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  1. launch today should be scrubbed right? it is contingent to the atlas 5, is it?
  2. ula has to get his crap toghether, they are taking ages and they are blocking other launches too
  3. fairing size seems to suggest in the 420-480 range starship and superheavy clock at around 5k tons
  4. So we now know that Starship can hover
  5. "k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-kirov reporting in"
  6. i don't know why but when i heard "pancakes" on the pad i crack up thinking about it, because IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN
  7. both halves were fished out but they seems in good shape
  8. same question i had when reading this, it has to be a gigantic spy satellite of sorts
  9. it would be wild if when the dragon open the chutes ( so they are somewhat safe then, they will start with the hop
  10. 5 people on the dragon? Wasn't it certified for 4?
  11. For the same reason NASA is still developing a useless heavy launcher that is unfeasible thanks to cost even though it reused shuttle parts ( in theory): politics. Reusing the srbs was a way of giving jobs to hundreds of people who vote
  12. Even in the shuttle era, it didn't make sense, it was cheaper to throw them away and buy new, the cost of " refurbishment " was higher than building them new anyway
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