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  1. As i usually play with 6.4 rescale, can this mod be rescaled x2 ( so it will become a 5.4 rescale to the base)? Does smurfs work with it? And the life support mod ( tacs/usi)?
  2. I did a lot of docking in 1st person with mk1-2-3 Pos and i can tell you that the are extremely satisfying to pull off
  3. Entri nella stazione di trading, clicchi 2 volte sulla icona e a quel punto puoi cambiare la tipologia di mezzo assegnata
  4. Yes, or you could build a Rover with a double claw, the claw then Rover first and afterwards dock the rovers to your tourist ship
  5. then you need a claw and to claw it to ship carrying the tourist or vice versa
  6. This is quite insane https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-surprise-falcon-heavy-booster-landing-distance-record/ Spacex moved the landing of the centre core for the stp-2 mission fro 40 to 1260kms ( braking the last record of 975 kms by a gigantic margin). I think that the people at the defense department are getting bit paranoid with the margin, or maybe it will allow for a 2nd stage deorbit instead of passivation
  7. Almost all your problems can be' solved with 2 figures: those are either 3.2 or 6.4 (Rescale) Add a little of smurfs variation in needed
  8. you need to start a new career/science/sandbox
  9. if i'm not wrong ( it might be an outdated information) the stock aerodynamic model doesn't care of your clipping, it will see still the part as it is when is outside of the other part clipped
  10. without SAS engaged your craft is stable in fact
  11. so, i downloaded your craft ( the 2nd one)and started doing some trials.... is somewhat a mess. -this is what KER read: so i can already tell you that the craft is: overengineered ( you need 3.4k+0.9k.0.4km/s of deltaV, you have them in the first 2 stages, not counting the 3rd), you could probably reach duna's orbit in stock -also, as other have pointed out: so your lab has no mean to communicate ( so you will lose control at some very early point) and can't generate power, so your lab can't run for more than probably an our before running out of electricity and can't even transmit back the data it developed. -too much TWR ( thrust-to-weight ratio) at the launchpad, you are wasting a crapton of you power and are making your rocket very hard to fly. -adding insult to injury to the last point ( hard to fly in the atmosphere) 1) you COM (center of mass, the yellow ball) is below the COL (center of lift, the blue ball) so your rocket will want to flip in the atmosphere ( you are trying to make an arrow fly backward) 2) aerodynamically speaking is a mess: you are not using adapter below your lab, so you have a crapton of drag , you don't have ( probably even researched yet) controllable flap/wings so flying it at high speed is very hard, and you don't have any probecore with at least SAS. ( in the 1st craft, the 2nd has it but is still underpowered compared to you aero's problems) and those are the problem of the whole craft. talking about your payload ( your 2nd craft) in vacuum, I started doing a burn without SAS engaged, and everything went normal ( you can see from the "thrust torque readout that it says "0") .....then I engaged SAS....and this happened as you can see the thrust torque readout from KER says 60kn-m, and the rocket started flipping like crazy then i saw a little detail: THE PROBE CORE IS INVERTED!!!!!!! this is why your rocket starts flipping, when you give it a nudge the SAS will try to compensate, but as it is mounted upsidedown it will actually make things worse instead of correct it. rotating the probe core resolved the issue p.s. don't worry iwth your first carrees and rockets being a mess, that's normal and part of the (steep) learning curve of ksp, we all improve
  12. are you playing with any mod? ( i hope that you have ker, it will be very helpful)
  13. Once you are in a body's SOI you can't targhet it anymore. However when you are given a contract, you should see the targhet orbit in game so it shouldn't be hard to reach it
  14. mmm, that's one of the few cases where i might call it bug, because i can't see anything wrong with your orbit ( a part for the fact that you had to work a lot more to reach a polar orbit than a standard one), because you are well above the 70 km mark