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  1. l0kki

    Konkord's New Groove

    My great 14 minute trip from the KSC to the Dessert airfield can be found here https://imgur.com/a/jWXw31a Craft file https://kerbalx.com/l0kki/desert-airfield-transportation-aircraft Instructions Close the pilot cabin Press Z Press space Hope you know how to fly
  2. And i want a reason to build rovers
  3. l0kki

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    For aircraft whatever i feel like larping and for rockets either the name of the rocket im replicating or the literal purpose of it written like a 4 year old
  4. l0kki

    How Much Time Have You Spent Playing KSP?

    445 hours on steam and 20-80 on non steam installs like RSS/RO or 1.3.1 after 1.4 came out
  5. Maybe, although mods like tweakscale which use the m2 menu still work. But yeah, testing it is the best way to find out.
  6. Most mods for 1.4 and 1.5 work in 1.6 too. Infact most mods made for 1,4 work with 1.5 and 1.6
  7. l0kki

    When and why did you start modding KSP?

    When: Just after i got the game Why: I wanted to nuke the KSC with NKD
  8. When going from 1.3.1 to 1.4 i had to start over but ever since that i have not needed to do that aside from removing some files from missing history because the mods i use still work on 1.6. Fun thing most of my mods are 1.4.X
  9. Great ISP sure but in most rockets i have built using skiffs has given me too low of a TWR, mayby i was just using it wrong but oh well
  10. How was the Skiff considered OP though? In my experience it doesnt have the TWR or the gimbal to be used even in center stages on most rockets i have and they cant even be clustered that well since they are so big.
  11. l0kki

    Folding or deployable wings?

    I think that Infernal robotics is updated for 1.4.x so if youre playing on 1.4 you could try that if youre on 1.4. Might work on 1.5 too.
  12. l0kki


    It probably will be better than 1.3.1 KER wich thinks that engine plates work the same as decouplers and refuses to display deltaV for them when staged correctly
  13. Now what we need is an apoapsis/periapsis height and time to both display
  14. l0kki

    Auto maneuvers

    I think a better idea would be to have the option to place the maneuver node exactly on the apoapsis/periapsis/dn/an but you would still have to make the maneuver yourself. Although in all honesty this is pretty pointless because you can get your maneuver nodes accurate enough with the current system.