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  1. Victor12

    Yes, i know i spelled "Brutus" wrong

    it was melting the computer with the payload, it should get better once it's out of the atmosphere though.
  2. Victor12

    Yes, i know i spelled "Brutus" wrong

    It's designed to handle a very large space station I've been wanting to send into space for a while now, but thanks for the tips! maybe I should just forget about asparagus staging the thing and just make it two stages.
  3. As everyone knows, making history has some huge, new parts. and I've been playing around with them, the end result was a rocket that crashed my game... three times (not really). unfortunately, I'm no expert in huge rockets, and there are a stupid amount of wrinkles that have to be ironed out. if you have a strong computer and like a challenge, be my guest. PS: no, seriously, this thing kills frames Sorry, forgot
  4. also, thank you for the encouragement Spricigo
  5. Thanks! I can actually not miss planets by hundreds of thousands of kilometers now! PS: that remark wasn't supposed to snarky, it was to show how bad at ksp I am.
  6. I'm in grade ten and understand none of this. All the planners make no sense to me, can someone tell me how to read one and show how much more intellectually superior they are?
  7. This pretty self-explanatory, I suck at any form of encounter with other planets. any suggestion, tips, or ideas.
  8. Victor12

    My first SSTO

    Press Caps lock, but i don't know what it does. First, Another Canadian! yay! Secondly, here. Not enough, you mean.
  9. Victor12

    My first SSTO

    The other answer is, for SSTOs, you don't particularly "fly" them. You turn on SAS on the runway, and maybe tap a few buttons once or twice to keep them going straight -- but otherwise they are supposed to fly to orbit by themselves, pretty much, while you just sit and watch. The end results turned the craft into a land submarine i need actual instruction on how to fly a SSTO Also, do i use aircraft mode or rocket mode SAS?
  10. Victor12

    My first SSTO

    How do I fly this thing? it "should" work. I built it myself. Sorry its so small
  11. Any other problems now that I have the screen shots?
  12. I should explain, back in the "testing stage" I was trying to instead create a kind of umbrella on the bottom of the lander using seven 10 meter heat shields. this tended to lure in the Kraken a lot and usually ended up getting the heat shields jettisoned "early". now, the heat shield was glitchy but they did there job, once they got "detached" most of the craft could slow down enough using the "tumble around like crazy" method to deploy the drogue chutes. the thing always burned up though were the nose cones though. so I ditched them pretty early on. later I refined the reentry system and forgot to put the nose cones back on, just tested it, they should survive.
  13. All the screenshots. It is the lander, followed by the entire ship assembled and then the mother ship. Boy, this thing is a hot mess. and yes, I have a rocket big enough to launch this thing.
  14. I actually do have big, huge mothership to get my kerbals back to kerbin, it was based on the Hermes from the movie the Martian. cost doesn't matter since I am in sandbox mode. and find nose cones that won't blow up or add a sky crane to slow it down, got it.
  15. It won't let me, All my screenshots are JPG on a hard drive and I can't just paste them on.