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  1. Cough cough then the AI probably turned the ECM on as you're not getting into aim-9 range from 15km without the AI firing atleast a few radar missiles unless you have no radar. Nevermind that trying to cross those 8 something kilometers without firing back would be quite lethal.
  2. Cough cough the kerbalfield stealth module is even more broken than the ECM cough cough
  3. Cough cough how much ECM did you spam to get that close?
  4. At this point its pretty good. I can only tell you to perhaps increase the AoA a bit (the standard 35 is fine for most things) and I'd decrease the min speed as 140 is a bit high. Enabling engine gimbal on the current design should be fine.
  5. Cough cough the plane is just that good that it avoids meteors cough
  6. The design is a lot better although far from perfect. The plane still pulls way too much AoA to be stable even with the AI although to fix it the changes are quite minor. Just pulling the wings back a little and disabling engine gimbal made the plane suprisingly competetive. You should try messing around with it untill you get satisfactory results. The AI optimizations are and arent quite there. The Idle speed is way too low (mine is set at max speed without afterburner), the high AoA setting only compounds on the stability problems but otherwise they are roughly fine random as they may seem. Also the AI doesnt know how to use different guns. You should have either 20mm's or 50 cal's.
  7. Cough cough are those kerbalfield missiles im seeing? Perhaps AESA even? Cough cough.
  8. Since the AI seems to fly the thing fairly decently I wont speak on your planes general design that much but it's not a very good design for being flown by a player with a keyboard as it pulls way too much AoA and bleeds all its speed unless youre constantly tapping the W/S keys. The real problems with the plane as stated above are its lack of chaff, weak engine at low speeds (I.e hilariously bad acceleration and climb). In my tests the Äffä-2B was able to win 1v3's every time against the MiV-49 mostly because of the lack of chaff making the MiV-49 super vulnerable to Amraams. The bad low speed acceleration also left the MiV-49 at below even the standard AI 1500m altitude (8km and 15km start) in contrast to the Äffä-2B which almost climbs up that high before the MiV-49 even takes off. The only time the MiV-49 got into a dogfight was in the 40km start where I had the AI optimized to let them go over mach 1 and at 3km altitude. In this scenario 2/3 MiV's were shot down before 1 of them entered the dogfight where it only really managed to stay on the Äffä-2B's six for a moment because the AI did not understand to extend away rather attempting defensive flying against the MiV-49 which at its concerningly low TwR and high energy bleed is completely incapable of overshooting the Äffä-2B in that scenario even without afterburners. (Testing was done with the bdarmory built in competition at 8km, 15km and 40km) I would suggest improving the plane by doing the following: Add chaff AI optimization (max speed, max G, etc....) Change the engine to preferably a panther or for an interceptor role the whiplash I would personally reduce the amount of aim-9's to 4 or 2 and replace the rest with amraams (not a major concern) Consider making the design pull less AoA and bleed less speed when turning. (more/different wing + control surfaces) The design certainly isnt useless and I believe it could be potentially made into a quite good design mainly by changing the powerplant and perhaps considering the aerodynamics. I hope this helps you make it into a better design that can compete against even advanced designs. And yes I spent too much time stroking my ego doing 1v3's against it so I felt obligated to write this.
  9. Here is my air superiority submission. https://kerbalx.com/l0kki/Affa-2B The Äffä-2B is a love letter to the fighter design air superiority competitions of yesterday and the strongest craft I can muster outside kerbalfield black magic. Designed for the 15km Bdarmory competition meta It includes 4 vulcans, 10 Amraams and 2 aim-9's over 12 hardpoints. It has very good energy retention included with a TwR of 1.7 fully loaded. While a product of missile spam doctrine it also performs favorably in dogfights. The only aircraft it in my experience hasn't been able to put up a fight against have been the putrid ECM meta planes. https://imgur.com/a/STxWLBk (for pics)
  10. Boom boom boom boom smashing trough at 3:06 with a speedy needle
  11. https://imgur.com/a/p9idWKC As the title says post kerbals "dancing" with physics breaks like this. Jeb here is doing sick breakdancing moves after I crash landed my minimalist mun lander the other day due to its low TwR.
  12. Cough cough exploits cough cough Or maybe just cosmetics cant say without knowing.
  13. Ah this is my fault for providing lacking flight instructions. To prevent bouncing on landing you should land at under 100m/s, 80m/s is preferable without the FTAE.
  14. Welcome to your life the PTSLRA by L0kkiotech At the price of 37 935 000‬$ the PTSLRA is rated for ~4300km of flight @ 6500m 240m/s (FTAE disabled) and has a passenger capacity of 24. The craft can perform STOL operations with the use of thrust reversal and A front takeoff assistance engine which can be used to reduce takeoff velocity by 20m/s. The craft has excellent flight characteristics and can turn on a dime. For short takeoff turn the FTAE to 90 degrees and start accelerating untill 50m/s, after that pull up. Accelerate to around 150m/s and climb at 10-20 degrees. You should not land at over 100m/s to prevent dangerous bouncing. For controlling the aircraft several action groups are used 1 - To toggle the airbrakes 2 - To toggle thrust reversal 3 - To toggle the FTAE F/B translate - to control the angle on the FTAE https://kerbalx.com/l0kki/PTSLRA
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