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  1. I think Kerbalism is not simple (Food, water, radiation, comfort(Stress), breath, waste). I don't see any thing that has TAC-LS that we don't have in Kerbalism, but Kerbalism has radiation and comfort. Talking about Real Fuels, could you create a game that you can simulate this issue? If yes, please forward the KSP.log and details how to reproduce.
  2. What we can do is disable TAC-LS and create a couple of cfg to load those tanks. But we shouldn't work to make TAC-LS integrated to Kerbalism. Also we shouldn't use Background.dll with Kerbalism.
  3. Doesn't make sense an integration with TAC-LS, both has the same idea.
  4. Looks like your game save is blocked! Has some issue into your Scenario.ConfigNode into your game save. Error: start at [ERR 11:38:02.339], end at [ERR 11:38:02.343] Also at [ERR 11:38:02.882] and [EXC 11:38:02.882]. Has some mod that can't save the Scenario. Other thing, I'm not sure how Kerbalism works with TacLifeSupport, I saw TacLifeSupport scenario many times in your load game.
  5. This is not my thread. Is from N70. All those changes that I have done is not working on this version. Talking about CommNet + Kerbalism. You are right, the speed is stuck on 64Kbps when you are using any other Signal system (CommNet, RemoteTech or Simple Connection System). I'm not sure how it will work. I have done may changes, reorganize the whole project and add a couple documentations. Has the olds bug fixed, but has new bugs too. Maybe I want to be a player again, lol
  6. You see a green line pointing into Kerbin because Kerbalism set Kerbin as DSN. But the connections between vessels work as CommNet, you can see the points going to each relay and then go to Kerbin.
  7. My version has a lot of changes, maybe you don't want to merge. Lib.cs Reorganized. Add #IF DEBUG Lib.GetShader still working as Shotgun version, files.shader was the only necessary change. Background.cs CryoTank has been fixed. SSPX.cfg Added support to Redux. Habitat.cs Inflate module has been fixed. Setting.cfg Add antennamodifier (This should be replace to a global modifier) When the player is using RSS, need more antenna range, also the radiation level is to high.
  8. I just have to say. Bye to this topic! See you there! (1.4.1 Kerbalism)
  9. Hey man, Why does the new project import KSPAssets.dll? I'm asking because I'll provide a couple of PR for you, then I created a fork to do it. I think we can't add these setting on UI, because Kerbalism depend of MM. MM add the Kerbalism modules (Antenna, Habitat, Greenhouse) only on Game Load. This is my guess.
  10. I was working on it. The issue is that Gravity Ring & Habitat are two different things. If add habitat without define the animation, this mean it can be habitable without deploy, but if you define it, when you gravity ring is not right. The way that I defined was change the habitat to trigger a rotation when Habitat has Gravity Ring module + Habitat is habitable. This change is almost done, I just stop to work on it because I'm try to solve the 1.4 issue.
  11. Thanks for share your ideas. Right now I'm stuck in 1.4 bug. Because of this, I'm not doing any code.
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