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  1. A strange BUG, I'm looking for the reason
  2. I've already put your code in that MOD. Maybe I should change the description of that MOD
  3. When I made this MOD, I was not proficient at both BDA and unity. So the radar's code is very messy ,It just just grudgingly working. It can be searched in the game, but it can't have the same powerful performance as the real radar.Maybe I'll change it when I have time
  4. It works, but it doesn't really restore the performance of the reality.
  5. Thank you. It's helpful. Maybe, would you like my fighter? I also have this MOD
  6. Sorry for my poor English .I think the details of the ship are very important, if the ship is made into some piecewise parts. It's hard to make sure the details are perfect. The construction in the game is rough.And trying to make some easy to install models will also take time. For example, the location of node。I mean,This MOD will make a whole hull for a long time
  7. I'll pay attention to this at the next update.
  8. Thank you for your advice. If we hope that the details of the hull are very delicate, and we need to divide the hull into small pieces, it will be difficult. I will think of some ways to finish it. I believe it was a long time later.
  9. about textures,My idea is: make it bluer, like this?
  10. The make hulls divided into small pieces that are suitable for battleship battles. On anti ship missiles, especially the anti-ship missiles in Russia and China, can reach hundreds or even thousands kilogram TNT , When the missile hits ship , the hull pieces will disappear directly 。Then some sporadic antennas and launchers slowly sink,and something jumping up and down in the water………… Oh, Perry! I'm going to download one right now!
  11. update in 2017 / 1 / 28 C701 air and ship lunch anti ship missile A kind of light missile , has only 15 km rang and can only fire in FLIR lock,BUT it has only 150kg weight ,It can be launched on very small ships, and can also be launched on a shipboard helicopter to attack floating submarines. It can also be launched from the VLS of frigate. type 363 radar A small rang search radar for sea to air search, the only advantage of which is power saving and can be used on light ships. 324mm light torpedo launcher for my good friend @BF2_Pilot 's MOD You can fire YU-7 324mm torpedo by it ,and my missile launcher was also compatibility all anti ship missile in this mod。 and most important! new model of 054! A proportion perfect, delicate, will allow your graphics card to explode model! I know I've almost never really finished my notice once, but I still want to say the next version I want to make a ship in another country. The most likely is Japan. These ships belong to unmanned vehicles. Communication antenna needs to be installed
  12. The Perry frigate is in my plan
  13. A long - taken notice In the next version I will redo almost all of the models, which will be very meticulous, so the process is time-consuming.
  14. Thank you for your support. The Japanese marine self-defense team's ships are also very characteristic. I'll consider it. This game is really not a good environment for too big a ship. Here, we can't do well in the performance of destruction, nor can we really simulate the fire, water intake and damage control.I know some MOD trying to do it,but all was not very perfect. so I probably won't make too big ships,like kongo. by the way,maybe The damage model of the wheel and the overheat effect of the engine may be able to make a destructive effect in some way. I'm not sure this is feasible.
  15. Update 2018/1/20 fix bug of hanger door new model of 37mm CIWS gun
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