  2. I've never used it, but here is this which is more recent:
  3. I've kinda switched to the "maybe" category for buying KSP2 after the last few updates I've seen.
  4. I just had that advantage of KSP illustrated a few days ago - steam apparently crashed for a while (~30 minutes that I know of). I was playing a different game - in offline mode, but I wanted to download some workshop stuff so I exited & switched to Steam to online and it wouldn't recognize my password. So I did the password change and changed it to what it was already supposed to be, and it still wouldn't take it. Eventually I realized it was a Steam problem and tried to switch back to offline mode. Except, the launcher still wanted my password but didn't recognize it. So I was outta luck for just about anything except KSP until Steam came back online.
  5. Probably a plot by Thompberry Kerman to take over more space programs, glad it was thwarted quickly
  6. Since 1.8 or 1.9, I've noticed the orbital scan is highlighting areas with low ore concentrations and completely missing areas with higher concentrations. I'll send an orbital scanner to Mun or Minmus, find some likely areas and land a rover to find the best concentration like I've done since 1.2.2. BUT what looks like the highest concentration from orbit has been consistently 7% or less with a ground scan and areas that look lower from orbit (even areas that appear to have no ore on at least one occasion) are turning out to be 10+% concentrations. So far, out of Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike & Eve in my current career, every area that I expected abundant ore from orbit has been no higher than 7%, while sending a rover into less highlighted areas (where I would expect 7-8% or less) have turned out higher. It's not even consistent, its almost like the orbit scanner is looking at something totally different than the surface scan
  7. Yep, same. I avoid the surface recovery contracts just to skip the glitches that come with them. Out of the maybe 3 I've done, 2 had glitched parts floating above the surface. And the one that didn't glitch spawned on a hillside & rolled down. Miraculously, it didn't explode but I had to chase it for a few km's
  8. I've used something similar to return pilots from putting long range spaceplanes into LKO. I use a pilot to avoid problems with loss of signal, but I also use life support and a little interface spaceplane for Laythe doesn't have room for 3 years of snacks. It rides piggy back, protected by a fairing which gets jettisoned in orbit. The pilot boards, stages away from the spaceplane and does a deorbit burn
  9. Didn't get much done - mostly some planning for upcoming transfer windows. I did get a contract satellite launched to Mun carrying a newly-unlocked ion engine Then installed a pair of 1000G ground antennas, one near KSC & one near DSC. Once in place, stabilizing legs are deployed then the massive antenna is unfolded Heading out to a good deployment location. How have I never noticed this vehicle park at the desert space center before now?
  10. Nope, sorry, I don't believe that. This is some kind of conspiracy!!!
  11. 1.3.1 was a great version - 1.4 added a ton of bugs and incompatibilities. I still have a mod & stock 1.3.1 install tucked away even though they aren't my primary installs. I personally don't think anything ran as smoothly as 1.3.1 until 1.8.1 came along.
  12. Finally post an update to my Out of the Sands career - I've been off playing a different game the last few weeks, but I needed a break from it and figured some nice simple rocket science was just the ticket. Got my Eve crew back home safe finally: And found out my spaceplane flying hasn't degraded too badly - I did overshoot KSC by over 200 km though And started getting things ready for a Moho mission
  13. Update 07:250 Don't look back, A new day is breakin' Manned Launches: Just 2 manned launches this update, both spaceplanes. Unmanned Launches: 7 unmanned launches this update Aircraft: On 07:151-152 conducted a series of test flights of an experimental disc-winged aircraft that went surprisingly well. The first attempt resulted in a crash due to a low-altitude maneuver without sufficient room for recovery. Pilot Magas Kerman was shaken but uninjured, while Haigan Kerman performed the subsequent test flights without incident. Due to predicted increasing demand, additional Lightning II spaceplanes were built & rolled out, CS-04-07210 & CS-04-07228 Debris: EFS-Eve Transfer Stage - 05:395 - Eve surface Ongoing Missions: ***Operation Morning Star*** With the safe return of the crew from Eve orbit, Operation Morning Star is officially concluded ***Operation Red Dawn*** "Eva-1" - Entered Eve's SoI on 07:193 and established orbit on 07:198. Eve entry is on hold, pending alignment of its orbit with EFS-Eve, which only took a few hours. After a brief deorbit burn, the transfer stage was jettisoned and Eva-1 prepared for entry. Initial entry was stable and despite a loss of signal, Eva-1 remained in a steady, nose-up attitude. Despite getting fairly warm, nothing overheated and speed dropped rapidly until signal was reestablished and the craft trimmed for gliding flight. Despite using most of the onboard fuel, the entry burn was too soon and the final touchdown was over 640km away from EFS-Eve. Still, the mission was a success in so far as it demonstrated a safe and effective way to deliver a 2-kerbal crew to Eve that allows for limited maneuvering to select a final landing zone. MMB-ISRU-E-1 - Eve arrival on 07:193 and entered orbit 07:197. During Eve entry, it was discovered the team responsible for adding parachutes for a soft landing were off stuffing themselves with snacks and forgot to add the parachutes. The inflatable heatshield made a reasonably effective parachute, but induced a violent spinning motion around the longitudinal axis. Landing speed was actually <20 m/s, but the MMB module ended up partially inverted after "landing," without enough reaction wheel strength to right itself. The decision was made to activate the self-destruct charge (intended for the inflatable heatshield, but still attached to the rover) and attempt a new mission in the future. Laythe Large Remote Rover - Jool SoI encountered on 07:160 and after a minor course correction had a fly-by of Tylo on 07:200 followed by Laythe encounter on 07:201. After orbital insertion, two aerobraking passes brought the rover down on a large island. Loss of comms resulted in a multi-hour delay before control was regained and scientific data gathered on both Laythe's dunes & shores, plus scans of a stone and a geyser. TL-1 - Course correction completed on 07:198, Jool intercept expected 09:056 Laythe Glide Rover 2 - Course correction performed on 07:230, Jool arrival expected 09:191 Pol Lander & Relay Mk 1v - Jool arrival planned for 07:270 LACRO-5-1 - Circularization maneuver planned for 08:082 JLR-3-3 - Jool intercept expected on 08:210 LSD-01 - Jool arrival expected 10:031 Barca-Eeloo - Eeloo arrival is expected 11:368 Other:
  14. High reward Sentinel contracts aren't too rare. I've never seen one that high, but I generally turn my contract rewards down to 40% or less.