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  1. Thank you! I checked and it was the problem, turns out I've been using the Modular RCS on my rockets and since it's broken, it made them all get stuck
  2. Hey! I wanted to ask for some help, I installed RSS and RO (with all recommended mods) on CKAN, but I've been having some weird issues with my rockets. Some of them are completely stuck to the ground, like they're anchored in some way even though my TWR is well above 1.0, the engines just sit there at full thrust, wasting fuel and everything but the rocket never goes up or moves for that matter, nothing I do makes it move Other times, the rocket just completely flies away but the engines don't do anything, I can't change my velocity vector or add any velocity to it, it's just stuck with a vertical speed of usually 4.4m/s, I've also noticed that the flag pole near the launch site shakes like crazy
  3. I've had this same bug, some people said it was because of Procedural Fairings, I'd suggest trying to take off all your fairings and rebuilding it
  4. I dont know why I haden't a account here before, hum.. 

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