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  1. Yeahhh I figured about as much, if I were them I also wouldn't touch this hot mess with a 10 foot pole. After this though I am positive they've got it in the right hands now, and maybe we'll even get mouse and keyboard support! In the mean time, I guess it's sandbox mode and Scott Manly videos to hold me over. Anyways, is there a place to get updates on progress for said new port?
  2. Hey all! I would like to begin by stating this is my first post ever here so forgive me for any formatting errors or party fouls. Thanks! With all the huff and puff about release dates and refunds (perhaps well deserved impatience, but not the boat I'm in personally), I wanted to ask about a possible hotfix before the big patch? Having had my save file corrupted 3 times in the last 2 days resulting in many, many lost hours(though not as many as others I suppose), I realized how much I wanted to play more of this game but simply couldn't. It actually seems worse now than it did on release when I bought it. In fact, I stopped playing then out of frustration that I didn't know how to play after hours and hours of watching Scott Manly and Kurt on PC rather than any bugs ruining it. Anyways, my point is; is it reasonable to hope for a little baby patch to fix a couple of the big game breaking bugs before the big one? Ya' know, just hold us (me) over until it's finally out? I would even be willing to put up with the seemingly random crashes and FPS drops just so long as I didn't lose my hours of game play again...