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  1. It isn't a planet pack, it is a mod that can create a barycenter between two objects....
  2. Nevermind. There's already a mod which can simulate the barycenter
  3. Isn't it will be great if KSP have the barycenter feature ? Mods with mutiple star systems will be much more realistic and modders can create a binary planets or binary dwarf planets (example : pluto - charon)/ Instead of a star being orbited by another star which has 2/3 of it's mass, Both stars can orbit around each others (through the barycenter). Sorry for bed England
  4. I found some weird interactions when flying a spacecraft between kelar III and IV. Because the SOI of Kelar IV is > 32Mkm, it is possible for a spacecraft to enter orbit of Kelar IV when trying to get to Lyrne. Also, I think if KSP has the barycenter feature for mutiple object system, it will be much better and more realistic for KSS and other planet/star packs. (sorry for bad English)
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