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  1. For the same reason NASA is still developing a useless heavy launcher that is unfeasible thanks to cost even though it reused shuttle parts ( in theory): politics. Reusing the srbs was a way of giving jobs to hundreds of people who vote
  2. Even in the shuttle era, it didn't make sense, it was cheaper to throw them away and buy new, the cost of " refurbishment " was higher than building them new anyway
  3. F to rocket lab 13th rocket launch. Rocket science is hard
  4. battery day settled for the 15th of September
  5. There is a place where Hyperloop make sense: Mars, as an intermediate way of transport between colonies (100yeras from now)
  6. man they are getting back at it they don't want to enrage on of their best future customers Imho the new 304L bulkhead will be for sn8, i don't think that the 100 kms hop will need the new alloy and a complete heatshield, menwhile i think that SN-8 might be the first high speed suborbital/orbital starship. In my head it should be: sn5 will do the 150meters, 2-3kms hop. Sn6 the 20kms, sn 7 the 100kms one and sn8 will try the hot reentry
  7. can i say that this is somewhat heartwarming? Some good competition
  8. This, when i read the op i was like....uhmmm, i have seen this situation before OP, if you haven't, you must watch The Expanse, on amazon prime
  9. You know well that if the rocket industry wasn't strategic and would follow a proper competition model basically every other launch provider would be dead, and spacex already basically launches in orbit more stuff that the entire rest ot the world combined. And on the fh migh launch more than you believe in the next couple of years, thanks to artemis and the usaf
  10. And then? You need a better SM or to create a tug that you send behind the Orion and dock it mid flight apollo style, something that A. You can hardly do, especially with the time restriction ( before 2025) B. If you can do it, the FH or NG make way more sense both for economics and flexibilities sake. If you say yes to any of those 2 you are hypocritical considering that all the "SLS lovers" always say that "Orion is not made to have all his load on the docking port" ( trying to say that an EOR with distributed launched is not feasible)
  11. as we said before and in other posts: if you lower the cost/kg to orbit, new solutions becomes feasible
  12. .5 build the ares 5 again ( as 70 tons to TLI is more or less what it should have had) .6 profitt?? (Do sometyhing usefull)