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  1. Conformal Decals header screenshot by @Zorg, also featuring Bluedog Design Bureau About Conformal Decals adds a set of decal stickers to KSP, as well as providing a framework for creating your own decals which conform to the surface of the parts they are attached to. Instead of static geometry, they project the decal onto the parts they are attached to using a custom projector shader. The system is modular to allow for creating your own decal parts and packs. How it works How to make your own decals This version is the initial release of the mod, and there are many features planned to be added in the future Features CDL-F Flag Decal: Conformal flag decal, which uses either the mission flag or a flag of your choosing. CDL-T Custom Text Decal: A customizable text decal with a variety of fonts CDL-1 Generic Decal: A set of conformal generic decals for planes and rockets CDL-2 Semiotic Standard Decal: A set of conformal decals based on the Semiotic Standard for All Commercial Trans-Stellar Utility Lifter and Transport Spacecraft designed by Ron Cobb for the movie Alien CDL-3 Surface Base Decal: A set of conformal decals based on the symbols from the movie Moon (2009) designed by Gavin Rothery Dependencies Required: KSP (1.8.x to 1.12.x) B9 Part Switch (2.19.0). Bundled with release. ModuleManager (4.2.1). Bundled with release. Shabby (0.2.0 unofficial build). Bundled with release. HarmonyKSP ( Bundled with release. Optional: Wild Blue Tools. For custom decals category in the VAB and SPH. Downloads Release: [GitHub] [SpaceDock] Source: [GitHub] [Mirror] Conformal Decals is also available on CKAN Credits Art and Plugin code: Andrew Cassidy (Cineboxandrew) Semiotic decal pack based on the work of Ron Cobb Munar decal pack based on the work of Gavin Rothery Installation Place the contents of the "GameData" folder into the GameData folder for your KSP install. Shabby, B9 Part Switch, and ModuleManager are required. Licensing Art assets and configuration files are licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0, as described in the LICENSE-ART.md file. You are free to share and adapt them as long as you provide credit to Andrew Cassidy and share them under the same license. Plugin code is distributed under the GPL v3, as described in the LICENSE-SOURCE.md file Any bundled mods are distributed under their own license: ModuleManager by blowfish and sarbian is distributed under a Creative Commons Sharealike license. More details, including source code, can be found here. B9PartSwitch by blowfish is distributed under the LGPL v3 license. Shabby by taniwha is distributed under the GPL v3 license.
  2. Kopernicus Continued Planetary System Modifier is a mod that provides for the graceful introduction of custom celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program. For the time being, all support is to be directed towards R-T-B's thread here. Downloads Download Kopernicus here Credit Credit must be given to current collaborator @R-T-B as well as previous authors @Thomas P. , @Sigma88 and many others for their incredible work in building an elegant solution for bringing new worlds to KSP. Source Code Source code can be found on the GitHub repository License Kopernicus is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
  3. I also have English as my secondary language i learned it because of watching youtube for years
  4. Logo Created by Myself and @Asksomoneelse. Plane created by @Maxorin This Challenge is a continuation and modification of this thread by @CrazyJebGuy (which in itself is a continuation of two other threads) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CHALLENGE AIMS TO BE A BIT MORE AESTHETICS ORIENTED THAN THE LAST (though performance is always more important) --- WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF EXTRA JUDGES TO ASSIST IN CLEARING THE BACKLOG. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Holiday#0321) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! --- Trans-Kerbin Airways (TKA) is an emerging airline taking the place of the now-defunct Kerbin Express Airlines. TKA is a large client and aircraft ranging from turboprops to jumbo jets are in high demand. Does your aircraft company offer the right kind of aircraft for the job? Trans-Kerbin Airways wants comfortable, profitable aircraft. They're looking for aircraft that meet or exceed their requirements for fuel efficiency, speed, range, passenger load, ease of training, comfort and cost of maintenance, for the right price that gives them the best return on investment. They also want a design that's flexible, offering variations of the same design for a variety of different routes. Trans-Kerbin Airways is also looking for airlines that emphasize passenger comfort for use on their luxury routes. The Rules: Must be compatible with KSP versions 1.8.X and 1.9.X Stock Parts + Both DLC are allowed. CRAFT MUST BE STOCK! Passengers must be enclosed in a cabin. Whether this be a crew cabin part or a custom fuselage is up to you. No rocket engines. Aircraft engines only. Aircraft must stay in atmosphere (no sub-orbital hops) and below 20km. Any kind of engine is allowed for any category. Clipping and CFE is allowed within reason (please negotiate what you are doing first). Engine clipping is allowed within reason. (no more than 3 clipped) You cannot craft file edit engines The aircraft should have a rolling takeoff and landing. Takeoff & Landing speed of no more than 80 m/s on land, or 120 m/s on water. No drop tanks. Your aircraft must stay intact. No afterburning engines unless you are building a supersonic airliner. Variants must still resemble the original aircraft. If it is too different it will be considered a different type. Mach 1 speed limit (343m/s) unless you are building a supersonic airliner. Passenger Cabins: Not all in-game values for how many passengers a cabin can carry will be used for this challenge and certain cabins have a higher level of comfort than most. Here is a list of what each cabin part can carry and their comfort levels according to the challenge: MK-1 Cabin: Carries 4 passengers, standard comfort. Mk-2 Cabin: Carries 8 passengers, improved comfort. Mk-3 Cabin: Carries 24 passengers, increased comfort. PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container: Carries 12 passengers increased comfort. Custom cabins using EVA seats will be judged on how you build it. If it generally looks like a nice cabin, it'll probably be rated higher in terms of comfort. Keep in mind, engine placement (noise levels) can affect the passenger comfort. What is a variant? To improve your design's competitiveness, your company can submit a variant of the same design (See Wants section below). A variant is built on the same model platform with minor changes in design to give it, say, extra range, or extra passenger room. This is most commonly achieved by adding fuel tanks or lengthening the cabin, sometimes with minor changes to wing and fuselage design. To qualify as a variant, it must generally have the same structural layout, meaning engines, gear, and lift surfaces must be in roughly the same location & design. Basically, if you make it too different, it will be considered a separate model/submission. What Trans-Kerbin Airways wants, By Category: The categories are more like guidelines rather than strict rules. An aircraft doesn't need to meet one requirement if it's particularly good at something else. Any category can be made supersonic. For all categories, Range will be calculated by fuel capacity / burn rate * speed / 1000m at the recommended cruising speed & altitude. There are three categories in range and sub-categories for each in capacity. Match up your aircraft to both the appropriate range and capacity requirements. For example, if you have an aircraft that carries 48 passengers and has a range of 2500km, it would be a Medium-Haul, Low-Capacity aircraft. Special categories that do not conform to these requirements will be listed below as 'special categories' ANY CATEGORY CAN BE MADE INTO A SUPERSONIC Range Requirements: Short-Haul Airliner A cruising speed of 110m/s or greater is preferred Must have a range of 1000km Short takeoff and landing is preferred. Must be capable of operating on rough airfields. Medium-Haul Airliner Cruising speed of 230m/s or greater is preferred Must have a range of 2000km - 3000km Should be equipped to operate at smaller airports. Long-Haul Airliner Cruising Speed of 240m/s or greater is preferred Must have a range greater than 3000km Passenger Capacity Requirements: Low Capacity Maximum 100 passengers Medium Capacity Must carry 100 - 300 passengers Standard or greater comfort is preferred High Capacity Must carry more than 300 passengers Must have high levels of passenger comfort SPECIAL CATEGORIES: These categories do not correspond with the ones above Flying Boat Must be capable of taking off and landing from water Range of at least 500km Cruising Speed of at least 100m/s Can be of any size Cargo/Combi Aircraft Must carry cargo. Range of at least 1500km Combi aircraft must carry both passengers and cargo Judging Criteria: Every submission that meets the requirements will be ranked with feedback from TKA Jet test pilots, but how well it ranks depends on: (Note, this is elaborated on later) How well it meets or exceeds the category requirements Cost of Aircraft Fuel Efficiency at recommended cruising speed & altitude Ease of maintenance. Maintenance is judged through the amount of engines and complex parts (landing gear, moving parts, fuel piping, etc) rather than pure part count alone. This is so higher-part count designs can compete. Engine configuration is also important in how easily the aircraft is maintained. Engines low to the ground would allow easy access for ground crew Having the same kind of engines (if you have multiple) can help ease load off maintenance crews. Passenger comfort Distance of engines to passenger cabins will be considered The type of passenger cabins you use will also be considered. Aesthetics We want nice looking aircraft so they're more appealing to our customers and advertising If it looks right, it flies right. Feel free to ask questions about anything you find confusing in the judging process. How to Submit. Your post must include the following: The name of your aircraft company and model names for the designs you're submitting. Please clarify what category you're entering the plane in. At least one screenshot or very large bold text or something in your submissions. This is so we can more easily see it is a submission, we don't want to accidentally skip yours. A link to your craft files in your submission post. No PMing me. PREFERABLY ON KERBALX The price of your aircraft times 1,000. (If $23,555 in-game, submit as $23,555,000. This is just for fun to make prices more realistic.) The recommended cruising speed and altitude for your aircraft. This is the speed and altitude you've fine-tuned your designs for, ensuring the best balance of speed, range, and fuel efficiency. It's also what the test pilots will be testing your aircraft at for judging. (Optional, but will help in review) Pitch your aircraft to the TKA executives, selling them on why it should be purchased for their fleet. Include any notable features (even if fictional). ========================================================================================================================================== The Judges: @HolidayTheLeek @Asksomoneelse @Maxorin (skilled airliner builder - check him out on KX) @HB Stratos @keptin (original creator of the challenge!) @TheGoldenSoldier @NightshineRecorralis (Judge from the previous challenge) @Servo @ScaryTerry @Mathrilord @Rocket_man1234 @mrdanger2007 @EvenFlow Feel free to message me on discord (Holiday#0321) about being a potential judge) Pilot Review template below: Challenge Submissions: @Klapaucius's Squire Submarine Plane (SUPERSONIC FLYING BOAT) Cheap, fast and easy to fly. Very odd design and kind of a maintenance hog. @Rocket_man1234's K-400 (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Flies well but a bit sensitive and difficult to land. Cheap, effective and with a range rivalling long-haul airliners. @SuicidalInsanity's IA-480 Dyamerang (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Odd bird with questionable design. High maintenance, draggy but powerful. Has spectacular passenger views. @keptin's Longboy (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Simple, rugged and fairly cheap to operate though unfortunately plagued with problems with landing gear. @Klapaucius's Gogol (SUPERSONIC MEDIUM HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) A surrealist avante garde aircraft with seemingly Lovecraftian origins. Powerful, fast and surprisingly manueverable but an uncomfortable ride and a maintenance hog. @keptin's Longboy-EX (SHORT HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) The Longboy's big brother. A little bit too long to be safe - questionable airworthiness and structural integrity. @Maxorin's Model 727 (SHORT HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Beautifully constructed aeroplane, albeit a bit inefficient and expensive. @Box of Stardust's A-504-1A-ER ( LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Sleek, powerful and efficient with only minor problems. @chargan's Firebird (SUPERSONIC LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Unwieldy to fly, expensive, inefficient, lacking in range but blisteringly fast with good passenger capacity! @keptin's MANTABEAST (LONG HAUL HIGH CAPACITY) Huge, terrifying and demonic. Impressive, though @Box of Stardust's A-301-2A (CARGO) Same reliable airframe as the A-504 but for cargo @antimatterkill's J.220 (COMBI) Jack of all trades, master of none @Juhnu's JA-42 (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) A gorgeous aircraft - both beautiful and functional. Extremely fuel efficient and comfortable. Unfortunately, a tad expensive. @keptin's Centurion (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) A very good aircraft considering its low cost. Very powerful and also has a high cruising speed for subsonics. @Servo's LA-600 (LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Great looking aircraft with excellent range - but is difficult, dangerous to fly and rather expensive. @Maxorin's S350 (LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Beautiful aircraft but incredibly expensive. Ease of maintenance is deemed adequate owing to engine configuration and type. @keptin's Duck (CARGO) Works extremely well but doesn't have much of a use except for a small niche. @AVeryNiceSpacePenguin's SBD Dauntless (???) ...it's a war plane... a museum plane... everything but an airliner!!! @Bob_Saget54's Gigant (LONG HAUL HIGH CAPACITY) Premium comfort and excellent safety. Is quite expensive and would only work on luxury routes due to cost. @l0kki's PTSLRA (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Well rounded aircraft with excellent range. Capable of barely landing on carriers but for some reason has outdated tail dragger landing gear. @rutnam's A917-A Skycutter (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Has a long range but is loud and fairly maintenance heavy. Aircraft flies well. @mrdanger2007's Model 308 Altoliner (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Beautifully retro but unfortunately impractical for regular service. Would work well as a museum plane, though. @espartanlast1's SRJ-10SP/SRJ-15SP (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Simple, easy to fly with excellent takeoff performance. Works well for low cost! @NightshineRecorralis's Saturn SST (SUPERSONIC LONG RANGE MEDIUM CAPACITY) A sci-fi supersonic with stall speeds rivalling propeller driven airliners. Very fast and easy to fly but a maintenance hog. @MR_somebody's Class 47 Ekranoplan (FLYING BOAT) Expensive, maintenance heavy, loud and slow! Not an aircraft but a ground effect vehicle! @KingDominoIII's C6-168 'TRIAD' JUMBO JET (SUPERSONIC LOW CAPACITY MEDIUM RANGE) Fast but not as fast as a true supersonic. Very strange to look at and very inefficient. @KestrelAerospace's Exmouth Class Flying Boat (FLYING BOAT) A flying boat reminiscent of the 1930s golden age of flight. Excellent to fly and comfortable but limited in range. @antimatterkill's S.126 (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) A strange aircraft that surprisingly has VTOL capability. Cheap to buy but expensive to maintain with a lot of moving parts. @Nantares' NA-AT 1011A "Tobi-Ume" (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Futuristic airliner with box-wings and 6 engines. A bit steep but the long range makes it worth it. @Commodoregamer118's DDR ISSRJ1 (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Small and easy to maintain but with questionable flight characteristics. @Mathrilord's LoRE HST-3-8 Missile (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Cheap, lightning fast and definitely fitting of the 'missile' title. @TheGoldenSoldier's AirTrain 737 (LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Big and luxurious but expensive to buy and maintain. @Mars-Bound Hokie's B-343 SST (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Really big, but only carries 24 passengers. Fast but expensive and potentially dangerous to run.
