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  1. Boom boom boom boom smashing trough at 3:06 with a speedy needle
  2. https://imgur.com/a/p9idWKC As the title says post kerbals "dancing" with physics breaks like this. Jeb here is doing sick breakdancing moves after I crash landed my minimalist mun lander the other day due to its low TwR.
  3. Cough cough exploits cough cough Or maybe just cosmetics cant say without knowing.
  4. Ah this is my fault for providing lacking flight instructions. To prevent bouncing on landing you should land at under 100m/s, 80m/s is preferable without the FTAE.
  5. Welcome to your life the PTSLRA by L0kkiotech At the price of 37 935 000‬$ the PTSLRA is rated for ~4300km of flight @ 6500m 240m/s (FTAE disabled) and has a passenger capacity of 24. The craft can perform STOL operations with the use of thrust reversal and A front takeoff assistance engine which can be used to reduce takeoff velocity by 20m/s. The craft has excellent flight characteristics and can turn on a dime. For short takeoff turn the FTAE to 90 degrees and start accelerating untill 50m/s, after that pull up. Accelerate to around 150m/s and climb at 10-20 degrees. You shou
  6. 488 on steam and 50+ on non steam installs
  7. Juu ei löydy täältäkään vastausta
  8. Did the challenge. Reached 4000m/s. Got stuck in solar orbit.
  9. A bucket reverser is used to reverse the direction that the engine pushing, it would be nice to have a more powerful engine with the ability to reverse thrust.
  10. Hah weak! Now this is a real rocket seat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2k3OTUqg5I
  11. I built a mig-15 replica that looked nothing like the mig-15 which could reach 1600m/s at roughly sea level
  12. My great 14 minute trip from the KSC to the Dessert airfield can be found here https://imgur.com/a/jWXw31a Craft file https://kerbalx.com/l0kki/desert-airfield-transportation-aircraft Instructions Close the pilot cabin Press Z Press space Hope you know how to fly
  13. For aircraft whatever i feel like larping and for rockets either the name of the rocket im replicating or the literal purpose of it written like a 4 year old
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