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  1. Hi @jrbudda! I've been reading through the last couple pages of this thread and your additions to KER look great, however I'm mainly playing RSS/RO on 1.3.1, and I've tried dumping your latest release (v. in my install, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work properly (I assume because it's been compiled against 1.4.3. I knew that going in but I figured I'd still give it a shot). I'd love to be able to play with your version of the mod, and especially your fixes with regards to RealFuels are something I've been longing for. Us RSS/RO players could really use that. Any way you could make a 1.3.1 compatible version? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I had an interesting idea that is probably relevant to this mod, and I wondered if it even was possible. The idea stems from the fact that controlling probes from the ground KSC sometimes doesn't make sense. Say you have a station in orbit with a detachable probe used to move modules around and build your station further. I think it'd be more appropriate for a kerbal in the station's command pod to control the probe, so the probe's IVA would be the command pod's, using its screens to monitor attitude, info, cameras of the probe instead of the station's. Maybe you could even switch between controlling the station and the probe, or use screens to see info/cameras from both ships at the same time. This would also be appropriate for controlling autonomous rovers near a Mun base, for example. Before going into IVA for the probe, you would choose who's controlling it: either KSC (normal ProbeControlRoom) or any other ship within physics range (or further, depending on what's possible). Would that be interesting for anyone else? Is that even possible to make as a mod? Thanks!