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  1. This, NASA basically need an econobox lander that is compatible with the semi that is the Starship. Make it refuellable by starship ( aka use methane) , so that a depot starship can refuel for a lot of sorties . It has to be small, even somewhat cramped, but it need to carry 4 astronauts. It has to be swappable between crew pod and cargo pod
  2. Imho for crew flights they will just expend the booster, especially for the first years
  3. Fixed for you Even if we consider it in non reusable mode: 300 tons to orbit at what? 1/10th of the price if not lower? So 20 times more efficient? ~[snip]~
  4. Lol...are you saying that crony capitalism is a good thing? Because you sound like you are. And if not, are you saying that nuclear proliferation of ICBMs is a good thing?
  5. This is why I love Omniman and The Boys, yes, the way they have the superpowers is irrealistic and somewhat handwhaved, but the results on the environments and people are not, and stuff get very messy very fast
  6. I think you have your scale of priorities wrong..by a lightyear probably
  7. I'm more and more of the idea that Spacex designed parachutes that are too effective and 3 of them deployed slow down the ship so much that the 4th doesn't bite enough atmosphere until it is very low and the pressure gets high enough to deploy the last one
  8. huge plans in the future!!! Starship factory goes BRRRRRRR
  9. It's not the same: superheavy is way less dense than a falcon 9 and it will come slower up to hover, so the "apparent wind" will be way more problematic for superheavy than falcon 9
  10. 2 consideration 1) boy oh boy the will let it hovers for a long ass time 2) if the wind doesn't cooperate this can spell disaster It's going to be MADNESS, but I love when Spacex makes the impossible ordinary
  11. same problem that all the new electric car brands that are popping up right now, everyone want the next Tesla /Spacex, people don't get how absurdly hard it is to arrive there, the next 5 years will be fun to see a lot of companies go under and people losing 100s of billions of $ cause they can't do ther due diligence. Hot time ahead
  12. what an "insane" concidence that today was the 100th landing and also the anniversary of the 1st landing....we live in a simulation
  13. this, so much this, we have too much to loose form not becoming a multiplanetary species
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