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  1. BRUH.... I wouldn't change that, especially not during an human flight, not after it worked 100+ times
  2. as of right now i counted a 32x32 grid of tiles, so 1024 tiles
  3. it would be nice to land it and inspect the heat tiles.....
  4. to Elon: read the last phrase on the 1st paragraph, again, SLOWLY
  5. thisa seems actually a very good design. the actuation/rotation might even be passive with a bit of weight and design thinkering
  6. Yes, and on the other hand, hindsight is 20/20
  7. 8 minutes turnaround for starship, is a record that probably noone can't touch for another century
  8. i think that rocketlab has been very clever with the Neutron design; making it very stubby means that they can somewhat easily: -stretch it as they improve their engines/ put a 3rd stage - enlarge the fairing, i know it is not like KSP that you can do whatever you want, but falcon 9 has demostrated that a high finess ratio rocket can reliably carry a bigger paload fairing than it's body ( and even more so the new falcon heavy fairing). If the falcon 9 at 3.75 meters can carry a 5 meters fairing, probably the neutron 4.5 metrs width can accomodate a 6 meter fairing without too many i
  9. the problem is the exact opposite, you have very low twr, unless you start doing some monsttruosity and even attach some srbs
  10. Are you seriously comparing the enlightenment, improvement in life and science and enjoyment ( we are on a forum about a videogame) in everyday life that the internet has given compared to astronomy? And it would still be massive, almost 50% of the earth population doesn't have internet connection. If you don't get how much important the internet is, try to sta completely offline for 1 month, you just can't . if he wouldn't care about damage he wouldn't have put his satellite in a low orbit, with blancket on the to get them a bit darker and it would have left all his 2nd stages
  11. [snip] and this is not true, the difference in payload between reusable and non reusable is around 30 % for falcon 9 ( 15.600 vs 22.800 kgs to leo), in case of starship is more because you are reusing both stages. Yeah, why not listening to Elon or Shotwell when there is this great unbiased youtuber who gives away numbers from is a**. Not really true as spacex is charging less than other operators, less enought to not leave money on the table, as it is free margin for them.
  12. on one hand it's nice, on the other hand you would lose a big part of the game: learning how the movement on the 3 axis work, it would be a bit too easy to just set the altitude and make the game do the rest
  13. i was using all the stock config, now i'll try copypasting the atmospheric limitation on all the modules in the kerbalism config of sounding rockets, let's see if it works
  14. right now if i go and look in the config i already see that there is the limitation "atmospheric only" but it doesn't seem to work with kerbalism ( i can use them on the mun, landed or in orbit)
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