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  1. i bet my minecraft account that it will land ok
  2. is it true that the us media CUT OUT the tribute to the 7/7 bombings?!
  3. i though the queen was RELLY going to paracute down
  4. cows and pigs in the stadium! relly?
  5. well im sort of a bass junkey and my sourses are very good,ether my laptop of my local halls mixing deck(i work there) :3
  6. i only want over ear headphones because in ears get on my nervs as i sais with'and the leftover equiverlent to beats solos' they will both cost the same
  7. i am getting some headphones for my birthday my mum has given me 2 options 2 skullcandy headphones plus the leftover equiverlent of beats solo or one pair of beats solo
  8. Well I\'m posting from my iPod cos my computer is constantly crashing. So I am running kerspy recovery via a USB On win start up scan fat32. For some resion
  9. if the screen went blue it may be a bluescreen bug that crashed your pc it is caused be the grathicks card haveing a random bug safe to go out of safe mode p.s. dont have 2 abti virus programs on a pc tha use like 50% of your cpu to scan each other
  10. just got tf2 last night on my laptop frose on the tutorial :\'(
  11. tomor my new resberry in the post is it powerful enough to run ksp 0.16.0? and does linux suport ksp?
  12. popeter123


    my home team swansea city is virsing colarado rapids tomoro at 2:00bst but i can find anybody whos covering it can you help me find one!
  13. 1. how old are you know? 2. it my birthday next month on the 13th(will be 14!) whats great about my one is on the night before there is a metior shower witch is great to watch and this year is gust after the olimpics so nobody will be running to the tv
  14. and rcs! rcs they did not upscale and c7\'s cockpits are GONE!
  15. what happened to c7\'s cockpits?!
  16. can you build me a rocket that can send the ksomos tks spacecraft into lko mods you can use novapunch kw chalenger mechjeb
  17. can i send a inpact probe on newton 7 to impact into minmus?
  18. tryed that at my house once only got one kettel working that was one cold cuppa
  19. it wont let me sign up because i have abritish ip address so not aloud to cant somebody made a british one?
  20. the NHS is still a great thing unlike the us were it costs something like $50\'000 for a transplant where here in the uk in tax to the NHS we only pay like £30\'000 or something for everything free hosipital wise
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