  5. Hello, My name is Benjamin Gottsch, and I am here to announce that I will be attempting something that I do not know if it has been attempted before. I am going to go the Mun in a spacecraft I have designed, fully Apollo style, without using time warp, and I plan on livestreaming the entire event on Twitch. This is an invitation for anyone who wishes to follow me as I make this journey. And this post is simply put, the schedule of events, and when they will happen. I plan on doing the stream on June 29th. This coming Monday, at 9:00 am Central Time. The following is an order of events that will take place from that time on. 9:00 am- Stream Begins and I explain the full mission plan, and the activities that will be performed along the way. 10:00 am- Liftoff, rocket will liftoff, and perform standard roll and gravity turn maneuvers to place itself into a 125 kilometer circular orbit. 10:10 am- Vehicle will perform Orbital Insertion Burn, and then complete one orbit from to perform final checks and prep, to plan the Trans Mun Injection burn. Around 11:00 am- Vehicle will perform the Trans Mun Injection Burn. Then will perform checks on the orbit, and make any light corrections with RCS, and perform Transposition and Docking to extract the Mun Lander from the TMI stage. 11:20 am- 5:00 pm- Rest period for the astronaut to sleep through most of the coasting to the Mun. 6:00 pm- Mun Orbit Insertion Burn 6:10 pm- Begin Preparations for Mun Orbit EVA activities. 7:00 pm- Mun orbit EVA. 7:30 pm- Begin prepping lander for undocking and descent. 7:45 pm- Lander undocked and begin Mun Descent burn. around 8:00 pm- Landing on the Mun. 8:10 pm- Begin EVA preps. 8:30 pm- Surface EVA activities. Around 9:00 pm- Mun Surface rest period. 12:00 am- Wake up and begin prep for Ascent and Rendezvous. 1:00 am- Ascent and Rendezvous with CM. around 2:30 am- Transfer to CM, and undock the Lander to prepare for Trans Kerbin Injection Burn. 4:00 am- Trans Kerbin Injection Burn. 4:30 am- 9:00 am- Final resting period before return to Kerbin. 9:00 am- Secondary activities. 3:00 pm- System Shutdown for reentry. 4:00 pm- Service Module separation. 4:20 pm- Reentry and Splashdown. 5:00 pm- End Stream. I've been working on this project for a few days, and still have a few things that I need to iron out. But this is the planned list of events and the expected times they will occur. They are subject to change as some events may be pushed up or down depending on when the other events occur. I will try to keep my stream updated so that people who want to watch certain events can join at those times, as I expect the entire flight won't be something someone watches. I'll also record the entire thing to post in a more bite size video onto my YouTube channel. I hope to see some of yall there at some points of the flight. Have a good day, and as Scott would tell you. Fly safe.
  6. Happy Canada Day, everyone! With time still having no meaning, let's take a second- or hour, or minute- to reflect on Canada's contribution to spaceflight. There's the Canadarm, the Candarm2 (Electric Boogaloo), and Chris Hatfield's mustache. Canada was the third country to construct an artificial satellite! And did we mention that @Red Iron Crown is from Canada, eh? Moving swiftly on, our first thread is @AG-cs' Little House of nightmares. The ships are cool, but the planet textures creep me out! Speaking of planets, @prestja has updated a fork of Kopernicus so it's compatible with KSP 1.9.1. This is a great service to the community! The forum rules require all posts outside the International Subforums to be in English, but it's not everyone's first language. If you learned English as a second language, @MarsBy2024OrBust invites you to share how you learned it! Covid-19 has put a halt to most air travel on Earth, but thankfully there are no cases on Kerbin yet. @HolidayTheLeek is looking for passenger airliners. Are you the next Paul Priestman? TOTM badges? We don't need no stinking TOTM badges! Not when @cineboxandrew has decals, instead. Now with 29% less treasure from the Sierra Madres! (Note: TOTM badges are still available, and do not smell.) Finally, @Rocketscience101 took indoor confinement to the extreme. Over the course of a day and a half, he went to the Mun in real time, using only IVA view. Bravo, and well done! A big thanks to this month's nomination committee: @DeltaDizzy, @EchoLima, @Just Jim, @Poodmund, @Nightside, @Servo, and @woeller. And, as always, thank you to @adsii1970 for making this month's badge! Feel free to wear it in your signature with pride.
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